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Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13, 2016

I realized today, that there were a couple of things I had forgotten to add in my blogs over the past couple of days.  The first thing is that we had elementary chapel at school on Wednesday.  The lady that came to do chapel was a ventriloquist.  The Youngest Princess was all excited and trying to tell her Daddy all about it.  She said, "Daddy!  We had a Ven-quil-a-trest in chapel today!"  It was cute!

Then totally unrelated, but something I wanted to add, while we were at the mall last night, there was a Michael Kors store.  The Oldest Princess has a purse, that was a birthday present from her aunt, and it is dark brown.  She noticed a while back that it had a white mark on it.  She mentioned that maybe we should ask them if they knew of a way to get the white mark off of the purse safely.  So we walked in.  They had a cleaner that they thought might work, so one of the girls went back and got it, and they tried it.  It worked!  It got the white mark off!  We purchased a bottle of the cleaner, and if you ever need anything leather cleaned, I highly recommend the Michael Kors brand of cleaner.


This morning, we all slept in a little to get some much needed rest.  I woke before everyone else, and went down to start a load of laundry and do some studying.  I watched the Weekend Wrap-up from the First 5.  I was really good.  They started at the door of the tabernacle and worked their way through the whole tabernacle all the way to the mercy seat.  It was a great reminder of how each and everything in the tabernacle pointed to Jesus.  They also included a written prayer to use a guide of sorts to use to pray through the pieces of the tabernacle.  It was a neat idea.  I have never thought of doing that before.

I spent some time working on my Exodus study.  Today was on Exodus 16, and how God provided manna for the Israelites to eat.  Several times, (in Exodus and in Deuteronomy), God points out that the manna was to humble the children of Israel, and they were to keep some of the manna to remind future generations how God had provided for them and to look to Him not idols.  I was reminded that everything we have comes from God alone, and that I can be humble and thankful, or I can complain about what I feel like I "lack."  When I am thankful, it points me back to God and I look to Him to continue to meet my needs.  When I look around and feel that He is not meeting my needs (wants usually), I am looking at other things (idols) to meet my "needs" and to fulfill me.  I want to look to God daily - as the Israelites gathered manna daily - to provide exactly what He knows is best for me.  I want to trust Him alone to meet my needs and to fulfill me.  It was a great morning of study between the tabernacle and the manna lessons.

The rest of the family work up and I came upstairs to get ready for the day.  I did some work and preparation for my Bible Drills class.  There were a few games that I wanted to play, but did not have the supplies.  I thought that I would put it on Facebook and see if anyone might have the supplies I needed, just laying around that they didn't need anymore.  No harm in asking right?  So I did.  I asked.  And in just a short amount of time, I had offers for everything I had asked for!  God is good!  And my friends are an answer to prayer.  One of the things I asked for were ten locks, with keys...I figured I would have to spread that one out over several people.  And the very first thing I got a reply on was the locks.  All ten of them!  How exciting is that!!!  And then I had offers for everything else very quickly!  It was fun to watch God work again.  I LOVE that He cares about the "little things" as well as the big things!  And my kids will have several new games to play to help them learn God's Word because of the generosity of others.  Makes my heart smile!

This evening, we went to the funeral home, because our precious elderly church member passed away Thursday evening, and tonight was the viewing.  I hate death.  I hate that death is a part of life.  I will be so glad when the Lord returns and there will be no more death.  But I know she is in heaven, and is doing much better now than the rest of us here.  I also know that we will see her again one day.  It is still hard to say goodbye to someone you love.

After the viewing, we went out with a couple of couples from our church, and ate dinner.  It was a nice time of fellowship. And the food was wonderful too.

On the way home, we had our family devotions.  Minus the Youngest Princess, who went from her first birthday party last night, straight to another birthday party tonight.  I miss the little critter.  I will be glad to see her tomorrow.  Our devotions were from Philippians 1:1-18 tonight.  I read, and we talked about the passage a little, and then My Prince prayed.

We got home, and My Prince had to finish up doing a little studying for tomorrow.  The kids both headed to bed, and I worked on my blog, and now I am going to bed too.  I can hardly hold my eyes open.

Until tomorrow...

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