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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

Another morning that went as usual.  Woke up, did my First 5 - on holiness - it was good stuff - got ready, went to school.

School went well.  I love teaching, and I love my class.  We had fun yesterday learning about David and Goliath.  Today we learned how Saul got jealous of David, and then let his jealousy turn into hatred and then his hatred turned into murder as he tried multiple times to murder David. We read about the interesting way Michal (David's wife/Saul's daughter) saved David's life by helping him escape and then making an image in the bed to make it look like David was in the bed.  We had fun in math learning about pictographs.  In reading we started reading about Count Charney and his Picciola. We will find out how it ends tomorrow.  In language we jumped off the high dive into the deep end and did our first outlines.  The students did great!  I was very proud of them!  We practice spelling - remember!  Judgment has no e between the g and the m.  In history we learned about Constantine and how he made it illegal NOT to be a Christian.  We also talked about the effect that had on Christianity.  Yesterday we had talked about Nero, and how he made it a crime to be a Christian.  When Christians are persecuted, Christianity flourishes.  When Christianity is forced on people, people who are not Christians claim to be Christians, and it actually waters down and weakens the church.  In science we learned about cumulonimbus clouds, and how hailstones and lightning are formed.  We had a blast.  Really. Who knew learning about clouds and weather could be so much fun!  I think I saw L get the most excited I've ever seen her get over something in a long time.  She even drew a cute cartoon about clouds. "Like a boss!"  The kids then did penmanship, and it was time to go home.  I did not read Josiah because we are at a very exciting place in the book and I did not want my student who checked out early to have to miss it.  Maybe we will have time to read it tomorrow.

In the middle of all of that, the team we were supposed to play in basketball tonight called and cancelled the game.  We were supposed to have some pretty bad weather, and they would have to drive through some of it to come, so they decided to cancel instead.  It was supposed to be Senior Night, as it was the girl's last game.  So that was cancelled as well.  I was disappointed for the Oldest Princess.  They decided instead for the JV boys to play the Varsity boys, and for the JV girls to play the Varsity girls.  The lower elementary grade girls had had a cheer clinic and were all prepared to cheer at tonight's game, so the show had to go on.

The Youngest Princess and I came home and met up with My Prince.  We ate dinner.  I started laundry and worked on getting my boxtops in order to turn in.  Before I knew it, it was time to go back to the school for the games.

The games were so much fun!  It was exciting watching our kids play our kids.  But it was really hard to cheer for my own children only, because I consider many of those kids, MY kids (especially if I taught them, or if they are close friends of our children).  So I found myself cheering for just about every basket on both sides.  I was thrilled when E made her three pointer, and tickled when Z passed the ball between his own legs to get out of a bind and then went on to make a basket, and I almost ran out on the court and hugged her when K made her shot.  It was fun to watch them play and just have fun.  There were some pretty funny moments.  The little girls cheered, and they were adorable.  The Oldest Princess played her last high school basketball game with and against her teammates, and they had a blast.  It could not have been any better.  The boys starting cutting up along the baseline underneath the basket each time the girls had to shoot free throws.  My favorite thing they did was stand like they were bowling pins and one of them stood back and pretended to "bowl" the athletic director's youngest son into them and knock them all down.  The whole night was fun and lighthearted.

After the game, we came home and had our family devotions.  I John 2:1-14.  We discussed the word propitiation (Props to Dr. W.  my high schoolers knew what it was because they had been talking about it in Bible class).  We talked about keeping His commandments, and about the progression of verses 12-14.  We talked about how we are all at different stages of life, and there is a growth process in our Spiritual lives.  It was a good discussion.  We prayed together, and then the kids were off to get ready for tomorrow.

My Prince went to check on the weather, which thankfully has not been bad at all, and now he is watching news.  I finished up my blog, and I am going to check on the Youngest Princess.  If she is still awake, we will read our chapter of Mandie.  If she is asleep (which is likely) I will be going to sleep myself.

Until tomorrow...

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