Two Tiaras and a Sword

Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25, 2016

This morning, all went well.  I woke up and did my First 5.  It was about how the priests represented the people, and how we represent Jesus.  We should as Colossians 3:12 says, be clothed with  "compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."

We actually made it to school pretty early - yay!  And the Young Princess came to my classroom and practiced her spelling words with me before the bell rang for her to go to class.

All went pretty well at school. I did get a text from My Prince letting me know that one of our oldest members (as in longest time being a member) of our church passed away.  It made me sad.  He was a precious man.  But I know that he is rejoicing in heaven tonight.

Other than that, it was a pretty much really normal day. I like normal days. God knew that I would need a normal day, because He knew what kind of evening we would have.

When we all got home, the Oldest Princess had plans to go and babysit for one of our friends.  The Young Prince wanted to go with her.  The Youngest Princess had tumbling class.  We were planning on taking the Youngest Princess to tumbling and then going to visit a family from our church who had a baby that we still have not been able to see.  But they called and said that they had a family emergency, so they had to cancel our visit. So My Prince offered to take the Youngest Princess to tumbling, and let me have a quiet hour at home alone. I took him up on that offer fast.  I enlisted the help of everyone before they all went their separate ways, and we folded laundry.  We had all but one load done when they left.

I finished folding the last load of laundry in silence. blessed. silence.  Then I sat down and did my Exodus study for the day, and then I did nothing. absolutely. nothing. It was nice. For the 15 minutes it lasted.

My Prince came home and dropped the Youngest Princess off before running to the store to get some things we needed in order to cook dinner.  As he came back in the door with the stuff for dinner, I asked him if he had printed off some things the Youngest Princess needed for one of her school projects.  He had not.  So he handed me the bags and turned around and headed back out the door.

I started dinner, and got the Youngest Princess started on what she could do on her project.  We ran into a little bit of a problem, and I was going to fix it in a way that I knew would work, and she was all worried that she would get in trouble for me changing something. I text her teacher, to ask if it would be okay for us to change something (I knew it would be, but I needed to prove it to the Youngest Princess, so she would not worry any more).  My Prince called the Young Prince and asked him to bring him something that he needed, and the Young Prince took off to get that done for his dad. The Oldest Princess was emptying and refilling the dishwasher. I was cooking dinner, helping the Youngest Princess with her project, texting her teacher, and about that time one of the parents of one of my students was texting me, and I had a question to ask My Prince, so I was calling him, and I was giving verbal directions to the Youngest Princess who had stopped working on her project long enough to take the clothes out of the dryer and put the clothes from the washer into the dryer.  Can anyone say CIRCUS? I think I could be one of those people that spins 10  china plates on sticks and keeps them going without letting any of them fall and break.  At least for a few minutes.  Ha! Then they would probably all fall and break!

My Prince got home about the time that dinner was ready.  So we ate, and then the Youngest Princess got started back to work on her project.  My sister-in-law text me and we were texting back and forth, when the washing machine decided to go berserk.  The little chimes on it were going crazy, and it was flashing an error code.  About that same time, my phone was ringing, it was a church member calling.  I played with the washing machine and got it going again. I think it was having trouble draining, because it was trying to drain at the same time as the dishwasher, and that overloaded the drain.  Somewhere in the middle of all that I got a group text with a schedule to remind me when I am scheduled to help feed a family in our church.  Meanwhile the church member whose call I had missed text me with a question.  I was texting her back when my sister-in-law called.  She had to share a praise with me, and that was awesome, because I needed a praise right then.  So we rejoiced together, and then when we got off of the phone, I finished texting our church member. I thought about another friend who I had been texting earlier and had kind of left hanging, so I text her back and we wrapped things up there too. My Prince was talking to his dad in the middle of all of that, and I think I picked up on him making dinner plans for tomorrow night, before Poppy flies back out of the country.

The Youngest Princess was waiting for the glue to dry on her project, so she went upstairs to take her shower.  The Young Prince got out of the shower and I gave him the message to call his uncle back.  I sat down to try to remember all this craziness I just told you all about. Now, as if on cue, the washing machine has completed it's cycle and is playing its little tune.  We call it the happy song.  I will take care of that and then I think I will see if we can all get together and have family devotions, and as quickly as possible get the Youngest Princess to finish her project and get us all in bed.  Whew!  It has been a night!  How blessed we are to have a home full of life, love, laughter and activity!

Until tomorrow...

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