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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016

I woke up to thunder and lightning, and the sound of raindrops hitting the window.  I realized that My Prince was not in the bed.  He had gone downstairs to check the weather.  He was back up shortly.  When he realized that our trusty weatherman was not on live, he knew that we were okay, so he came back to bed.  It seemed like just a few minutes passed and the alarm clock went off.

My Prince has not been feeling well, so he has not been getting up to go work out this week, and that throws off my mornings some.  But this morning I wanted to get to school early, because I had a field trip, and I wanted to be sure to get started on our trip as fast as we could, so that we could back fast, and be sure to get all of our work done also.

Our field trip was just a quick run to our local library to see if we could find any of the books the kids needed for their Library Research Reports.  The kids asked if I would bring the Josiah book to read on the way.  I did of course.  When we got to the library, we found a few books but not that many.  We had to order most of them when we got back to the school.  The people at the library were nice and very helpful. They were willing to work with me, and I really appreciate that.  Of course we read more Josiah on the way back to the school.  When Josiah finally made it to Authades's lair, and Authades roared for the first time, I think I gave all of the kids heart attacks, because they were not ready for it.  The kids were great the whole trip.  They remembered almost everything we had covered about field trip etiquette.  They made me proud.

We got back just a few minutes before snack.  At snack Mrs. S who works in our lunchroom made My Prince an awesome shirt to wear at Cheer Competition.  I absolutely love it!  I could not wait for him to get there for lunch so that I could show it to him.  

When he did come at lunch, he was not as excited as I was about his shirt, but I think the princesses have talked him into wearing it.  There will be pictures to follow.

We all worked hard, and ended up catching up and getting everything done.  Yay!  While the students were at music and PE, I was able to get some papers graded, recorded, and sorted.  Then the planning for the sub began.  If you know me, you know that I would much rather be at work myself than get a sub.  It is WAY more work to plan for a sub than to just go to work.  So I stared planning a little early to spread the wealth of work out a little.  I think I was actually able to get most of it done, and put in order. Whoo hoo!  Big weight off of my mind to have that mostly done.

After school, I left quickly to get to the salon to "get my hair painted" as the Youngest Princess so vividly put it once.  While there I thought I'd go for a new cut.  The cut was fine, but so is my hair.  Fine that is.  In texture.  So, of course, what I had envisioned was not to be.  I was exhausted.  I was disappointed.  I got home and the Oldest Princess tried to help.  We didn't have the proper tools, or time, and the more we worked, the worse it got.  So finally I thanked her for being so sweet to help me, and brushed it all out and put it in a ponytail.

Then it was downstairs to fold some of the clothes that have been piling up while we have been running around like maniacs.  I was dreading going to small group tonight, because I had not done any of my study for this week.  Not one day.  It was an unusual week with me being sick, and then going to Bible Drill Retreat over the weekend, and basketball games every night of the week, my First 5 and our family devotions were my daily times in the Word.  There was little time left over for study.  I am thankful that not every week is that chock full and crazy.  Speaking of crazy.  That is what I would be if every week were like this past week.

My Prince was still feeling under the weather, so he asked someone to cover for him, and he stayed home to rest and avoid spreading his germs to anyone else.

So, I headed off to church sporting my ponytail and completely unprepared for my class.  I walked in the door and the first thing someone said was, "Did you get your hair cut?"  Yes.  Yes, I did.  But everyone was very nice.  I guess I need to wear a ponytail more often.  Either that or they were just being very nice.  My sweet group members were so understanding about me being unprepared.  They are all moms, some of them are teachers too, so they know the crazy busyness that controls life sometimes.  They even had some tips to help with my hair debacle and two of them offered to let me borrow their curlers.  That's true love y'all! 

We had a great discussion about the Passover, and I think maybe we each learned something from someone else that we didn't already know.  We laughed and I almost cried.  I love these ladies!  

I came home refreshed and thankful that I had gone. And that my friends is what the First 5 was about this morning.  About how getting together and celebrating what God has done. But also how that should not be the only nourishment we receive throughout the week.  We must study by ourselves also if we want to grow.  Both church attendance and daily Bible reading are necessary for spiritual growth of any significance. 

After church, the Oldest Princess practiced doing the Youngest Princess's hair for their upcoming cheer competition.  At one point the Youngest Princess reached up and said, "Oh!  It's big!  I can feel it!"   It made us all laugh. 

We did I John 2:15-29.  We talked about it briefly and shared our prayer requests.  My Prince prayed and then he and the Youngest Princess went upstairs.  The Young Prince started a load of laundry.  Yes.  Yes he did.  He asked me to start a load for him a few days ago, and I taught him how to start a load instead, so he voluntarily started a load tonight.  Teach a man to fish.  He has always helped with switching the clothes to the dryer or folding or putting away, but he has never actually started a load.  Now he knows how.  Whoo hoo!

The Oldest Princess stayed downstairs with me while I worked on my blog. Now, I am done, and ready to go get some rest.  

Until tomorrow...

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