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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27, 2016

I woke up this morning and did my First 5 devotion.  It was about how Moses's father-in-law, Jethro, told Moses to get help in helping the people.  Moses was wearing himself out trying to do it all alone. He knew that Moses was not made to carry the weight of all of that on his own shoulders. He told Moses to share the work with others. To put others in charge of the things that they could handle.  It worked out wonderfully.  A good reminder to be careful not to overload ourselves with responsibilities to the detriment of our relationships.

My stomach was upset again this morning.  That is different.  It has just been being upset in the afternoon and evening.  So, I took medicine and carried on.  Still feeling yucky.

Being sick this morning, had me running a little late to school.  And when I got there, I walked into several boys arguing, and one of them in tears.  It all happened before I got there, so I did not know for sure what had happened.  One of the other teachers had come in on it, and had calmed them down a little and told me what she knew of what had happened. I read something the other day that said to have the students write down their account of what happened.  So, I had them all get out a piece of paper and write down what had happened in their own words.  MUCH better than having them tell me, and having to hear, "NO!  That's not what happened!"  "That's not what I said!" "You were the one who started it!" etc.  It was silent as they wrote their part of the story for me. Then, when they brought me their papers, I read them.  I would ask them to go back and write more about any of the parts that were still unclear to me.

It was a chapel day, so as soon as they were all through writing out what happened, we went to chapel.  Our speaker could not have picked a better topic.  What he said was perfect for what my class needed to hear.  And they knew it.  When we got back from chapel, they even commented on how that was right to them.  Yes.  It was.  And the speaker had no idea what all had happened that morning. I love how God works like that!

All during chapel, I was praying for wisdom to know how to handle the situation properly.  I thought that since the writing of the incident went so well, I would give them a little guided writing to do.  I typed out a few questions to make them think about their actions, and what they could have or should have done differently.  I had them fill the paper out for me.  The last thing I asked them to do was to write the name of their enemy on the bottom of the paper.  They thought that was a little strange, but I had a purpose in asking.

It was finally time to move on.  Overall, they did really good on their Bible verse, and their Bible test. Then we did math. Today's lesson was a devision review. Oh, division. It felt like it took forever to do a whole page of division. That, plus chapel, put us a little behind schedule.  We pushed through to get back on schedule.

When it was time for music class, I sent everyone except my boys that were involved in the early morning argument. We talked about whether or not their individual actions pleased the Lord.  We talked about what they did right, and what went wrong, and what it would be best to do next time. Then we discussed who the real enemy was, and how we are all on the same side.  We are not enemies of one another.  We all have a common enemy, and that enemy is Satan.  We talked about how he wants them to fight against each other, and when they do, Satan wins.  We do not want to let Satan win. We talked about who needed to apologize.  I was very pleased to see that some of them had already apologized on their own. I told them that it was all over now.  We had taken care of it. Then I told them to stand up and go out and fight Satan together. I think it was a much better way of handling today's situation than giving them all conduct marks and telling them not do it again. Time will tell.

We did manage to get everything done, and even had a few minutes left over for them to get some homework finished.

After school, I came home all by myself. When I pulled in the driveway, the Young Prince's car was already here.  I was surprised that he beat me home.  But when I got in the house, he was not home. About that time my phone buzzed. It was the Young Prince.  He had ridden with his sister, after I left that morning, and I did not know.  Anyway, he was still at the school.  I texted My Prince and he had not left to come home yet, so he said he would go by and pick up the Young Prince.

My Prince cooked up a pot of chili for this chilly day.

Unfortunately, I was sick again and did not get to eat any.  It is no fun to be sick.  It was really crummy.  I hoped it would get better before church.  I spent the afternoon being sick and studying for my Wed. night small group.  I was hoping that I would not have to take more medicine.  But I ended up having to take more before church.

We went to church.  We had a great time doing our small group study.  I love learning and studying Exodus, and then going to church and meeting with my group and talking about what God taught them through the same passages.  I love how God speaks to us where we are, and I love that we can learn from what God teaches others.

Thankfully my medicine worked and I did not have to leave to come home early.

Meanwhile, over in the youth room, our youth pastor and his wife were making a big announcement. They told the youth what they had stopped by to tell us last night.  They are going to be parents!  I think the kids were quite excited for them. We definitely are excited for them.  I know they will be great parents.

We came home after church, except for My Prince, who had a meeting.  The Youngest Princess studied her spelling words until she was at the point of exhaustion.  The Oldest Princess and I watched a little television, while I worked on my blog.  If you find any mistakes, it is because I was multi-tasking.

We did our family devotion.  Proverbs 27.  Discussed it.  Talked about the verses that stood out to us personally.  Had prayer time, and then went our separate ways to get last minute things done and get ready for tomorrow.

It was a "normal", but a very blessed day.  Until tomorrow...

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