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Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 11, 2016

Last night, after My Prince made it home from the hospital, we all gathered in the girls' room, and had our family devotions.  II John.  After reading that together and praying, we all went right to bed.


This morning I had a very hard time getting going.  I made it through my First 5 devotion after dozing back off several times.  I was getting ready for school and received a precious picture and good morning text "from" my great nephew.  It made my morning!

School went well.  We had a fire drill first thing.  That usually makes the kids wild for the rest of the day, but today, not so much.  We were just glad to get back into the warm building.  School went well for the most part.  There were a couple of little hiccoughs, but nothing that we could not work through.  My students did great on their bird reports, and bird drawings.  I love it when they are able to teach me something, and I learned something about birds today.  We all have our books now, so they are busy reading their books so they can do their oral book reports as soon as possible.  I had a nice surprise at the end of lunch.  Just as we were about to go upstairs after lunch, an old friend walked into the lunchroom.  It was wonderful to see her again!  I taught her son in the 5th grade. It was the Oldest Princess's class as well.  They moved away after that year.  We have kept in touch and have seen each other a couple of time since then, but not nearly enough.  I walked upstairs with her so she could say hello to the kids from her son's class who are our Seniors this year.  They were glad to see her too.  She also had to stop in and see the 3rd grade teacher.  We share a running joke from when the kids were in 3rd grade and she opened the door and announced her arrival by saying part of our joke.  It was really funny.  She told us that they are planning to come back and visit again soon, so hopefully it won't be too long before we see her again.

On the way out the door of the school, I learned some really exciting news.  Earlier in the day, another teacher had mentioned that she was looking for someone to hire for a one day job.  Her husband needed some help today only.  Another teacher spoke up and said she knew of someone, and they exchanged numbers, and I thought that was that.  But going out the door I found out that that had not worked out.  But, as the teacher was going home, she came across a man holding a sign looking for a job.  It was our little man from a couple of weeks ago that we saw holding the same sign.  It was the man that we gave a blessing bag to, and prayed with after church two Sundays ago.  And the other teacher had read my post about him on Facebook, recognized him, and stopped and picked him up and took him home to work with her husband! So both my fellow teacher and our little friend were helped today.  From the last report I received, he was doing a good job, and working hard.  That was very exciting news for us! God is good! I know it was just a one day job, but it was an answer to our prayer, my friend's prayer and for his prayer.  I know God will continue to provide.

At home, the Youngest Princess changed clothes and got ready for her tumbling class.  My Prince volunteered to take her, so that I could go to dinner and spend some quality time with the Young Prince.  So My Prince and the Youngest Princess went to tumbling class, and the Young Prince and I went out to eat, while the Oldest Princess was at cheer practice.  I really enjoyed my time with the Young Prince.  We don't get to do that often enough.  Just the two of us.  I liked having his undivided attention, and I think he liked having mine.  I hope we will be able to do it again soon.

We came home, and the Oldest Princess was home from cheer practice busy getting ready to go out with her boyfriend.  My Prince came home from tumbling carrying the Youngest Princess.  She had hurt her knee working on her arial.  A few minutes of love and attention, and the news that she would have to miss a birthday party tomorrow night if she could not walk, and she perked right up.  She says it is still a little sore, but she can handle it.

The Oldest Princess left for her date.  My Prince went to the store and to print out a few things the Youngest Princess needed for her homework.  We managed to get through with the homework, but not before I had a slight come apart.  There are some nights when after a day at work, homework is about more than I can handle.  I know my teacher friends who are moms will understand.  Sometimes it just feels like you never get a break from work.  And I really needed a break. I did not get my break at work, because I spent it helping a student who did not finish their homework from last night get caught up so they would not be too far behind.  So needless to say, homework in our house did not go smoothly tonight. But, we got it done.  And the Youngest Princess went upstairs to get ready for tomorrow.  And we still love each other, even after the rocky homework episode.

I even managed to get my small group study on Exodus done.  On the actual day I was supposed to do it!  Yay! No playing catch up this week for me!

Now, we are waiting for the Oldest Princess to get home so we can do family devotions, and go to bed.  I am going to go read to the Youngest Princess in the meantime.

Until tomorrow...

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