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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016

It was a normal morning.  All went well getting us ready for school.  We missed the Oldest Princess being with us, but otherwise, it was all routine.

I did my First 5 devotion.  The passage from Exodus 17 reminded me of a sermon I heard in college about Aaron and Hur being "cheerleaders" for Moses and helping him to keep his staff in the air when he was too tired to do it himself. Moses could not do it alone.  He needed their help.  Just like we can't do life alone. We need those around us to cheer us on, and we need to cheer on those around us. That was not the main idea of the devotion this morning, but it was what was on my heart after I read it.

When I got to school as I got to the top of the stairs, I bumped my cup against the door frame, and knocked it out of my hand. Ice and lemon water went everywhere. Thankfully my sweet students were right there and several of them ran to get some paper towels.  The second grade teacher came out of her room with a roll of paper towels to help. One of the little Kindergarten students who was passing by went all the way to the lunchroom and came back with two napkins (bless his heart, he came back with them after I had already cleaned it up) but the gesture was so precious!

School went well. It was a pretty normal day.  My Prince brought me another glass of lemon water, because he is awesome.  All of the high school students were on a field trip today except for the cheerleaders, because they were doing a cheer camp with some of the elementary students.  So, the Oldest Princess was at the school.  When she had a break, she and a friend came to visit me.  It worked out perfect, because it was when my students were at band.  Their visit made my day.

I found out that a lady who was like a church grandmother to me while I was growing up, passed away today.  My heart hurts for her family, but I know she is at the feet of the Jesus she loved and served.  I know she has been reunited with many of the others who have gone on before her.

After school, the Youngest Princess and I went home.  The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince stayed at school.  The Youngest Princess ate a snack, studied a little and then got ready for the game. We went back to the school.  The Youngest Princess cheered.  The Oldest Princess played ball.  The Young Prince played ball and the Oldest Princess cheered. The Oldest Princess's friend and his friend came to watch her play and cheer.

After the games, we helped the Oldest Princess clean the gym, as it was her turn to clean up.

We came home to fix snacks before family devotions and bedtime.  We got a text from someone we love very much who wanted to come by for a few minutes.  A little unusual for the time of night, but we thought okay...Well, they came by, and shared with us some very exciting news.  We are thrilled for them.

After they left, we ate our snacks and had our family devotions.  Proverbs 26.  We discussed it a little, and shared a few prayer requests, and then the Young Prince prayed.

Everyone scattered to get ready for tomorrow.  The Youngest Princess practiced her piano piece about 1,000 times.  I worked on my blog, and My Prince studied.  Now, I need to read a chapter of Mandie to the Youngest Princess, and do my Exodus reading, and my other small group study, and try to get to bed sometime between now and tomorrow morning.  So I will go.

Until tomorrow...

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