Two Tiaras and a Sword

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Wednesday

I am doing my Thankful Thursday a day early this week, because tomorrow is November 1st.  That means tomorrow is the first of the Thirty Days of Thankful blogs...I'm so excited !  So...Thankful Thursday is on Wednesday this week!

*For crazy friends who make me laugh

*For things that happen that make me realize how blessed I truly am

*For beautiful weather on days when we really needed it

*For safety to, during, and from the football game

*For toilet paper free trees when we did get home

*For sweet snuggle time with The Youngest Princess

*For a day to get lots of much needed things done

*For a fun day for The Oldest Princess

*For an awesome youth Pastor's wife who has jumped in and done a great job with MANY aspects of the ministry

*For the lessons that our children learn when we have to tell them no, for good reasons

*For God working it all out in the long run

*For a good day remembering  a wonderful man of God, and honoring his family

*For a delicious lunch, and great fellowship to go with it

*For an awesome group of ladies, and our quest for imperfect progress together - so good to know we are not alone in this!

*For an awesome husband who more often than not goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to be a blessing to me

*For sunshine

*For the privilege to pray, and go boldly to the throne

*For freedom

*For crockpots on busy days

*For safe travels for the prince

*For great kids, who really do work hard to please their daddy and me

*For the joy of knowing that something I have struggled with, and learned from is helping someone else

*For sleepover nights when all the kids pile up in our bedroom to sleep

*For turning off the television and just talking for a while

*For  warm blankets and heaters

*For finding something I didn't even know I had lost

*For an idea for my chapel lesson

*For God's protection

*For children who step it up, and do more than what us asked of them

*For a chance to talk to my most wonderful niece

*For a beautiful moon

*For today being Wednesday, which is the day The Prince returns from his trip -  Woo Hoo!

For ALL these things and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

The oldest princess had half of her sub sandwich left over.  Her Daddy told her to save it for lunch the next day.  She complained that sub sandwiches were not any good the second day.  To which the youngest princess said, "Well, you should be thankful...there are children in other countries who are eating dirt for dinner, just to fill their bellies."  While I am in the other room doing the happy dance, because SOMETHING I have said is actually sinking in...well, at least it's sinking in enough for her to use it as ammunition against her older sister...if I can just get her to apply it to her OWN life!  It was funny though, because with 8 years difference, she rarely gets a chance to put the oldest princess in her place.

While playing on the living room floor: "Mommy, do you want to see my bull accent?"  She was pretending to be a bull, so she really meant her bull impression.  I love it when she uses words she doesn't completely understand in almost the right context.  I hope her vocabulary never ceases to grow.

While riding in the car: "Mommy, you are prettier than a garden full of flowers!"  Well, considering the shape our flower beds are in, I can see how she might think that...

I picked out an adorable dress for her to wear, but she was not as all about it as I was.  Her Daddy came in and said something about how cute she looked.  I told him she wasn't thrilled to wear it, but she was going to wear it anyway.  Sitting on the bed she said, "Yes, and I'm going to be thankful for it, because I don't want to get that...'There are kids on the OTHER side of the WORLD that don't even HAVE clothes to wear...'"  Ahhhh...maybe, just maybe it is sinking in after all, because THIS time she actually DID apply it to herself!

Whispering to me in church after finding the passage we were told to turn to: "Mommy, why is almost everything in red?"
Me: "Those are the words that Jesus said."
Sucking in her breath and looking at me with wide eyes: "He said a WHOLE PAGE!?!"
Yes, He did...a whole page and SO much more!  I love the wonder of childhood, and I look forward to teaching her all about everything He said and did as she grows and matures...May she never lose that childhood wonder over the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings who loved her (and you and me) enough to send His son to die for her (and you and me).  John 3:16

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday

*For safe travels for the football team, and safety during the game

*For deer that stay on the side of the road

*For room for friends

* For beautiful weather

*For fun learning experiences

*For a great day at church

*For a "plan B" when our workbooks didn't come in in time, and for grace and imperfect progress in not coming unglued about it

