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Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8, 2016

I've only got about 15 minutes to post today's blog.  So I will make this quick.

* I forgot to mention yesterday that I tripped going up the stairs, and broke my fall with my right arm.  It is sore today.

* I also failed to mention that all three of our great kids made straight A's on their report cards - Woo Whoo!


*When we went down for snack at school today, the High School praise team were in the lunchroom  singing praise songs.  It was nice!  I hope they do it again.

*Our Bible reading in Reading class today was Psalm 91.  One of my all time favorites!

*There were lots of tests and quizzes lined up on the lesson plan for today.  It doesn't always happen that way, but that is the way it fell this week.  My students did great!  I was very proud of them.  AND, they all remembered the phases of the moon...I wonder why (wink, wink).

*I was not feeling good after school, but I came home and took some medicine, because I had ball games to attend.

*Our whole family has been to the eye doctor for checkups in the last three months or so.  When I went for my check up several weeks ago, the doctor was very complimentary of our whole family.  We walked out praising the Lord, that our "lights shone because of the Holy Spirit within us".  My Prince went to his check up earlier this week.  Today, in the mail, addressed to My Prince was a two page handwritten letter from the eye doctor telling him how that he saw a difference in him, and our family.  It was really cool.

*We met up with Grammy and Poppy and made the hour and a half trip to watch our kids play ball.

*Dinner was picked up from the Dairy Queen drive through, and eaten in the car en route to the game.

*At the game, I sat with some of my favorite people.  I love watching the games with them, for the fellowship of course, but also because they know more about the game than I do and they can help explain things to me when I don't understand what is going on.  One takes notes and keeps up with the stats, or at least tries to, while we talk, and laugh (Piggy, "I thought she was going to take a granny shot!",  "BALL!  BALL!  BAAALLLL!", # 14 on both teams, "Use your hair power!").  Our girls won, and it was a fun game to watch.  Sadly, our boys lost.  Their game was closer than the girl's game, so it was a little more tense.  The Young Prince hit two more three pointers (and one that I really believe was a three pointer, but they called a two).  The Oldest Princess made 19 points in her game.  All of our kiddos played well, and I am proud of them.  There was some awesome defense going on on that court tonight.

*Within a few minutes of heading back home, we had seen 11 deer.  We are thankful to God for providing safety as we traveled home with all of those deer out and about.  I've never seen so many in such a short amount of time.

*While talking on the ride home, I learned things about Poppy that I never knew.  He was a rascal at the tender young age of 5!  The moral of the story was that adults are very influential to children, and adults should behave, so children will too.

*We decided to do our family devotions in the car since it would be so late by the time we got home.  Since My Prince was driving, Poppy read Proverbs 8, and talked about it for a few minutes.

*Our kids learned stories about their dad that they had never heard.  Stories that included bird nest hats, ducks and Little Miss Muffet's spider.

*I may have nodded off after that, because the rest of the ride is pretty much a blur, and my neck hurts.  I hate falling asleep in the car.  I am sure I resembled a bobble head.

*We dropped Grammy and Poppy off at their car and came home.  I sat down to type out a quick bullet point blog, and everyone else was in bed almost before I got started.  I am going to go join them now.

*Until tomorrow...

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