Two Tiaras and a Sword

Monday, April 30, 2012

Things that go Bump in the Night

If you asked me to list my 10 favorite things, being awakened by sudden, loud noises is not going to be one of them. I really dislike to be awakened in such a manner.

Last night, in the the middle of the night, The Prince and I were awakened by a LOUD banging and crashing. He was out of the bed and down the stairs in a flash...Full-fledged Protector Mode. I, being scared half to death, moved a little more slowly...not wishing to run into the arms of whatever form of danger may have made that horrible noise. Instead I moved a bit more cautiously and inspected my immediate surroundings first. I pushed on the bathroom door. It would not open. I pushed harder, and discovered the source of the crazy loud banging in the middle of the night. A shelf that I have that I use to hold towels had fallen over. I had a hard time wrapping my sleepy mind around HOW a sturdy free standing shelf could just fall over. While wondering, "How in the world?!?" I began to clean up all the towels and things that were scattered all over the bathroom floor. I had called to The Prince to let him know what had happened. He came back upstairs, and we picked up the shelf, realizing then why the shelf had fallen over. The front right leg on the shelf, had come unscrewed, and the shelf fell.

You see, we live near a set of very active train tracks. And sometimes, we even feel the house shake due to the trains.

So, unseen to us, each time a train would go by, and shake the house, the little screw in the leg of my shelf, would work its way a little looser and a little looser. And last night, it wiggled completely loose. At 1:00 a.m. The pressure was too much, and the whole shelf came toppling down.

For the forty minutes after that, while I lay in bed waiting for my adrenalin rush to subside, and for my heart rate to slow down, I prayed, and talked to the Lord. We talked about many things, and God brought some of you to mind, so I even prayed for some of you!

This morning, I thought about how "little" sins are like those trains that pass by. They rattle the very foundations of our lives. We may not see it. We may not worry about it, because they are tiny almost imperceptable tremors, and surely they can't do THAT much damage.

A simple little white lie.

A thought we shouldn't have thought.

Gossip we should not have repeated.

An unkind word said in haste to someone we love.

A bad attitude.

Rattle by rattle, little shake by little shake, our testimonies are coming unscrewed while we "sleep." And we don't even realize it until everything comes violently crashing down.

The shelf falling was a rude awakening, that prompted me to spend some time with my precious Lord. Today, as I have thought about it, I have prayed that God would bring to my attention the "little" sins I often overlook. Because, I don't do "big" sins. Therefore, I am okay(Right where Satan wants me). And as God brings them to my mind, I repent, and pray for forgiveness. I do not want to allow the "little" things to compound, and bring me crashing down. I want the foundations to remain firm, not just in my home, but most especially in my spiritual life. If I do daily spiritual maintanence, paying special attention to the small details, then there will be no rude awakenings by the things that go bump in the night.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Learning Lessons

I learned in college that when I am going through a trial, I should pray something along these lines...

"Dear Lord, I realize that there is something You want me to learn from all of this. Please help me to learn it quickly!" I've also learned that the faster I comply to His will, and react as He would, the more quickly the lessons are learned, and the raging sea of life becomes calm again. I like calm. I REALLY like calm.

I seems that my life has been a lot about learning lessons lately.  Myself, and those around me. I thought that I would share a few with you, in hopes that you will learn from observing, instead of living through it yourselves. So, here are some lessons I have learned (or have been reminded of), or watched others learn (or be reminded of) in the not so very past. Some in all seriousness, some in fun. I'll let you decide which is which ;-).

1. Not everyone sees life just exactly the way I do. I will live with or near people who's view of life, and certain situations will be polar opposites of my own. It is important for me to search the scriptures to make sure that my view is in line with God's. If it is, then I stand firmly on it. If it is not, I had better do what it takes to adjust it, so that it is. I am ultimately responsible for myself, not others. If I make sure that my attitudes and actions are pleasing to the Lord, He will take care of the rest.

2. If I need something, and I know several weeks in advance that I need this certain item, it is best for me, that I don't wait until the very last second to let my mom know. She, in said case, might just reach into the depths of her resourcefulness bag and pull out a trick.

3. If I work hard to instill Biblical truths into my children's hearts and lives. Those truths will eventually shine through, and they will be little lights in a dark world. This will make my mommy heart full to overflowing.

4. I am not responsible for the actions of others. BUT I am most definitely responsible for my own actions and reactions. So my reactions, therefore, are reflections on me, and my true inner character.

5. Children raised in good homes can and sometimes will break their parent's hearts. When they do, as hard as it may be, it is important to let them face the consequences of their actions. And sometimes, it is extremely hard. Learn what you can, and pray for wisdom, and know that you are surrounded by His mercy and grace.

6. Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for what they do. Recognize people often and let them know that they are appreciated.

7. Realize that you are not stranded on a deserted island, but more like you are in a boat on a pond. Every action, and every reaction you have not only affects you, but ripples out to rock the boats of those who are near you. And by near, I mean physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is one lesson I dearly want my children to learn, and learn well. Everything they do, every choice they make affects not just them, but those they love as well. Everything. Think about it. It's true.

