Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My Thankful list this week includes, but is in no way limited to...

*Safe travels

*Sleeping late

*Spending the day with family

*A neat experience for the young prince

*Awesome older cousins who plan fun activities for my children

*Colored cookie dough, the entertainment it provides, and the cool cousin who provided the cookie dough

*A wonderful husband who is a man of honesty and integrity

*A front porch visit with a sweet aunt - oh, for more precious times like this!

*A totally worn out youngest princess at the end of a very busy day

*Church with my aunts

*The fact that the youngest princess pushed through her fear, and served the Lord

*Shaking the hands of men who bravely fought for the freedom we enjoy, and too often take for granted

*A plastic pool, and the entertainment it provides for the youngest princess

*A cool aunt and uncle who go above and beyond to create fun for my children

*A balmy breeze on a very hot day

*A way to communicate with our loved ones who are far away

*Jobs that help my children learn and grow

*Friends who step in and "fill the gap"

*An awesome husband who goes above and beyond to help me out

*A day filled with with family, fun, and laughter, and thankfully no trips to the ER

*A new recipe that was very good

*Cough medicine

*A daughter who is considerate, and loves others

*For creams that help cracked toes to heal, and creams that help make rashes go away - The youngest princess has had quite a go of it lately

*For older cousins who take the time to play with the youngest princess

*For a message from another nephew

*For time with the oldest princess, and beautiful pictures

*For fish, frogs, and worms...and relatives who aren't afraid to touch them all

*For butterflies, and dragonflies

*For being at the right place, at the right time

*For memories we will always have, even when time and circumstances change things

*For watching the youngest princess teach someone how to play a game

*For the sound of my husband's voice

*For summertime, and country days that make us lose track of time

For all of the above, and much, much, more...Thank You, Lord!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday

So many things to be thankful for, if we simply stop to look around. I hope you will take a few minutes to count your blessings with me, and then give the glory to our awesome God.

*For a frustrating event that reminded me that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

*For a wonderful Father and Mother-in-Love, who help out and are a tremendous blessing to us

*For the Youngest Princess, and the talents that she has been blessed with

*For a piano teacher that takes the time, and has the patience to work with the youngest princess

*For a great group of students who worked hard and finished strong

*For fresh strawberry preserves

*For divine appointments

*For laying in the yard and finding pictures in the clouds with the youngest princess

*For adorable kittens

*For safety for family while traveling

*For roadside assistance - and God's protection for them as they worked

*For friends who drop by

*For a fun game of frisbee in the yard

*For surprises that truly ARE surprises

*For being together with family we rarely get to see

*For Silly string wars

*For fun games and laughter

*For a pew full of family

*For the salvation of one of our church teens

*For another family joining our church

*For an awesome Sunday School class who provided a delicious lunch for our family

*For fun games that make us laugh and bring us closer together - literally

*For other mothers who understand a mother's heart

*For the times when life gets ugly, which makes us appreciate the good times even more

*For children with moldable hearts

*For sweet, precious times with our family

*For books that allow grandparents to read to their children, even when the grandparents are far away

*For being silly with those we love

*For saying good-bye, even while anticipating seeing each other again

*For a display of love by the young prince

*For a fun shopping trip with the girls

*For the guys getting to have guy time

*For the generosity of an awesome aunt

*For a blast at the zoo

*For a yummy surprise when we returned

*For a fun evening for the oldest princess and her friends

*For possible homes for the kittens

*For huge blackberries

*For front yard games

*For a good church service

*For family together time

For these things, and so much more, I give thanks to the Lord, Who gives ALL good things.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for from the past week:

*For broken hearts that spur us on to have compassion, and to pray harder for certain people and situations

*For a fun field trip with some pretty awesome fourth and fifth graders - and the fact that we made it home with all of them :-)

*For great parents who went with us, and were very helpful

*For coming home to find our grass cut

*For the very kind friend who cut the grass

*For the wonder and excitement that fireflies add to spring evenings

*For ballet shoes, and dancing princesses

*For finally getting to see Grammy and Poppy again

*For the Youngest Princess' squeals of joy when they finally got here

*For Benadryl to help the Youngest Princess' allergies

*For laughing together

*For shared burdens, and knowing we don't have to carry them alone

*For lunch brought to me by my in-loves

*For beautiful weather

*For an adorable program and a kindergarten graduate

*For friends and family who were so sweet to take the time to come and see the graduation

