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Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 24, 2016

Last night, the Youngest Princess laid down with me, because My Prince was still studying.  She asked me to read some of my blogs to her.  She often laments that she can't read them, because she does not really have access to them.  So a while back, she asked to read my blog on my phone.  She started at the beginning, and only got through 2 before it was time for her to go to bed.  So while we were laying there talking, she asked me to read some of my blogs to her.  I think we read about five (we had already read Mandie earlier that evening).  She said, "I like your blogs, Mommy!"  At one point when I read something I had posted from a First 5 devotion, she said, "I really like what that said!"  It was very sweet and encouraging.  She fell asleep with me, and My Prince moved her to her bed when he finished studying and came to bed himself.


I woke up feeling yucky this morning.  I am battling some sinus/head cold issues and had some tummy trouble as well.  But I decided to fight through it, and get ready for church.  I did not want to miss church today.  The further along I got into getting ready, I did begin to feel a little better.  Not great, but better.

I was excited to see a good friend at Sunday School today.  Her father has been really sick, and she has had to miss a lot lately to help take care of him.  I was glad that she was able to be there.  I was able to get a few minutes to talk to her about an issue another friend of mine is having.  She was able through her expertise to help shed some light on it, and now I have something that I can pass on to my other friend that hopefully will help her.

Our Sunday School teacher went on the youth conference last weekend as a chaperone. He shared something that he had heard from the conference that had stuck with him.  It was an illustration about the church being a vaccination.  People often go to church to get "just enough" to keep them from getting the "full blown" disease.  So, if you went to the doctor today, could you give him enough symptoms for him to be able to give you the diagnoses of "Christianity"?  Or, have you been vaccinated, and show no signs at all of "Christianity"?  I have often heard it explained using another example: that of a courtroom.  If someone accused you of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence in your life for that accusation to prove accurate beyond a shadow of a doubt?  

After we talked about that, he introduced the new study we will begin next week on the book of Ruth. I love the story of Ruth, and I am looking forward to getting started.

In church, My Prince preached on being All In.  It was a good sermon.  A convicting sermon.  How many of us are truly All In.  It is a daily process as he pointed out.  We must submit to God daily, sometimes even hourly.  It is easy to say, hard to do.  But the dividends are absolutely the very best. There is no substitute for living a life that is totally surrendered to God.

At the end of the service, one of the teens that went to the youth conference came forward with his mom and dad.  He had gotten saved at the conference, and wanted to make a public profession of his faith.  I love this kid! He was one of my Bible Drill students. An awesome young man.  I could not be more excited for him, and his parents.  And, on top of that, one of the ladies in my small group who also attended the youth conference as a chaperone went forward.  She had written it out, because she was afraid that she would cry if she tried to talk (but she cried anyway, as My Prince pointed out), that she realized that she had accepted Jesus as her Savior, but not as her Lord.  She wanted Him to be not just her Savior, but also her Lord!  Good stuff!  My cup was overflowing!  It was a great way to end a great morning! 

The Youngest Princess asked to go home with a friend.  I told her that she could.  The rest of us went to a local restaurant to have lunch.  Then we came home.  The kids and My Prince all went upstairs, and I stayed downstairs to study and get started on my blog.

The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince had to be at church extra early for some type of meeting or practice (I'm not even really sure what was the reason, but I know it had to do with youth group).

My Prince and I spent some time talking over some upcoming ministry opportunities.  I like it when we are able to have uninterrupted time to discuss things and weigh the pros and cons. In true Sunday afternoon fashion, the afternoon flew by, and it was time for My Prince and I to head back to church.

My Prince and I started a new and growing believers class tonight.  I think it will be good.  I am excited to get to know some of our members that I may not have a chance to be around much otherwise, as well as grow in the Lord with some I already know and love.  I am a little worried about being able to keep up with both small group's study loads.  I will do my best and see how it goes. Tonight's class was really good.

After that, during the church service, the youth praise band led the worship, and some of the kids in the youth group and some of the chaperones, gave testimonies about their time at the youth conference last weekend.  Many told how God spoke to them through the different speakers.  It was a good service.  I always love to hear how God is moving in the lives of others, and especially teens.
We have a wonderful group of young people and I am very thankful for each and every one of them.

We made our daily stop by Dollar General on the way home.  At home, we fixed some snacks for dinner.  The Youngest Princess went up to get ready for bed.  My sister called to tell me that she is going to be a grandma again (which will make me a great aunt again).  So exciting!

My Prince got a text from a younger member of our congregation telling him that he hopes he will be able to see Christ in his children the way he can see Christ in our kids.  Wow.  Praise the Lord!  That as very encouraging. I like to say that so far, they have turned out to be great kids, in spite of us.  We have looked to God to lead us in parenting every step of the way.  We have prayed for wisdom many times when we didn't know what to do. We have always tried to be consistent and present a united front. We have made our share of mistakes, and we haven't done everything perfectly by any means, but God has definitely blessed us with great kids.  At least they have been great so far. It is by God's grace that they have turned out as they have. I also have to give a shout out to my mother-in-law and my father-in-law, because they have always been wonderful to give us great parenting advice, but have never been overbearing in doing so.  They have been great examples to us, and I love and appreciate them for it.  My Prince called the kids in and read the text to them.  We want them to know that others are watching them, and that their testimonies are such that they are encouraging to others. Praising the Lord tonight, for the blessing of our children!

We ate our snacks and then had our family devotion and prayer time. Then everyone headed to get ready for tomorrow and for bed.  It has been a wonderful day all the way around.  It is good to serve the Lord!  Now it's time to read a chapter of Mandie, and get some rest.  We have a busy week coming up.

Until tomorrow...

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