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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016

Today.  It was another one of THOSE days.  That's two in a row if you are counting.  I woke up and did my First 5 as usual.  This morning, it was about how God gave very specific instructions to His people when it came to building the tabernacle.  He also gave specific instructions when it came to the priests, who would serve in the tabernacle.  They compared it to how we have pastors who serve in our churches today, and how they have a huge responsibility shepherding the flock that God has given them.  It was an encouragement to pray for and encourage those in leadership positions in our churches.  I can tell you from experience, that nothing is more encouraging to a pastor I know well, than to get a random text or phone call or note from a church member telling him that they are praying for him.  That encourages him more than just about anything else in the world.  You should try it sometime.  I promise you, it will completely make your pastor's day.

The Youngest Princes woke up crying.  She is exhausted and each morning, it gets harder and harder to get her up and ready.  I would say I am looking forward to this weekend, so she can get some rest, but she has plans all weekend, so it will probably be Monday before she is able to get any rest.  It is tough on the young ones who are drug around from game to game, and still have to keep up with homework, and getting up for school the next morning.  But now that basketball season is over, hopefully we can get back to a more normal routine and get her to bed earlier on a more consistent basis.

Most of the high school kids had a field trip this morning, so the school was very quiet for the beginning of the day.  With the high school being gone, they asked us to come to lunch early.  I was busily trying to get articles printed out for my students to use as a source for their library research reports and the wifi was being very slow, and my printer was being even slower.  At one point it stopped mid-print.  My kids were working on their practice reports, and had a ton of questions, and I was trying to hurry and get everyone an article printed out.  I was getting more and more frustrated by the second.  Then I looked at the clock and realized that we had five minutes until our early lunch time.  I had not remembered to tell My Prince that we were going to lunch early, and he was planning on bringing me lunch.  So I quickly called him and told him of the time change.  Thankfully, he was able to be flexible and come early.  After lunch, we got a lot done very quickly and then we had time to go back to language and everyone - except for one student who had to check out early - got their three bib cards done.  Hallelujah!  That made me a very happy person.  So mission accomplished!  They turned in their practice reports and their bib cards.  Take that slow internet and printer!  We were able to get done despite you!  Of course I need to take a minute to brag on my class here, because they worked hard today.  They are great at listening to and following directions, and that was very helpful in everyone getting as much accomplished as we did today.  They were troopers, and as always, they made me proud.

Mrs. S made a shirt for the Oldest Princess.  She is SO sweet!  The Oldest Princess told me that she wanted a "senior" shirt.  She told me this at the game.  Last night.  And Mrs. S heard.  And Mrs. S delivered.  Today.  The shirt is adorable!  And the Oldest Princess loved it.  She came home and put it on and wore it to church tonight.  Mrs. S made the comment that the Young Prince was the only one that we hadn't "blinged up" yet, and that we would have to think of something for him.

After school the Youngest Princess and I came home and both of us got busy studying.  I had to catch up for my small group tonight.  Thankfully, I was able to do so.  The Youngest Princess was working on schoolwork.  Everyone else got home, and we had breakfast for dinner.  Then we all headed to church.  As we were walking out the door to go to church, My Prince found out that one of our precious elderly church members who has been really sick was getting worse.  He told me that he was going to go to the hospital after church.

I as always enjoyed my small group time.  I love digging into God's Word with these ladies.  I love asking questions and making one another think.  I love studying and finding the answers to some of our questions.  And we were down one member tonight because both she and her husband are sick.  I really hate it when one of us has to miss.

After church, the kids and I came home.  I sent the Youngest Princess up to take her shower.  The Young Prince was upstairs in his room.  The Oldest Princess and I were able to have a heart to heart talk.  God opened the door for me to share some things that I had been waiting for the right time to tell her.  She talked to me about some things that are weighing heavy on her.  Senior years can be scary.  And stressful.  Lots of changes and they are necessary, but hard.  Oh, so hard sometimes.  And it takes that word she picked out...Trust.  Lots of trust.  I have been on her end, and I remember feeling some of the same things she is feeling.  I have never been on this end of it, and it is hard here too.

The Youngest Princess got finished with her shower, and the Oldest Princess went up to study.  I helped the Youngest Princess work on language a little, and then I started my blog for the day.  The Young Prince joined me at the table and worked on some of his homework.  My Prince texted me from the hospital and said that he was on his way home.  I am going to read to the Youngest Princess if she is still awake, and then get us all in bed so we can get some rest.

Until tomorrow...which I hope will not be another one of THOSE days...

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