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Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27, 2016

We woke up early this morning.  Today was the day!  Aunt A was coming!  My Prince, the Oldest Princess and the Young Prince left to go to the airport and pick her up.  I stayed home to get a few more things done.

I listened to/watched the First 5 Weekend Wrap-up. It was very good.  Even given only half of my attention.  After I got ready, I did some things around the house to be ready for Aunt A's arrival, and got some Bible study time in while everyone was gone and the house was quiet.

My Prince text me to let me know that Aunt A had made it in, and that he had found out that two of our church members were in the hospital.  He was going to stop in and visit them, while he was already in that area.  The kids and Aunt A were going to go shopping for a few minutes and then they would be home.

I went to pick up the Youngest Princess from her friend's house.

When the Youngest Princess and I got home, the Oldest Princess, the Young Prince and Aunt A were already there.  My Prince walked in shortly after us.

We fixed sandwiches and had lunch.

After lunch, My Prince and the Youngest Princess went to take a nap.  The Oldest Princess, Aunt A and I all went to a couple of local boutiques to do a little shopping.

When we got home, Aunt A went to take a nap.  The Young Prince, the Oldest Princess and I relaxed and watched a couple of shows.

My Prince got up from his nap, and he and I began to get ready to go to the funeral home.  We worked together to fix a ham and a hash brown casserole to put in the oven so the kids and Aunt A would have something to eat.  Then we went to the funeral home.

We stayed at the funeral home for a couple of hours.  Our church member was such a sweet man!  And I loved hearing stories about him that I had never known.  I hated that I was just learning of some of them now.  I wish I had known some of the things earlier, so I could have talked to him about them.

It was good to have unhurried time to talk to others who I feel like I barely get to talk to each week.

We left the funeral home and stopped by the store to grab a few things on our way home.  We got home and ate some ham and hash brown casserole.  Aunt A and Brooke had made dessert while the Oldest Princess cleaned up the kitchen from their dinner.  They had made chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. Yum! They were delicious!

Then the Oldest Princess, the Young Prince, the Youngest Princess and Aunt A all watched a movie.  I started on my blog, and My Prince put the finishing touches on his sermon for tomorrow and prepared for the funeral he will preach tomorrow.

My Prince had to run to the church for something he needed.  Uncle G called Aunt A on Face Time.  My Prince just got back home, and as soon as Aunt A gets done with her call to Uncle G, we will have family devotions, and then this tired person is going to get some rest.

Until tomorrow...

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