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Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016

This morning started as most.  I did my First 5 devotions, and began to get ready.  The Youngest Princess was easy to wake up.  She knew that she was going home with a  friend for her birthday after school and she was very excited.  She also had her Valentines that she was very excited to give away.  We got ready and went to school.

School was fun, with all of the Valentine goodies.  Flowers and chocolates make everything better.  It was a little bit crazy, because the kids were all excited with all of the candy and flowers and balloons, but overall, my students did great.  Half of my students, despite getting a late start on reading their books, have finished and will be able to do their oral book reports on Tuesday.  I am very excited about that, and very proud of them for working so hard, and accomplishing so much. I found out from my friend that our little friend that she hired yesterday did do a very good job while working for her husband.  And she told the story to another teacher who might hire him for some odd jobs too!  I was so glad that he did a good job and worked hard for them, and I am excited that it might lead to other work for him as well! God is good!

My Prince sent me a picture of a box that was delivered today.  It was news that made me very happy.  It was a box of Shari's Berries.  Chocolate covered strawberries. One of my favorites.  It was a "sweet" surprise from my big brother to us for Valentine's Day.

After school, the Youngest Princess went home with her friend.  The rest of us left pretty much right after school to go shopping for the Oldest Princess's Jr./Sr. Banquet dress.  We had a 5:00 appointment, and we got there a few minutes early, so we went to another store and picked up a few things.  I found a giant foam die that I bought to use in my classroom.  I love it when I happen upon things that I know I can use to make learning more exciting for my kids.  Then we went to the dress shop.  The Oldest Princess tried on a couple of dresses, but none of them were exactly what she was looking for.  We decided to try another dress shop not too far away.  It had a much larger selection, but was pretty much out of our price range.

We decided to get some dinner.  We were feeling adventurous, so we thought we would try a new pizza restaurant.  The food was good, but it was a little more "all natural, fancy, vegan etc." than we are used to.  The waitress had to explain several things on the menu for us.

Then we went to try a store in the mall that we had heard might have a good selection of dresses.  Again, we tried several dresses, but none that she just absolutely loved.  We walked down to another dress shop, and looked around, but did not even try one on there. Dress shopping was not successful tonight.

We found a few other things.  I got a couple of pairs of jeans for the Youngest Princess.  I talked My Prince into buying a heart shaped cookie from the American Cookie Co. (his absolute favorite) for his valentine's present.  We made one more stop to a sporting goods store.  I found a couple of things that I wanted and was able to use a Christmas gift card to buy.  The Young Prince also used one of his Christmas gift cards to get something that he wanted.

We came home, and My Prince gave me my Valentine's present.  It was a Pandora bracelet!!!  I was very surprised and excited!  I absolutely LOVE it.  It is a little too short, so we will have to exchange it for a longer one, but I absolutely LOVE it!!  I can't wait to exchange it and be able to wear it!  My Prince did great!

I folded some clothes, and we watched a little television, but it didn't take long before we were ready to go to bed.  We had to wait on the Young Prince to get out of the shower, so we could do our family devotions.  Meanwhile I talked to the Youngest Princess by text for a few minutes.  I miss my little snuggle bug.  We read III John for family devotions, and My Prince prayed.  Now we are all going to bed.

Until tomorrow...

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