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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016

Even though we got to bed early last night, it was really hard to get up this morning.  I told My Prince that if I could just make it through the day to get back to bed, I would be happy.  I woke up exhausted.  I did my First 5 devotion, and then started getting ready.  The the Youngest Princess woke up and declared, "I am going to bed at 5:00 tonight!" I explained that that would be hard for her to do, since we had church tonight.  But I think we are all ready for several long night's worth of sleep.  I woke up with and battled a sinus headache most of the day.

School went well.  A good solid day, with lots of work being done.  I am working on getting everyone back on the same assignment in Language.  I just have two more who need to finish their books and those two plus one more who need to do their oral book reports, and then we can pretty much all move forward together.  In Math, we did temperature.  Fun!  Soon we will be converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and from Fahrenheit to Celsius.  I love it!  In Bible, we wrapped up our chapter on David. In Reading, we started in a new reading book today, and our story compares and contrasts the lives of Lincoln and Lee.  In history we are learning about the British Isles, and how the Bible influenced England.  In Science, we are learning about snakes.  It is one of the student's favorite chapters.  Mine, not so much.  We were able to read a chapter of our Josiah book.  It is the book titled The Dragon's Egg.  It is one of my favorites.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I went home.  My Prince came home shortly after we did bearing my Valentine's present.  He had it for me in time for Valentine's Day, it was a beautiful bracelet, but it was too small, so he had to exchange it for the next size up.  And now I can wear it! Yay!

I started some laundry and studied for my Wednesday night class.  My Prince made us breakfast for dinner.  The Youngest Princess studied a little and watched some television.  The Young Prince made it in from school, and the Oldest Princess made it home from cheer practice.  The Young Prince worked on a video for youth group.  We ate dinner, and then it was time for us to head to church.  I had to be there early for a WMU meeting, and My Prince took the Youngest Princess upstairs to his office to help her with some homework.

Our meeting went well.  I love getting together and learning about different missionaries and their unique ministries, as well as how we can help them better and then praying for them.  Tonight, we received prayer calendars, with a different missionary/ministry to pray for each week.  I love that it has their pictures, so you can put faces to the names of those you are praying for.  I also like that it has their contact information, so I can let them know that I have been praying specifically for them.

Then we had our small group.  I have been waiting all week to share with them the lessons I learned from manna, and to hear how God had spoken to each of them.  It is always an eye opening and spiritually refreshing time of growth and fellowship.  Even if they picked on me a little tonight, because I love the smell of new books.  It makes me happy.  It's the nerdy reader in me I guess. But I know I'm not alone.  So, if you love the smell of a new book please let my friends know. Maybe then they will know that I haven't completely lost my mind.  Maybe partially, but not completely.

Then it was back home.  The kids all got a snack, and worked on some more homework.  The Oldest Princess bought me a little surprise today and left it on the table for me to find.  It was very sweet of her.  I said something about a certain kind of hand cream a few days ago when we were shopping, and she saw some today and bought it for me.  We had our family devotions.  We read the rest of Philippians chapter 2.  We talked about the two men Paul used as examples of godly men.  We discussed some of the people in our lives who are godly examples to us.  We also talked about how wether we realized it or not, people are watching us, and how we should be godly examples to those who are watching.  I read something in a book I'm reading earlier that talked about thinking about those we know who have been faithful godly examples and have finished strong.  So I had already been thinking of the godly examples in my life.  People who lived out their faith through thick and thin.  People who loved the Lord and encouraged me live for Him and love Him too.  People who, if they were still here would be cheering for me to finish strong.  I am blessed to be able to name more than a few.  And oh, how I miss some of them beyond words!  It makes me want to be that kind of person in someone else's life.

My Prince and the Young Prince watched some basketball.  The Youngest Princess got ready for bed. The Oldest Princess went upstairs to study and do her quiet time.  I worked on my blog.  And now, I am off to read, we still don't know the answer to the mystery of the quilt yet, but we are getting closer.

Until tomorrow...

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