*For a teacher that made the Youngest Princess' kindergarten year fantastic

*For a college graduate on the same night

*For a Saturday spending time with the family

*For sunshine

*For lots of visitors at church

*For naps

*For people who are knowledgable about things that I am not

*For my salvation

*For a godly heritage

*For an amazing husband who helps me out when I need him

*For a good end to a wonderful school year

*For a fun afternoon with the girls

*For a place of safety for the kittens when the garage door stops cooperating

*For a yummy dinner with the girls in the family

*For a strong husband who fixed the garage door

*For answered prayers for a friend's husband

*For another year of life for Poppy, and the huge blessing that he is to our family

*For the guys having a fun time going to the Braves game for Poppy's Birthday

*For a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the Young Prince

*For fun and laughter with my girls

*For encouragement that perhaps God is using me to make a difference

*For answered prayers for a friend

*For a fun shopping trip with Grammy and the Oldest Princess

*For laughing together

*For blueberries and strawberries

*For a wonderful group of ladies who love the Lord, and have a desire to serve Him, and others

*For a good night's rest

We are blessed abundantly, beyond measure, and God deserves ALL of our praise!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

If She Were Here

If I were granted just one more Mother's Day with my Mom:

I would tell her I love her SO MUCH.

I would have her teach me how to make her Sunday roast, rice, and gravy, one more time, and I would pay more attention when she did.

I would tell her how much I admire her work ethic.

I would thank her for the hours and hours she spent sewing for me.

I would thank her for all she gave up, so I could have nice things.

I would push her harder and support her more when she tried to quit smoking.

I would thank her for all the prayers she said for me.

I would apologize for all the times I had an attitude.

I would hug her longer and tighter.

I would thank her for all of the time, energy, and money spent on practices, recitals, parades, competitions, costumes, and performances.

I would tell her I now understand how much she sacrificed for me.

I would hold her hand.

I would relish the sound of her laugh.

I would tell her how much I appreciate her amazing amounts of ingenuity and creativity.

I would thank her for being a living example of a true servant for the Lord.

I would catch her up on how strong, caring, loving, and talented all eight of her grandchildren have become.

I would let her win at any game we played, instead of being so competitive.

I would ask her more about her childhood.

I would tell her that things like ironing Easter dresses, and sometimes just the way the sunshine comes through the window make me miss her so much I can't breathe.

I would tell her she was right about so very many things.

I would thank her for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner she ever made for me.

I would help her more.

I would talk less, and listen more.

I would tell her how many times I have longed to pick up the telephone and tell her about my day - good or bad - and hear about hers.

I would tell her that I wish she had taught me to quilt.

I would tell her that I miss the playful side of her...board games, jacks, word finds, snipe hunts, and playing in the backyard.

I would tell her that I'd give just about anything to spend one more summer afternoon just sitting on the back porch with her and talking.

I would thank her for being faithful to church, and for making sure I was as well.

I would thank her for working hard to make our house a home.

I would tell her that I know she wasn't a perfect mother, but that she was the perfect mother for me.

I would tell her that there are days when I miss and long for her unconditional, only-a-mother-can-give love.

I would tell her that I miss her wisdom and encouragement.

I would tell her that I still chuckle about some of our insiders...Phillip Phineas, "What did you say?", the Thanksgiving Dressing, and "I started to bring a container of Texas dirt..."

I would tell her that I am VERY thankful to God for giving her to me as my Mother, and I hope tht she has the GREATEST Mother's Day EVER.

I wish she

Wasn't It Yesterday?

Wasn't it yesterday that we sat as a family of four on the front porch and told the Oldest Princess, and the Young Prince that there would be another addition to our family? And then we planned eagerly for the arrival.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we found out she was a girl, and the Oldest Princess rejoiced and the Young Prince was very disappointed. The Oldest Princess and I planned and dreamed of ruffles and bows.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we rushed to the hospital. My Prince was very nervous, but we were both very excited.

Wasn't it just yesterday that she was born, and placed into my arms? The Young Prince was enamoured with her, and no longer very disappointed.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we wrapped her in tiny blankets, and buckled her tightly into her safety seat. The ride home was much more cautious than our mad dash TO the hospital.

