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Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 16, 2016

We had a lazy morning.  I got up and started another weekend Laundry-A-Thon.  I did some studying in my Exodus study.  My Prince went to work out.  Then he went to the store for me, to get some things I needed to make dinner tonight. I did some things around the house.  I studied for children's church tomorrow.  I will be teaching because our regular teacher is with the youth on the retreat this weekend.  The Youngest Princess went to spend the night with a friend.  So it has been a quiet restful day today.  Not a whole lot to write about, so I thought I'd share a few of the pictures I've taken since the beginning of the year...

This is a picture of an oak tree that my grandfather planted.  His barn used to stand behind it.  Times sure have changed since he used to work and live on this land.  I often wonder what he would think of the way things are today.  The Young Prince took this picture for me.   For some reason, I love that old oak tree.  I usually try to get a picture of it every time we go.

This is a picture that one of my students drew.  Thesaurus was one of our spelling words.  I always tell my students that a thesaurus is NOT a dinosaur, even though it sounds like one.  So, one of my students who loves to draw, and also loves puns, drew this picture.  It made me laugh.

This picture has three of my favorite basketball players in it.  Two from our team, and the other, the only one I will cheer for that is not on our team.

This is the Young Prince as one of the team captains meeting with the refs before the game.

A couple of our Oreo phases of the moon lesson.

The Oldest Princess as one of the team captains meeting with the refs before the game.

A picture of my two sweet girls together.  The Youngest Princess had cheered and then played with her friends.  The Oldest Princess had played a basketball game and now was cheering.

The Young Prince and Poppy putting up my new curtain.

The Oldest Princess being silly.  I thought it was cute that her highlighter matched her hat.

A few pictures from The Compassion Experience.

A little bit of the wonderful stuff that I mentioned was donated to our school by a local business.

The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince before they left for their conference.

The youth pastor briefing some of the group on a few things before they left.

The seniors got first pick of their seats.

And then they were off!  

My Prince and I enjoyed a quiet evening.  We had pork chops and potatoes for dinner. Then we both did some studying in preparation for tomorrow.  My Laundry-A-Thon continued throughout the day. 
My friend called and we had a nice looooooong talk.  It was good to catch up with her.  I hate that we don't live close enough to spend time together on a regular basis.    

We did our family devotions together, just My Prince and I, and now I am going to study my children's church lesson one more time, and then get some rest.

Until tomorrow...

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