*For sharing the happy and sad of life with friends

*For a great class that is a huge blessing to me each and every day

*For people who give to help children on the other side of the world

*For healthy children

*For family both near and far

*For "Hey, you can sit in the front seat today" which brings peace instead of an argument on the way to school

*For a new book for the youngest princess, and her excitement over it

*For possibilities

*For opportunities that make us leave our comfort zones

*For tenderhearted children

*For chances to serve

*For compassion

*For teamwork

*For laughter

*For love

*For mercies that are new every morning

For all theses things, and of course many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord.  He blesses us all above and beyond anything we can comprehend, each and every day.  Remember to spend some time being Thankful to Him today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says...

While in the mountains on our fall break, we were constantly on the lookout for wild animals.  We had already seen a deer, some turkeys, and an albino squirrel.  On one of our trips out and about, the young prince said something about seeing some bamboo.  A few minutes later the youngest princess exclaims, "A deer!  A deer!  A deer!"  I asked her if she really saw a deer, or if she was just teasing.  Her daddy answered and said, "No, I think she was just teasing."  The youngest princess then whined, "Well, Bubba just said he saw a baboon, and there's NO baboons out there!"  Oh my!  Then we then had to explain to her that he said "bamboo", not "baboon", and then explain the difference between bamboo, and a baboon.   That child never ceases to give us something to laugh about!

On the way home from our fall break trip (after we had word that our house had been rolled)..."Oh, I can't wait to get home...see how we got rolled...Yipee!"  Her Daddy told her he thought she should help us clean it up.  She said, "I guess so.  I'll get the bushes!"  That's my girl!  She knew she was not big enough to do the trees, so she would do what she could do!  There are many things we can not do, but may we with a great attitude do the things we can do.   Luke 16:10

"Mommy, you know what I love about you?"
Me: "No, what?"
The youngest princess: "When I ask Daddy to get me something, and he says 'Just a minute', you just get up and get it for me."
Me: "Well, I want you have what you need."
The Youngest Princess: "And, you're encouraging!
Me: "Awww!"
The youngest princess: "I don't even know what that means!  What does encouraging mean anyway?"
Me, deflated, describes what encouraging means...She never refuted her statement, so I guess she still thinks I am encouraging.  I hope she still thinks I'm encouraging.  Lord, please let me always be a mother who is encouraging to my children!

We checked the score of the ballgame to see if Daddy's team was winning so we would know before he got home.  His team was a few points behind.  The youngest princess chanted, "Go Mississippi! Go Mississippi!  Go Mississippi!"  I told her no, that we needed to cheer FOR Daddy's team, so Daddy would be happy.  She went to her playroom and came back with her magna doodle.  She said, "Mommy, you're not going to like this, but it is awesome!"  Then she turned it around so I could see her sign that said: Go Misusipe.  I LOVED it.  Especially because it reminded me of the night I learned to spell Mississippi, and how I could not wait to get to school the next day and tell my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Palko.  I remember my Daddy teaching me three ways to spell it.  The regular way, the salt, salt, pepper, pepper way, and the crooked letter, crooked letter, hump back, hump back way.  Makes me thankful for memories that really are precious, and makes me wish Daddy were here, so he could enjoy teaching her, like he taught me.

Walking around with her clipboard taking "notes".  She said, "Mommy, my patient has Alamonia."
Me: "Alamonia?  What is that?"
The Youngest Princess: "It is a very serious sickness!"

When I picked her up from school one day, "Mommy!  We had an ant infection!"  There were ants in their classroom, and she meant "ant infestation" :-).