Wasn't it just yesterday that I held her tiny fingersin mine, in wonder and awe of all her little tiny parts, and their perfections.  And that I rocked her to sleep, and ached with an almost physical pain when I had to lay her down.

Wasn't it just yesterday that she would fall asleep laying on her Daddy's chest, while he watched the ballgame on television, or slept in her bassinet within my arm's reach next to our bed?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we dedicated her to the Lord, acknowledging that she was His, and we were just here to guide her to Him?

Wasn't it just yesterday that she said her first word, and then like thirty minutes later started speaking in complete sentences?

Wasn't it just yesterday that she took her first steps after a long car ride to Louisiana, and hasn't stopped running since?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we left her in the staff nursery with Mrs. W., or was it K-2, or maybe it was K-3 with Mrs. S., or no, it was K-4 with Mrs. K.

Wasn't it just yesterday that she was saying things like, "I'm drinky!" and "That train's gonna wiggle me!" and her Daddy's favorite, "Handsome Guy...chocolate milk, please?"

Wasn't it just yesterday when she started asking "important" questions, that led her to ask Jesus to be her personal Savior, and then followed Him in baptism?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we went shopping for supplies and clothes for her first year of Big Girl School? And then took pictures of her first day there?

No, it WAS yesterday, that the littlest princess walked across the stage, and received her diploma. Her Kindergarten Diploma. And this Momma sat in the crowd watching her thinking how fast time flies, and just how precious it is. Now, I think I'll turn off my computer and spend a whole lot of that precious time with my children, because before I know it, it will be high school, and college diplomas instead of Kindergarten diplomas.

She really was happy...just a little zoned out here for some reason.

James 4:14
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Psalms 90:12
So teach us to number our days,
that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

Congratulations to the Youngest Princess!! We love you SO much, and we are so very proud of all you have accomplished!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A ton of things to be thankful for this week. Here are a few...

*For a really cool hummingbird feeder - M. L. - It's Jim Shore, and I always think of you when I see anything Jim Shore :-) - I still have my Nativity set, and still LOVE it!

*For a cute little picture book, and sweet notes from my awesome students

*For money from those same awesome students, and their parents

*For a giant rose that made me smile

*For a great smelling candle, and a shade to make it into a lamp

*For a desk calendar with a neat saying, or verse for each day - a blessing a day for a whole year :-)!

*For wonderful church members with servants' hearts

*For getting to go to a banquet, with great food, fellowship, fun, and entertainment

*For making new friendships with new brothers and sisters in the Lord

*For safety for our children

*For a fairly productive Saturday

*For two birthday parties, and for being able to go to both of them

*For four precious people being baptized

*For a good lunch with fun friends

*For a yummy dinner with fun friends

*For a special fun day for the youngest princess

*For a fun/crazy dinner/fast shopping trip with the family

*For cool breezes, and clouds that hide the sun's hot rays

*For baby birds to watch

*For kids who help when asked

*For a cute surprise notepad and pen from a student

*For a class mom that is fabulous

*For special time with my girls

*For special time for the Prince and the young prince

*For rain that washes away more pollen

*For cute kindergarten programs full of childhood innocence and abounding in cuteness

*For listening to the Youngest Princess spontaineously break into song - "God is so Good, God is so Good, God is so Good, He's so Good to Me." Yes, He truly is!

*For excitement in the Oldest Princess, and the Young Prince about things of the Lord

*For an opportunity to teach God's Word to a sweet group of people

*For kids that stop by to see me in the middle of the day

*For the light at end of the tunnel of yet another great school year, with a fantastic group of kids - I almost hate to see it end

*For the first hummingbird sighting of the year

*For laughter and fun with fellow believers

*For how God takes care of even the smallest details, demonstrating His great love

Thank You, Lord for more blessings than we can count!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Massage -A Not-So-Subtle Hint to My Family

With Mother's Day coming up, I thought I would write a fun post, before I get all sentimental...

I want a massage for Mother's Day. Yes, that is definitely what I want. But not from some fancy spa. Nope. Those are not for me. I have (with the help of my children) discovered the World's best back massage technique.

Are you ready for one of our greatest family secrets? No fancy, expensive spas for us! Give me a kid, with a Lego Motorcycle ANY day! Not a Lego car mind you...those don't work as well. It must be a Lego Motorcycle. Seriously, they make great back massagers!

