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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016

One of the main ideas of the First 5 devotion this morning, was "Don't Forget to Remember". Exodus 13 is about God telling Moses how the people of Israel should remember and celebrate the fact that God delivered them from slavery in Egypt.

It also said, "Remembering God's faithfulness in the past lets us embrace the difficulties of the present and the uncertainties of the future with hope and confidence.  Our faith falters when we forget.  And remembering the specific ways He's been faithful in the past, trains us to look for evidences of His goodness, might, faithfulness, love, mercy and protection in the future." - Whitney Capps

When I am prompted to "remember lest I forget"  I always think of several specific times in my life when God proved to be good, mighty, faithful, loving, merciful, and a protector.  I am transported back in time to when I was expecting our Young Prince, and I found myself in the maternity ward. Three months early - due to being in pre-term labor.  I could hear the cries of babies in other rooms.  Babies who were born full term and healthy.  And I could only cry with them and pray that my baby would not be born early. By God's grace, and my doctor's wisdom and technology I had no idea even existed, three months later, the Young Prince was born...after they induced my labor.  He was unhealthy and struggled for a while, but God was with us every step of the way, and we have had a very healthy young man for years now.

I think of the time right after my daddy died, and my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  My father-in-law resigned as the pastor of our church, the house we were renting to own had become, "buy it or we are selling it".  We could not commit to buying it, as My Princes's job situation was up in the air, because we did not know if the new pastor (when the church found a new pastor) would want us to stay, or if he would want to bring in his own staff.  Within a week of the for sale sign being put in the yard, there was a contract on our house. I was packing boxes and we had no where to go.  We had two small children, and my whole world had been rocked.  Seriously, it was all happening at one time.  There were days that I thought I would completely loose my mind.  A friend called to say that her mom knew of a house that "might be" what we were looking for. Long story short...And I would love to share the details with you, so if you want to know just ask...the house turned out to be perfect. Sent from God.  At the perfect time. The little blue house will FOREVER be a beacon of God's faithfulness and love for our family.

And then there was the storm/car/tree story that also happened at the little blue house.  It too is a story for another day, and one that I don't want to forget to remember.

Of course, there are more recent moments. Some still too sensitive and not far enough removed to share.  And there are, of course, everyday examples of God's goodness and faithfulness.  Which is huge reason that I am taking the time to write each day.  So that we don't forget to remember.  So we can look back and remember the great and mighty things, but also the everyday things that God does in our lives.

School went great today.  My students brought in their shoebox book reports, as they were due today. I love this project.  I love seeing all of the creative things that my kids come up with.  As I was starting class, I received a text from a friend who has a son in kindergarten.  She also has a nephew in my class.  She said her son had watched her nephew make his shoebox, and had wanted to do one himself.  He did it, and brought it to turn in to his kindergarten teacher that morning.  I thought that was absolutely precious!  And of course, I had to stop by the kindergarten room and check it out.  It was great!  I told him he made an A.

But, I also took the opportunity to share with my class how much the little ones look up to them. How they see them doing things, and how they want to be just like "the big kids." I told them that they are role models and that they need to be sure to be the right kind of role models.  That they need to behave in ways that encourage those little ones to want to love and serve God.

After school I had my dentist appointment.  I was very nervous, because I had to have a different lady do my cleaning, and I knew there was a problem with one of my teeth.  I had been praying about it all day.  I do not enjoy going to the dentist.  But, of course, God worked it all out.  The girl that cleaned my teeth was very sweet, and extra gentle, I had no reason at all to worry.  She grew up with one of our church members, and said she and her husband might even visit our church soon.  I have a precious old friend who would have said that that was a "divine appointment." I would have to agree.

My problem tooth is a broken molar, and the dentist said he thinks he can fix it with just a filling (that is definitely what I am praying for!), and if not, a crown.

At home I got to spend a few minutes with the oldest two before they left for praise team practice at church.

I spent some time studying for my small group.  Finishing up through Exodus 6, and a little into Exodus 7.  Focusing mainly on Moses insistence that he could not speak well enough to do the job God wanted him to do.  And how that God told Moses that He would be with him and tell him what to say.  But still Moses resisted, and God sent Aaron to help Moses.  How we need to have enough faith to just trust God, and that He already has everything worked out (whether or not we can see or understand it).  God would have done what He needed to do through Moses, despite his speaking difficulties, but since Moses did not have enough faith, God had a plan. It definitely challenged me to look closely at my faith, or lack thereof.  I am praying  that God will help my faith to grow.

After I finished studying, I helped the Youngest Princess with a little of her studying. Mainly spelling.  And then it was time to go to church.

At church, all of the members of our small group were there.  It was very nice.  It has been while due to the holidays and things since we have all been together.  It felt right again.

After church the Youngest Princess and I talked about life and how things are hard sometimes.  She needed a little extra loving, and thankfully, I had the time to be able to do that before everyone else got home.

We heated up some pizza rolls, and waited for My Prince to get home from his meeting after church. I started working on my blog while the kids watched a little television.  My Prince came home, and we did our family devotions.  Proverbs 20.  Full of wisdom.  Verse 7 stood out to me tonight.  I told the children that it made me think of their daddy.  He is a righteous man who walks in integrity, and whether they realize it now or not, they are blessed because of it.  We discussed several other verses that spoke to us, and then had our prayer time together.

As I finish this up, the Oldest Princess is trying to figure out what song she wants to use for her Senior video for the Junior/Senior banquet, and the other two are getting ready for bed.  It has been a good day, full of blessings.  God is good!

Until tomorrow...

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