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I told the oldest princess that I was going to work on my Thankful Thursday post, and she pretty much said that she didn't think she could do one this week.  It has been a sad week in our lives.  Our community lost a great, godly man.  A family we love who has faced great loss already is facing loss again.  It is hard for us to wrap our human minds around it.  Our hearts hurt deeply for them, and we all want to do something to make it better, but at the same time, we feel helpless.  The oldest princess has had a tough time with it all, thus her statement.  Not that she isn't thankful for many things, just that she has deep compassion and hurt for our friends.  But I gently pointed out that it is times like this, when we have much to be thankful for.  So, even though our hearts are hurting, and we don't always completely understand why God works the way he does, in the words of our friend, who has faced unspeakable sorrow, "God is always good.  There is always something to be thankful for."

*For safe travels home

*For a Saturday to get some things done

*For a wonderful time in the Lord's house with some of the best people in the whole world

*For a great beginning to our ladies' Bible study

*For getting back to our normal routine

*For great, exciting news for the oldest princess

*For beautiful kittens to play with

*For timely news

*For little things like parking spots

*For people who care for and see to the needs of those less fortunate

*For God's mercy

*For a friend who is walking the streets of heaven, pain free, in the presence of his Savior

*For a community who knows how to take care of those who are hurting

*For friends who pull together and are there in times of need

*For meetings appointed by God

*For prayers

*For my family

*For my husband

*For my job

*For my students

*For our home

*For life

*For health

*For peace that calms our fears

For these things, and many, many more I am thankful to the Lord.  To Him be all the glory!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Friday

*For safe travels home from the volleyball tournament at PCC

*For a win for our Patriot football team

*For safe travels to and from regionals for our volleyball girls

*For a Saturday afternoon at home

*For another young man joining our church family

*For a very strong young lady who shared her touching testimony with our church on Sunday night...I have a new hero, and her initials are E. P.

*For  time to get everything done

*For safety as we traveled on our vacation

*For fun family times

*For memories

*For slowing down and just being together

*For a husband who loves and cares about others

*For the breathtaking beauty of God's creation from caterpillars to turkeys, to groundhogs, to white squirrels, to moths, to sunrises, to sunsets, to mountains, to trees, to leaves, to streams, to rocks, to waterfalls, to wildflowers

*For children who play together

*For re-runs of television shows like Little House On the Prairie

*For the health and physical ability to enjoy life

*For gracious friends who share their treasure with us

*For the sound of the young prince's laughter

*For the sound of my girls singing praises

* For  the fun of the journey with the wonderful people God put in my life

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to God.  May He alone receive the honor and glory!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Youngest Princess Says

The young prince walks in to find her laying on the floor with her head inside her play kitchen washing machine, banging on the side of it.
The young prince: "Hey, whatcha doing?"
The youngest princess : "I'm fixin my accelerator!"
Then later when I walked through, she was explaining to her imaginary workers what was wrong.
"Do you see this?  Something plastic must have melted in here.  Then it made this huge bump right here.  And that makes the water spray all over the place.  So, if I can just bang this back into place..." Lol!  Just like a repairman would explain what was wrong.  She had me convinced she knew what she was doing :-)!  I love the innocence, and imagination!  I also love the smile she puts on my face and in my heart!

She was playing with her Kindle, and the battery died.  She was sad, so her Daddy told her to come and sit with him.  She did, and said she would rather have a Daddy than a Kindle :-).  Then she said, "I would rather have a Mommy than a puppy...I would rather have a sister than an iPod...I would rather have a brother than a ring.  Even though puppies are really cute, I'd rather have a Mommy!"  That's my girl!  She will pick me over a puppy any day!  I feel VERY special ;-).

Her Daddy was teasing her, and asked her how much would it cost him to pay her not to play Upward basketball this year.  She snuggled up close to me, cupped her hand close to her mouth, and whispered out the side of her mouth, "How much is it worth?"   Crazy girl wanted $800!  Needless to say, she is playing Upward.  Bring on those early Saturday morning games...on second thought, $800 doesn't sound so bad...

