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Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30, 2016

I am doing this on my phone, as all of the computers in the house are spoken for, so it will be short and sweet again.

I did not sleep well in the hotel, and several of the girls didn't either, but we up and at 'em bright and early anyway.  We went to breakfast, and then to our first session.  It was a make and take session.  The kids made a pencil holder and wrote the words to a verse on clothes pins, and then clipped the pins on the pencil in the correct order.  Our second session was about key passages, and the kids learned how to apply some of the key passages to their lives (some of the kids went to a different session about books of the Bible).  The Youngest Princess got to do a book call for her Daddy in front of the class.  It was really cute.  We had a short break, and then we went to a really fun session, where the kids were able to play all kinds of fun games to help them learn their verses.  After that, we had worship time, and then lunch.  We gave the kids about fifteen minutes to play poly-pong after lunch before we loaded up to come back home.

We made it safely home and got everyone back with their parents.  The Young Peince came and picked us up.  I pretty much rested the rest of the afternoon/evening.  Visiting with the kids and relaxing.  I have felt better today than I have in several days. But it was good to just relax a little.

The kids came and went as they had several activities through the afternoon.  When they all got home, we had dinner, and then before they all got busy all doing their own things again, we had our family devotions.  Proverbs 30 tonight.  We discussed it a little, and the had prayer time.  We prayed for several friends and loved ones, who have lost loved ones recently.  We have been there.  And our prayers are with them in their time of grief.

After devotions, everyone went their own way to get ready for tomorrow. The Youngest Princess got her shower and had a quick snack, and now it is time to read.

Oh, and the Young Prince did several things that made me laugh was when he was working on something for his dad.  He was in the other room quietly singing, "The B-I-B-L-E, Yes that's the Book for me..."  I chuckled to hear him sing that seemingly out of the blue.  I asked him why he was singing that song, and he said he had just typed the word Bible, and it made him think of the song.

The second thing is that he said his sister was like M, my brother's dog (after she was antagonizing him).  If you know the dog, you will understand. He said she was like the dog because she was sometimes sweet, and sometimes mean, she bites, and she is jealous (she was worming her way up beside me, and trying to get my attention).  If you don't know the dog or the Youngest Princesses, it most likely won't be funny to you.  But if you know them both, well...

And now, it is time for me to go and let her have some of that attention she was vying for.

Until tomorrow...

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