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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31, 2016

This morning, I had a Facebook message from a former youth group member of ours who wanted to know service times, so she could visit our church.  I was very excited.  I used to pick her up on Wednesday nights when she was in high school and give her a ride to youth group.  Through those rides, we became close.  I haven't seen her much in the last 4 years.  Just running into her from time to time at various places, so receiving her message made me very happy.  I told her the times and let her know that I would be watching for her.

Getting ready for church went fairly smoothly until the Youngest Princess looked for her shoes.  I truly believe that Satan sends demons to hide one of each pair of Sunday Shoes, just to throw us off our game on Sunday mornings.  More battles have been fought over shoes we can not find on Sunday mornings than anything else in the history of our family.  Even if we lay everything out the night before.  It is very frustrating!  We finally settled the shoe issue and made it to church.

Sunday school was a continuation of our study of Ruth.  I found out during prayer time that one of our older members who is absolutely precious and whom I love very much is not doing well.  It makes me very sad.  I am praying for her and for her family.

My friend (and former youth group member), and her boyfriend stayed true to their word, and showed up for church.  She said she had wanted to come to Sunday School, but she had not been able to get ahold of her boyfriend in time to come.  So they just came to church.  I was thrilled that they were there!  It was wonderful to see her again and to catch up a little.  She said they would probably be back next Sunday!  Totally thrills my heart!

The sermon was great.  My Prince preached about repentance, and believing the gospel.  Many people want to just skip to the believe part, and get a "get out of hell free" pass.  But yet they go on living in their sin.  But God does not take sin lightly.  In fact, "sin is high treason against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."  Too many people say they believe, but go on living as if they do not.  Repentance, true repentance is not achieved until people realize the seriousness of their sin.  If you think of your sins as no big deal, then you have not experienced true repentance.

When you do experience true repentance, you have a hard time taking sin lightly.  It is offensive and heartbreaking to you.  I have been really bothered by some things that people who claim to be followers of Christ have been doing and even glorifying.  It is like they think of sin as a game, or they find it funny.  I find nothing funny about sin.  I realize that we all sin.  That none of us are perfect.  But I also know that sin is serious, and that we are in a spiritual battle beyond which any of us can imagine.  Sin is not something you play with. Sin is not something that you laugh about or glorify.  It truly grieves my heart to see my fellow professing believers laughing at, glorifying, and even applauding sin.  Grieves my heart.

After church, the Youngest Princess went home with a friend, and the Oldest Princess went on a lunch date.  Once again, living in a small town worked to our advantage.  Chaperones were in abundant supply today.  Also eating at the restaurant where our Oldest Princess and her date went to eat were: Our former pastor and his wife, her volleyball coach (and my co-worker), who is married to her basketball coach, and one of My Prince's buddies and his family.  The Youngest Princess told us all about it when she got home.  We all laughed, but I am glad that she realizes she is being watched wherever she goes.  I know that my mom used to tell people in our church with me standing right there, "If you EVER see my daughter doing ANYTHING she shouldn't do, you better come straight to me and let me know!"  I knew that I didn't just have one mom and dad keeping me straight.  I had a whole church full of folks keeping me accountable.  I want the Oldest Princess to know the same thing.

The Young Prince, being an only child for most of the afternoon, got to pick where we were going to eat.  He picked Mexican food.  As we were driving to the restaurant, we saw a man on the side of the road with a sign asking for work.  We turned around and told him that we didn't have work, but we wanted to give him one of our blessing bags.  He seemed like a really nice man.  He told us how even being down on his luck, the Lord had provided for him.  He allowed us to pray with him, and he thanked us for the bag.  Once again, the Youngest Princess was not with us, and missed giving away a bag.  I'm still praying that she will get to be with us to give one away soon.

We ate lunch and came home.  The Young Prince went to the church to meet the Oldest Princess and her date to film a video for the youth group.  They finished filming at the church and the Young Prince and the Oldest Princess came home and did a little more filming.  I really wanted to yell something funny from the other room while they were filming, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it and mess up their work.  But seriously.  I should have done it.  It would have been great for the blooper reel at the end.

We all did some studying until the kids had to leave to go to drama practice.  My Prince and I talked a little and studied a little until it was time for us to go as well.

One of my Bible Drillers was sick this morning and had to go to the doctor this morning.  On his way home, they stopped and bought a box of doughnuts for him to share with our class tonight.  His mom met me at the door.  That was an awesome surprise.  My small group class before my Bible Drill class was not happy that they weren't for them though.  Want to see adults act like kids again?  Bring out a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

I challenged the church staff, and deacons to do a mini drill after our church drill in about a month and a half.  After my challenge, I headed downstairs to teach my class.  I missed it, but I hear that our music director accepted my challenge.  I hate that I missed it.  I can't wait.  I think it will be a lot of fun. And I know the kids will love it.

We had a good time in Bible Drills as always, and ended on a sweet note with doughnuts.  Whoo hoo!
The youth group, and some of their parents,were going out to eat, and My Prince had a meeting.  So the Youngest Princess and I rode with some friends.  My Prince joined us when his meeting was over.

We came home and I went to work on my blog.  Now that I am done, we are going to have family devotions, over the last chapter in Proverbs, and then the Youngest Princess and I are going to start a new Mandie book, and get some sleep.

Until tomorrow...

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