We were in Pensacola for the oldest princess to play in a volleyball tournament.  We had to travel late to get there,  then we had an early game and a busy day of games and activities, that ended with us getting in bed late again.  So on the second morning of the tournament, when we again had to get up early for the early game, we let the youngest princess sleep as long as possible.  When we did wake her up, she said, "Just run me through the copier!"  We thought she might be dreaming, so her daddy repeated it in question form, "Just run you through the copier?"  She said, "Yes, just make a copy of me."  She wanted us to make a "copy" of her to take with us, so she could stay in bed and sleep!  Oh, if that were only an option, I am sure there are many of us who would make copies of ourselves on pretty regular occasions.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday on a Friday

A day late because we have been so busy, but no less thankful...

*For safe travels for family

*For finally getting to see Grammy and Poppy again - it had been way too long!

*For beautiful weather

*For safe travels to and from an away game

*For safety for our boys during the game

*For a Saturday with nothing pressing to do, after a late Friday night

*For a little more time with Grammy and Poppy before they had to leave

*For a fun birthday party for a sweet little boy

*For a great day in the Lord's House

*For finishing up a great Bible study with a wonderful group of ladies

*For rain

*For the home going of a precious friend

*For memories that death can't take away

*For a sweet friend who saw a way to be a HUGE blessing to our family

*The chance to have a little down time with my class - I have a great group, and they are such fun to be around

*For a wonderful friend who made dinner for our family because she knew we had a crazy busy week, and she thought of everything, so I didn't even have to wash dishes!  What a blessing!

*For the young prince, who moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer while I was gone, without even being told

*For friends who are faithful to pray when we ask

*For the young prince finishing his paper...early!

*For safe travels for the volleyball team

*For safe travels to watch our girl play volleyball

For all these things, and for so many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Call Your Doctor!

Twelve years ago you know where you were?  Probably not, because for most people this date holds nothing of significance.

Twelve years ago tonight, I know exactly where I was.  I was standing beside a hospital bed at St. Luke's Hospital, in Houston, TX, knowing that each breath he took might be his last.  He was my hero.  He had always been there for me, and now...he was leaving me.

It was the hardest night of my life.  Without. a. doubt.  I was SO not ready to let him go.  And even though I knew that he would be in Heaven, and that I would see him again, I selfishly wanted to keep him with me as long as I could.

Twelve years is a long time.  And  we have missed him SO much!   I think I miss him most when the kids do things that I know he would have loved.  He was just a big kid himself.  And I know he would be beyond excited over the newest member of the family, who would have made him a great-grandpa.

He had the best heart doctors and was at one of the nation's leading heart hospitals, but he was put on a medicine that needed strict monitoring.  He took this medicine, without ever being warned of the terrible side effects, for five years.  The medicine is a wonder drug when used and monitored properly, but used incorrectly, it can kill.  And it did.  It killed my daddy.  He had all of the classic warning signs.  But we did not even know to look for them.  If we had, we would have caught it months before.  But the "life" of the drug in his body would have continued to do it's irreversible damage for months.

If you or a loved one is taking Amiodarone or a generic form of Amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone) for heart arrhythmia symptoms, I strongly urge you to speak to you doctor about the dangers/side effects.  I would suggest that you call your doctor, today.  I thought my Daddy's death was just some random thing, until a few years ago when my friend's father was suddenly very ill and in the hospital.  With every update we received, it sounded more and more like my Daddy's sickness.  My friend's father passed away as well, and sure enough, he was also taking Amiodarone.  So was her mother.  Her mother talked to her doctor, and got off of it as quickly as possible.

I have since learned of other deaths from the same drug.  From what I understand, it is a fantastic drug, and does a super job, but it is not something you should be on for any length of time.  My Daddy was on it for five years.  FIVE. YEARS.  And no warning from the doctors.  Some of the best heart doctors in the United States.

Nothing I do now, will ever bring my Daddy back, but it might just save the life of someone you love.  If you or someone you love is taking this drug, please check with you doctor as soon as possible.  Tomorrow will be the twelfth anniversary of my Daddy's death, but it doesn't have to be the anniversary of your loved one's death.