So all I want for Mother's Day is for my children to drive little Lego Motorcycles around on my back. For hours on end. Don't go calling me on child labor laws either. There are three of them, they can take turns. That, and the Brighton Bracelet, which I conveniently emailed the link to my man a few weeks ago.

So see, I am fairly easy to please...Brighton Bracelet, they don't even have to go shopping and pick it out...just a few clicks and Voila! And a Lego Motorcycle Massage...I know it sounds crazy. But, seriously, try it. You will be hooked!

What do you want for Mother's Day? Whatever it is, I hope you get it! But more than that, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the precious relationships you have with those you love!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mad at the Moon

Have you ever been mad at the moon? I have! It happened like this...Just about the time that the sun was going down yesterday evening, my husband reminded me about the Super Moon that was supposed to occur. We walked outside to see it. We had to go across the street, because our trees were in the way, but then there it was! It was absolutely gorgeous!

The young prince came over to see what we were doing (we don't usually stand in the neighbor's yard gazing at the sky), and I asked him to run inside to grab my camera. He was back in a flash (pun definitely intended), and I immediately started going back through pictures so that I could delete something, in order to be able to take new pictures...the last three times I've tried to take pictures I've had to do this, because it keeps sending me this annoying message telling me that my memory card is full. Ugh! I really do not like that message! I guess it's past time to break down and buy a new memory card.  Okay, well, way past time.

So, about the time that I get to the point that I can start deleting pictures, my husband says, "You'd better hurry, because the clouds are going to hide it." And, of course, I get all flustered, trying to hurry, and push the wrong buttons. Then I'm back at square one, trying to go back through to get back to the point where I can delete pictures, just so I can take get the picture (again, pun intended). And by the time I get some pictures deleted, the huge, absolutely beautiful moon from just minutes before, is TOTALLY gone. G-O-N-E behind the clouds.

I was a little disappointed. Okay, I was a lot disappointed. I even took a picture of where the huge, beautiful moon had been just mere seconds before. You can't see anything but clouds in the picture. I waited a few minutes, all to no avail. I had missed my opportunity.

Later on in the evening, my husband again invited me out to see the moon . But I told him no, and replied a little petulantly, that I was MAD at the moon! He wisely came back at me, by telling me, that I shouldn't be mad at the moon, but rather, I should be mad at the clouds.

Hmmm. True. The moon didn't go anywhere. It was still there. Right where it had been just seconds before. I just couldn't see it, because the clouds came in, between the moon and I, and hid it from me.  That wasn't the moon's fault.

This made me think. How often, when life gets complicated, and things aren't going the way I think they should, do I get mad at God? Or maybe just a little bit frustrated with Him, and my thoughts sound something like this - "God, I know that you are in control of everything, but are you sure about (fill in the blank here)."

"Lord, did You just see what happened? Are You okay with that?" "Lord, I prayed so hard! But You didn't see fit to answer in the way that I wanted!"

There has even been one really dark period in my life (after my father's death, some job uncertainity, and some housing woes - all at about the same time), when I doubted If He was even there. I couldn't feel His presence, I felt as though He was completely ignoring my pleas. Where WAS God?

Just like last night's moon, God was still right there, but the sin, and sadness, and "busy-ness" of life had just rolled in between us, and was obscuring my view. And just like last night when I wanted to playfully be mad at the moon, and my husband pointed out that it wasn't the moon's fault, I realize all the more clearly, that I have no right to blame God, or be upset when He doesn't show Himself in the ways I think He should. At those times, I need to examine just what it is that has come between the Lord and I, that is keeping Him from my view. Just as sure as I KNEW the moon was right there last night, behind those clouds, I can KNOW that God is ALWAYS there behind ANY circumstance. Even if I can't see Him right at that instant.

That's when I need to examine my heart and life, and see just what it is, that has come between God and I. And when it becomes evident to me, weather it is a trial to make me more like Him, or a sin that needs to be repented of, I pray, and make things right, and the winds of forgiveness, mercy, and grace blow the clouds away, and there God is, just where He has always been! And I can "see" Him again, and rejoice!

Do you have times when you feel like God is not there? Do you feel like your prayers fall unheard? Take a few minutes to carefully examine you heart, and ask Him to reveal what it is that is hiding Him from your sight. Then take care of it, so that you can see Him again!