8. Everyday is absolutely precious. A gift from God. Love those around you while you can. You are not promised tomorrow with them. Love fuller. Hug longer. Laugh louder. Make memories. When they are gone, you will not regret a second of the time you spent with those you loved.

9. Pictures of people's children are great money makers. Want to make money? Take cute pictures of someone's children, and then show them to them. They will pay unbelievable amounts of money for those pictures. I know this to be true. I just did it. Not the picture taking, but the money paying. But now I have cute pictures of my children :-). He said, "I don't sell pictures. I sell memories."  Sure he does!  Some of the most expensive memories we've ever made. Outside of Disneyworld. So I guess the real lesson learned here is to do as our very smart friend did. Ask if there is a way to go online and order your pictures. (The answer will be yes.) Then walk out the door before he drops the old, "I don't sell pictures, I sell memories." line on you. Unless, of course, the pictures were made by one of my dear friends Kristen G. or Julie P., because they both do totally awesome work, and really DO sell memories :-)!  Check out their fabulous work at and

10.  Never underestimate your little sister. This one may not have been completely learned yet, but I have a feeling it will be in the NEAR future.

So...hopefully some of our lessons learned, will be helpful to you! If you have learned any lessons lately...funny, sad, serious, or not so serious, please feel free to share them with the rest of us :-)! Love to you all!

Oh, and one more thing. This is a picture of the March Rose that I brought home from my Grandmother's garden. It loves it's new home here in Alabama :-)! And I love looking at it, and remembering my sweet grandmother. And I believe THAT takes care of #10.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week was full of lessons learned. I am thankful for the lessons learned by myself, and others, because they make us stronger, and help to keep us from making the same mistakes again. So, for the lessons learned and the following things, I am thankful to the Lord, from whom all good things come...

*For situations that drive me to my knees, and cause me to trust God more each and every day

*For a wonderful husband who follows the Lord's leading and has a heart for others

*For a fun, educational field trip, and a group of students who were very well behaved

*For A-B Honor Roll - And all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting there

*For godly children

*For friends that we've "adopted" as our own, and for their parents who share them with us

*For a fun birthday party for the youngest princess to attend

*For an opportunity to serve

*For a youth pastor, and his wife, and volunteer parents and church members who gave up part of their Saturday to take our teens to a great conference

*For the young lady who accepted the Lord as her Savior at that conference

*For Sunday School teachers who teach Biblical truths

*For visitors to our church service

*For a wonderful lunch with friends

*For opportunities to minister to those in need

*For a friend who helped me (and the young prince) out of a bind

*For a lesson the young prince learned - hopefully

*For discipleship training teachers that teach Biblical truths

*For an awesome evening service, and leaders, children, and teens who use their talents for the Lord

*For fun fellowship

*For friends who are a blessing in many, many ways

*For news that one of the young prince's friends accepted Christ as his Savior

*For safety, and God's hand of protection on an accident that very well could have ended horribly

*For a book I've been looking for...on sale!

*For an easy shopping trip

*For a phone call with someone we love and miss dearly

*For a fun time with a buddy for the young prince

*For an earlier time slot for family pictures...the youngest princess did much better at 5:30 than she would have at 8:40

*For virtually pain free family pictures (our first professionally done since the youngest princess was born - Horrible, I know.)

*For baby kittens, and other pets that help our children learn responsibility

*For a caring husband who surprises me with my favorite lunch on a rough day - He's absolutely wonderful!!

*For sunshine and warm days

*For a surprise telephone call from my favorite niece ;-)

*For news that makes my mommy heart full to overflowing

*For the message that reminded me to treat others as I wish to be treated - No matter how they treat me in return, because this is pleasing to the Lord - and the reminder that it is easy to say, but hard to do - May we continuously walk in His Spirit, and please the Lord with our actions toward others. Great Wednesday night message by my prince! Matthew 7:12

Thank You, Lord for all of these things, and SO much more!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Wow! It seems like we have be especially blessed this week! God is way better to us than we deserve! This week, I am thankful to Him...

*For a cell phone we thought was lost, but was really only misplaced

*For a long awaited ring that finally came in

*For children who worked hard, and the fact that their hard work paid off

*For the teacher who put up with those children, and kept them on track at the risk of her own sanity - she is my hero

*For lifelong lessons

*For memories that will last a lifetime

*for a divine appointment with someone who has been on my heart

*For fun times on a beautiful day with my sweet students

*For a mom who brought treats for everyone

*For encouraging remarks about my blog

*For an ankle that is not broken, only sprained

*For friends who will endure Shakespeare to support my children

*For a relaxing lunch with my prince, and the youngest princess

*For a long nap for my prince and the youngest princess

*For a quiet afternoon because of the aforementioned nap :-)

*For a sweet friend, who took the time and energy to make beautiful keepsakes for some of my family members and myself - we love the picture frames and will treasure them always!

