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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 23, 2016

Woke up this morning, and did my First 5.  It was about the furnishings in the tabernacle. God gave EXTENSIVE specifications on exactly how He wanted everything done.  It shows us that He is a God of detail.  I love that He is a God of detail.  Sometimes I am a person of detail, and sometimes not, but I love others who are detail people and help me see things that I might have missed in the planning stage, and catch or plan ahead for mistakes before they happen. It gives me great comfort to know that God is a God of details. Nothing catches Him by surprise, and He has a plan for everything.

Weather reports say that we are in for possible bad weather tonight, so My Prince drove me to school today.  School has gone well so far.  Everyone is now caught up, and we can all move on to the next step in our library research reports together.  I am doing the happy dance.  Today we began to take notes!  So exciting!    Right now my kids are at band.  Because of the threat of bad weather tonight, and not knowing for sure where we will be, I thought I would go ahead and get a jump start on my blog, while I can.


My sister-in-law text to see if we were okay with the forcasted bad weather on our way.  About the same time, my sweet friend text me to tell us we could come and hang out in their basement if it does get bad. She is always so very kind to allow us to come tough out the storms with them.  We have a basement, but it is about the size of a small bathroom and has a dirt floor. It is really more like a crawl space than a basement.  I let my sister-in-law know that we had a plan, and that we should be fine.

My Prince picked me up about an hour and a half early from school, because I had a dentist appointment to get my broken tooth fixed. We ran home for me to brush my teeth and then headed on to the dentist.  They called me back and on the way told me that there was a possibility that I would have to have a crown. I told them I knew that, and that was fine.  Then the lady at the desk said that our insurance did not have crown coverage...and that we would be looking at about a $700 out of pocket cost if I had to have a crown.  I told her we would just pray I didn't have to have a crown then. When I got in the chair, I told my friend that works there that we could just pull that tooth (it is in the very back anyway) if a crown was needed.  She chided me from going from positive to very negative so quickly.  Then she put the numb it stuff in my mouth and told me she was going to give me a few minutes to pray that we didn't need a crown.  And that my friends is exactly what I did.  And three shots and a lot of drilling, grinding, picking, pulling, sucking, rinsing, and all kinds of other "dentist-y" things I have no idea what to call them going on, I walked out with a fixed tooth, a numb face and no crown! Praise the Lord!  There is rejoicing in our home tonight!

Seriously, my face was numb from my eyelid all the way down to my jawbone. On one side. It makes for some comical facial expressions.  The numb side of my face felt cold, like it had been iced.  The back of that side of my mouth and my tongue felt swollen, and it felt as though I could not breathe. Also that side of my nose was numb, so it felt like that side of my nose was stopped up, when really it was working just fine. I told My Prince, that I had to force myself to relax and not panic over the feeling that I could not breathe. My family had fun laughing at me. And, in case you all wondered, it is almost impossible to eat sunflower seeds like a real sunflower seed eater if half of your mouth is numb.

My Prince went to a local restaurant and got us sandwiches and burgers for dinner.  We ate, and then My Prince and the Young Prince went outside to prepare a few things in case we do have high winds and bad weather. One of our church members text My Prince to let him know that we are welcome to join them in their basement in case of bad weather. He told him that we really appreciate the invite, but that we already had plans.  It is wonderful to have such great friends!  Now we are all studying, and resting a little, because it looks like it might be a long night.  I am blogging and trying to help the Young Prince with his math. That is comical.  And now I think I am going to try to get some laundry and some Bible study done before the storm hits.

Until tomorrow...

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