Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday 29

*For a play date for the youngest princess that allowed me to have some much needed study time

*For good news about something that was weighing heavy on my heart

*For two sweet moms that volunteered to bring snacks for our Bible study

*For those who have encouraged me, and have committed to pray for our Bible study - what a huge blessing they are to me!!

*For a great night at our Bible study

*For a friend bearing gifts of zucchini

*For the opportunity to get something done that I've been putting off for too long

*For a wonderful husband who will help me, no matter what the task, and demonstrate his love through actions, not just words

*For being able to complete a job I've been putting off to long

*For a fun time at a friend's birthday party - it doesn't get much better than love and laughter, friends and family

*For my wonderful husband finally having time (and enough sunshine) to cut the grass

*For a super grandmother who called and reminded us about a show we didn't want to miss

*For the chance, and freedom to go to the place of my choice and serve and worship
 the Lord

*For a great group of teens, and a great lunch, and a great group of people who support our teens, and enough funds with a little left over to cover what we were praying for

*For a meeting that answered some questions and has me excited about an upcoming mission project

*For bumping into a friend I haven't seen in a while

*For fun fellowship with other believers

*For an opportunity to minister alongside my husband

*For laughter

*For finding exactly what I was looking for

*For a few minutes on the front porch swing with my favorite people in the whole world

*For kiddie cones from Dairy-Delite, and Alligator Ices from the gas station

*For playing in the rain

*For frying Zucchini with my son, then enjoying the delicious results of our labor

*For time to watch a movie with my girls

*For excitement in a box delivered by UPS

*For getting to work on a project I am excited about

*For the chance to hold a precious newborn

*For a good day

*For rain that waited until the perfect time to come

*For an answer to prayer

*For working together and laughing as we do

*For trust that comes in the form of a prayer request

*For beautiful, insightful, encouraging words written by a friend walking through a "fiery furnace" with the Son of God's very real presence beside her each step of the way

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday 28

*For a great holiday with the whole family

*For simple pleasures that make us smile and bring us closer

*For sweet friends and American traditions

*For more food than we can eat

*For great friends for our children

*For a house FULL of kids and hearts full of love and joy

*For a fun outing on a rainy day

*For lunch (that almost turned into dinner) with friends

*For restraraunts that don't have time limits on how long you can stay

*For the oldest princess putting into practice something that she has learned

*For finding sandals for the youngest princess

*For friends who are like family

*For lots of rain that makes my Elephant Ear plant very happy

*For Sunday School lessons that encourage my heart

*For messages that speak to my heart and step on my toes

*For fellowship

*For's a long story, but I really am thankful for mud

*For safety

*For rest

*For a fun outing for the young prince and some of his friends

*For help from the oldest princess to tear out pages

*For help from the oldest princess with dinner

*For entertainment and laughter provided by the youngest princess

*For the words, "Mom, I need some advice."

*For getting some things accomplished that I've been putting off

*For a great meeting with a sweet young lady who loves the Lord

*For a fun night for the oldest princess with her youth group friends

*For an exciting opportunity that I CAN'T WAIT to share with you all

*For encouragement

*For having fun acting out, and making Bible stories come alive with a great group of kids

*For the opportunity to help those in need

*For a chance to tell new people about Jesus and how much He loves them, and cares for them

*For the chance to see prayer work in mighty ways

*For other answers to prayer, even if that answer is heartbreaking, and not the answer I wanted, because it reminds me that God's ways are higher than my ways, and helps me to trust that He sees the big picture, when I just see a tiny piece of the puzzle.  I may not understand now, but one day it will be clear, and as the song goes, when I can't see His hand, I must trust His heart.  Romans 8:28

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday 27

*For an answer to prayer

*For the youngest princess's chance to go play with a friend

*For a quiet afternoon to study

*For not one, but two great groups of girls to have a Bible study with

*For a great friend who is willing to help me at the drop of a hat

*For a mom who brought great snacks for the Bible Study

*For encouragement that answers to two huge prayers could possibly be in the works

*For nighttime summer thunderstorms - I love to lay in bed and listen to it thunder and rain!

*For fun times with my girls

*For something I dreaded checked off of my 'to do' list

*For holding the packet of OUR Compassion child in my hands - after four years of praying and waiting for this moment

*For VERY exciting news that is the answer to many collective prayers

*For beautiful summer days

*For safety for the Whiteflag Student Ministry as they traveled to and from Six Flags

*For fun and fellowship with great people

*For a first-time recipe that turned out right

*For double the attendance at our young ladies' Bible study (junior high went from 7 to 14!!!)  and for a new young lady in our senior high group

*For another mom who volunteered to bring snacks

*For a fun activity for the girls

*For living in a town where for the most part people still love the Lord, and this country

*For a fun night watching fireworks with my family

*For God holding off the rain

*For laughter

*For love

*For freedom

For all these things, and many, many more, I am thankful to the Lord.  Happy Thankful Thursday, and Happy Fourth of July!