*Friends that are more like family than friends

*Getting to see friends I haven't seen in a while

*Possibilities to do something God has laid strongly on my heart

*For the fact that after two weeks of play practice I get my oldest two children back

*For the privilege to hear the youngest princess whisper to her Daddy, "I love you, too, Daddy," just seconds before she falls fast asleep

*For snuggle time with the youngest princess

*For celebrating a friend's birthday

*For seeds that sprout and thrill the youngest princess

*For beautiful weather and semi-relaxing weekends

*For sitting on the porch swing with my wonderful husband

*For simple spring pleasures like bubbles and sidewalk chalk

*For an unexpected dinner invite

*For the youngest princess' rendition of Rindercella that made me smile

*For another new family added to our church family

*For a great lunch that was a blessing from friends

*For a special young lady's decision to follow the Lord in baptism

*For finding the perfect dress (hanging in the back of the closet)for the youngest princess to wear under her Kindergarten Graduation gown

*For having to answer a gazillion questions asked by the youngest princess, even when I am exhausted, because it means that her mind is working and growing and learning as it should

*For rain that washes the pollen away

*For a wonderful group of students

*For a fun day for the youngest princess with our Young at Heart group at church - she has a blast with them :-), and with her own grandparents being so far away, it is a huge blessing to my heart as well

*For time alone with my prince

*For honesty and openness between friends and sisters in Christ

*For things that happen that make me rely even more on the Lord

*For a ride home

*For friends who share clothes they have outgrown with others

*For a baggage free past - only by and through God's grace, and a husband with the same

*For water, yes, water - I learned of someone recently that lives in my area that has none - Right here. Right. where. I. live. and they have no water, and no means of changing their immediate situation. Heartbreaking. It makes me very thankful that my family does have water. May I never take it for granted again!

*For a wonderful church family

*For a husband who loves me, and takes great care of his family

*For children who are innocent, and not in too big of a hurry to grow up

And all of this just scratches the surface! Thank You, Lord, for a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

In a week that we celebrate the fact that we serve a Living Savior, I have SO many things to be thankful to Him for. Including, but certainly not limited to...

*For comfort from my Heavenly Father when I am missing my earthly parents so much that it takes my breath away

*For a loving, understanding husband

*For rainbows - actually probably THE most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen

*For flowers, and the youngest princess' delight in them

*For kids who like to be at home

*For sweet surprises in strawberry form

*For a few minutes of fellowship with a friend that I've missed

*For a peaceful evening with the young prince

*For Fridays

*For living in a country where we can worship freely, without fear of persecution

*For men of God, who study, prepare, and share God's Word with others

*For some precious prayer time with the youngest princess

*For making memories, and fun fellowship

*For a ham delivered to my house

*For a Devine Appointment

*For a friend who shared her ham seasoning, and sweet treats

*For the celebration of a Risen Savior

*For being at the right place in the right time

*For a friend who shared a special Easter treat with me

*For running out of room, and having to pull out folding chairs

*For many visitors, and new contact with people who need the Lord

*For a wonderful lunch, and the fun and fellowship that went with it

*For fun times and laughter

*For a great neighbor who has a servant's heart

*For friends who invited the youngest princess to play

*For time to make some headway in my mountains of laundry

*For a week of testing that is almost over

*For news of a friend who accepted the Lord as his Savior

*For fun times painting, and the beautiful results

*For adversities that draw us closer to the Lord, and remind us to depend on Him for everything

*For a delicious meal, and the great fellowship that went with it

*For illustrations that get your attention, and make you think

*For a good, refreshing night's sleep

For all the many, many blessings, both large ang small that God has blessed us with this week, I give thanks and Glory to Him!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grandmother's Garden

My grandmother absolutely loved flowers.  Her yard was filled with flowering bushes, shrubs and trees. So, when we went for Spring Break, just a few weeks after she left to enjoy Heaven's beautiful flowers,  many of the plants in her yard were in bloom.  I took pictures of some of them.  I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did, and as much as I know my Grandmother would have.  Happy Spring, everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to God for His many blessings on our lives, which include, but are definitely not limited to...

*Safe travels after a fun filled trip

*Lunch out with the family

*Finding the exact boots that the young prince wanted...on clearance

*Finding Easter outfits for all the kids in one trip, at one store - cue
the Hallelujah Chorus!

*Enjoying getting to know new friends on a relaxing day

*God's hand of protection on the youngest princess and a friend

*A great day in the Lord's house

*That someone I love is feeling much better

*A new (to me) prayer concept that keeps coming up (I know it is the Holy Spirit) that has challenged the way I pray, and enriched my prayer life

*A fairly easy transition back into our routine after having last week out of school

*A new lady attending classes that could change her life

*The opportunity to help a friend who is always helping me

*Sweet fellowship with other believers of all ages

Thank you Lord specifically for these blessings and many more over the past week!