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Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28,2016

I woke up extra early this morning, and of course that helped make the morning go more smoothly.  We got ready and went to church.

In Sunday School, we studied more about Ruth.  More of a Bible history lesson, than a life lesson, but I love learning about the Bible and Bible customs.  We had a little fun filling in the gaps with the "whys" of some of the things that the Bible does not tell us.  Of course after we "filled in the blanks", we know that some things are things that only God knows, and are things that we may never know.

In church, Aunt A had a couple of minutes to share her ministry with the congregation.  Then My Prince preached from Matthew 6:21.  Giving is a heart issue.  We are to tithe, and and we are to give sacrificially.  It was a good reminder to give and to give with the right attitude.

After church we went to the fellowship hall and ate lunch.  We were feeding the family before the funeral.  After we ate, the kids and Aunt A went home.  My Prince went upstairs to do what he does before a funeral, and I stayed in the kitchen to help with the clean up.  Our ladies are awesome! They always do a fantastic job setting up and cooking and cleaning and showing love through acts of service.

After we got everything cleaned up, we went upstairs to the funeral.  It was a sweet service for a dear member who was faithful to the Lord for many years.  After the service, we went to the graveside for a graveside service. We are sad to say goodbye to such a sweet, godly man, but we are glad that we have the hope of seeing him again in heaven one day.

We came home and spend the remainder of the afternoon studying and visiting with Aunt A.  The kids left before we did, because they had drama practice.  Then it was time for the rest of us to go to church.

Our Sunday evening class was good.  We were down in members a little, due to several different reasons, but the content of the class was great, and the discussion was good as well.

We had a good time in Bible Drills learning 1Timothy 4:12.  And then we worked on practicing an actual drill.  The kids continue to get better each weak.  That makes me excited.

After church we went out to eat with the youth and several other youth parents.  Again, good food and good fellowship.  It was nice for Aunt A to meet and get to spend time with some of our friends.

We came home and spent some time visiting a little more with Aunt A.  The oldest kids did their best to get in some more study time.

We did family devotions from Colossians 2:11-15.  We talked about it a little, and then we shared prayer requests and prayed.  We visited a few more minutes, and then we went our separate ways to get some rest.  And I am going to get some rest myself.

Until tomorrow...

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