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Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 17, 2016

This morning was a quiet, relaxed morning.  It is amazing the difference that the absence of three people make in the house.  There was no rushing around trying to find things, no waiting for bathrooms, or lines for the iron.  My Prince and I took our time getting ready, and were actually early pretty early to church.  But it was too quiet and too calm.  I am not ready for that quiet and calm all the time yet.

Our Sunday School lesson was about how we are blessed, and why we are blessed.  We are blessed, of course, to bring glory and honor to God.  GLORIFY.

The children's church lesson that I taught was about the Tower of Babel.  The people were building the tower so that they could say, "Look what we have done!"  They were not spreading out and replenishing the earth like God had told them to do.  So God confused their language, and then they had to spread out like He had wanted them to do in the first place.  We talked about how all of our talents are God given, and even when we do something well, God deserves the glory, because He is the one who gifted us with those talents in the first place.  We talked about how everything we do should be for His honor and His glory.  GLORIFY.

I grabbed one of my friends and asked her if she could come and  help me with Children's Church after she finished singing in the choir.  She was a sweetheart and said yes.  I was thankful for her help.

I love it when several things work out together and point to the same message.  Today, the message was loud and clear, glorify God.  And even better, it is one of my two words for the year.  GLORIFY.

And thankfully, all was calm, and there were no security scares today.  Much more like a normal Sunday.

My Prince, the Youngest Princess and I all went to lunch.  It was very cold today, so I wanted to go somewhere where I could get some hot soup.  It was delicious and hit the spot.

We came home and had a quiet, relaxed Sunday afternoon.  A little study, a little rest, a little laundry.

The Youngest Princess came to me with her eyes all swollen.  She was having an allergic reaction to something.  I gave her a Benadryl and a little love, and she was better in about 30 minutes.

She and her daddy went to church, and I finished up getting ready for my Bible Drills class.

I went and had my class.  I still like we have a ton of work to get caught up, but tonight gave me a glimmer of hope.  I have several that are studying at home and it showed in class tonight.  I love my class and my kids.  Bible Drill class is definitely one of the highlights of my week.  The kids work so hard and learn so much.  It is very encouraging.

We came home from church and fixed some snacks for dinner.  The Youngest Princess wanted to watch television together.  So we did that for a little while.

Then we had our family devotions by reading Proverbs 17, and praying for the two oldest kids and all the others who are at the conference.  They are coming home tomorrow.  Yay!  I am ready for them to be home!

Now all that is left is to snuggle with the Youngest Princess, read some Mandie, and get some rest.

Until tomorrow...

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