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Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6, 2016

*Got up - did not watch the First 5 Weekend Wrap up - because we were in a hotel room and I did not want to wake anyone else up.

*Got ready, then woke up My Prince and the Youngest Princess so they could get ready too.

*Took the Youngest Princess to the cheer coach's room to have her hair and makeup done.

*One of my precious former students did her makeup, and another awesome mon did her hair.

*We went back to our room to get My Prince and our luggage, and then down to the lobby to meet up with everyone.

*We followed the van to the school where the competition was, so the extra girls could ride with us - there were too many to ride on the van.  The conversation on the van included this quote, "Have you ever eaten crawfish?  They come in their WHOLE BODIES!!"  Out of the mouths of children.  I love the way they think.

*I ran in and checked on the Okdest Princess who was still not feeling well, and give her some medicine.

*Then we went with some of our friends to the mall to pass some time before the competition began.

*We went back to the competition and spent the rest of the day watching, and or waiting for our girls to perform.

*Toward the end of the competition, the daughter of our friends, that we met for dinner last night, surprised us by stopping by.  I was so excited to see her!  It has been almost 18 years!  She had her two precious little ones with her.  What a joy to see this young lady that I loved as a college student all grown up - a wife and mother - with precious little ones of her own!  It was a sweet time, and a wonderful surprise.  She stayed and watched the rest of the competition with us.  When the competition was over, we said your goodbyes.  I definitely hope it is not another 18 years before we get to see each other again!

*Our girls placed in some way in every category they entered, so it was a good day of cheer competition.  We are very proud of them all.

*As soon as the competition was over and pictures were made, we (My Prince, th Oldest Princess, the Youngest Princess and I all headed home.  

*Hopefully we can make the trip home a little faster than we made the trip there, so we can get a little sleep before church tomorrow.

*We will do our fanily devos in the car tonight.

*Speaking of...we are going to do those now :-).

*Until tomorrow...

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