And the dark time in my life that I mentioned above, where I questioned if God was even there? Of course He was! And He ended up proving He was, by working out circumstances and details that only He could work out. It was absolutely beautiful!

I am praying for you all, that you all have a beautiful day of "seeing" God at work in your lives, in both big and small ways!  KNOW that He is there even when it  may not feel like He is.  And that He is working all things out for your good!  Then give Him the praise for the great things He has done, and will do in your life!

Mark 10:51-52
And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight. 52 And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

And the Youngest Princess Says...

While looking back through some of my posts that I have written and saved as drafts, instead of publishing, I came across this one that I wrote last fall. I think I'll share it today, in case some of you need a reason to smile...

L...e...p...r...s...c..."Mom, is this how you spell leprosy?"

I asked her to go and tell her brother he had two minutes to get up before he got a consequence. She did. Then she came back and said,"He rolled over and said 'hey' to me! I'm not talking about 'Hey'! I'm talking about consequences here!"

To her Daddy, who loves taking Sunday afternoon naps with her..."Daddy, if you want me to go to sleep on Sunday nights, we are going to have to stop the naps."

While laying with her head in my lap and hearing my tummy gurgle, "Mommy, I'm hearing a lot of your noises (pointing to my stomach). Can you please shush 'em?"

And...we had a fall festival at our church complete with big blow up slides, obstacle course, and bouncy house. The youngest princess wanted to dress up as, of all things, a princess. Which would require fancy (itchy) princess dress, glass slippers aka clompy plastic shoes, a wand, and a tiara (which I would end up holding from the time we arrived, until the time we left...approx. 2 1/2 hours). So for the sake of practicality, with the help of the oldest princess, we talked her into being...a teenager. She wore her jeans and sweatshirt (with our youth group logo). The oldest princess straightened her hair, and I applied a little makeup (the clincher in talking her into being a teenager). Then we gave her an old cell phone to carry in her pocket, which she pulled out intermittently and pretended to receive or send a text. So, while applying her makeup, I was talking about her beautiful eyelashes, and how long they are. Then in the car on the way, she said something about her eyelashes being long, and then she said..."Maybe I should trim 'em!" Um. No! Don'!

While eating Smarties..."I'm really smart ya know. Because I eat Smarties. I even know that 6 plus 6 is 12." I explained that Smarties don't really make you Smart. Then a couple of minutes later she said, "7 plus 7 is 14!". I asked her how she knew that. She said, "Because, I'm...eating...Smarties!" Yes. Of course. I should have known. Would you share a few of those with me please.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

There are so many things to be thankful for! And all the thanks and praise go to God, the one who gives only good gifts!

*For a friend who taught me how to use a COOL new app in my classroom...oh the possibilities!!

*For a day off :-)

*For a fun evening with friends

*For the young prince getting to go to a friend's house

*For carpet cleaner that gets the goo out...literally. Especially when it's a friend's carpet!

*For a fun birthday party on a beautiful day

*For bugs, butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and fish

*For time to just sit and chat with the oldest princess

*That the young prince still needs me, even though he's growing up, and those times are fewer and farther between

*For books that challenge me

*For help doing the yard work - I couldn't have done it without them!

*For a wonderful husband, and the burden he carries for others

*For a good night's rest

*For another precious family joining our church family

*For a basket of goodies from my class

*For a new life God has placed in my path, and their willingness to listen to His Word

*For two beautiful pots of Lillies from my class

*For a friend's openness and trust

*For fun "stuff" for my classroom from my class

*For the youngest princess and her excitement about her graduation

*For the chance to love on some sweet babies

*For a sweet prayer by the youngest princess, prayed from her heart,that showed me she put her friend above herself, and set an example for me to remember to do the same

*For a greater hunger for the things of God

*For precious little kittens, and being able to see first hand how God gave the Momma Kitty the instinctive ability to care for them

*For a middle of the day visit from the young prince

*For finding the owner of the lost wallet

*For a chance to see rare, completely selfless love in action

*For the youngest princess' chance to be a blessing, and for her teachers who made it possible

*For a definite number of days until we get to see Grammy and Poppy again

*For my Prince feeling better again

*For the rain that helps to wash the abundance of pollen away

For all of this, and many more blessings from the Lord, I am thankful!