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Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

This morning was a normal morning.  It was hard to face the cold, but other than that, just a normal morning.  We all got ready and went to school.

School went well.  I was disappointed that the second grade teacher was sick, first because I hate for my friend to be sick, and second because our PE/Library/Computer teacher would be her sub, meaning that we would not have someone to do our PE class for us.  But I was glad that we have band on Mondays as well, so at least I would have a break and be able to get a couple of things done, while the kids were in band.  When we got to snack, the office let us know that the band teacher was sick and would not be there.  So that meant that there would be no break at all.

The 4th grade teacher, the 6th grade teacher and I all took our classes to the gym to let them have PE at our regular time.  So at least the kids were able to run and play and get rid of some of their energy.
One of the mothers of one of my students, sent in a bucket of fudge.  So we all enjoyed the fudge.  It was delectable (if you have a student in my class, and you are reading this, delectable is one of our vocabulary words for this week - ask your child if they know what it means).

Otherwise, it was a pretty normal day.  The kids worked hard, and we finished everything we needed to get done.   We read a chapter in our Josiah book and again, it ended with the kids begging for more.  Unfortunately there was not enough time to read another chapter, so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

My sweet sister-in-law texted to check on us after our crazy day yesterday.  I was glad to tell her that as far as I know, all is well.

Normally we have teacher's meetings after school, but today's meeting was cancelled, so I was able to text My Prince and let him know that I was ready to come home.  I stopped by the office for just a minute to talk to my friend until My Prince got there.  He was there quickly and we came home.  The Young Prince was finished with practice and came in right behind us.  The Youngest Princess and the Oldest Princess both had cheer practice after school.

I worked on my study of Exodus (even though today it actually meant reading from Acts), while the Youngest Princess was still at practice.

The Young Prince was kind enough to go and pick up the Youngest Princess for me, so that I could finish my study. When they got home, we pretty much turned around and left to pick up the Oldest Princess from cheer practice.  The Compassion Experience was in a town near ours, and we wanted to go and see it.  We went a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it, but the Youngest Princess was not with us.  I really wanted her to be able to go this time.

On the way, we did our devotions from Proverbs ch. 11.  The girls took turns reading it, and then the Young Prince prayed.  After our devotions, the Oldest Princess asked if we were going to sponsor another child.  My Prince quickly answered that we would not (we already sponsor two children through Compassion).  The Youngest Princess quickly answered, "Oh!  I just prayed that God would lay it on your hearts to sponsor another child!"  My Prince again told her that we are not sponsoring another child at this time.  They Youngest Princess began to cry.  I asked her why she was crying.  She said through her tears, "Because I want to help!"  My Prince explained that we are already helping.  To which she replied, "But I want to help MORE!"

Later we were talking about where we would eat dinner, and the Youngest Princess through out McDonalds.  My Prince quickly replied that the place we would definitely not be eating was McDonalds.  The Youngest Princess thoroughly put out with her daddy by now said, "Uh!  You won't let us sponsor another child, AND WHAT'S MORE, you won't EVEN let us go to McDonalds!"  It's a tough life kid...

I asked My Prince if he had been to where we were going before, and he assured me that he had.  But, when the road we were driving on turned into a dirt road, I pretty much figured we were not on the right track.  Oh, and right before the road turned into a dirt road, we saw 7 deer.  Bringing our deer sightings for the last three days to a grand total of 18.  We turned around, and with the help of the GPS, we were quickly headed in the right direction.  We passed a Chick-Fil-A, and My Prince announced that Baptist Bird was what was for dinner.  Very close to the Chick-Fil-A, was a Krispy Kreme, which the Youngest Princess spotted.  Talking to her daddy who was driving she said, "OHHHH!  Krispy Kreme!  Don't look! (because he was driving, and she is stickler for the rules, like keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road when you are driving) But, look!  The Hot and Fresh sign is on!  Can we go there after dinner?  Please, Daddy!  Please!"  She really didn't even have to say please.  I knew he would take her there.

At the Compassion Experience, we were able to walk through and see Julian's life.  She was a little girl from Uganda.  After it was done, we got back in line and walked through Reuben's life.  He was from Bolivia.  Both were stories we had seen before, but were new to the Youngest Princess.  Both show videos at the end, of where the children are and what they are doing.  Both videos made me cry.  It touches me to see how their lives were changed so much by someone halfway around the world.  It touches me to know that we too, are changing the lives of children that we may not meet this side of heaven, just by giving a little money each month and taking the time to write to them and fill their lives with encouraging words they may never hear otherwise.  The Youngest Princess and I would have brought home the packets of every child on the wall if we could have, but I know that for now, two is all we can financially handle.  But that does not mean that I can't pray for all those precious little faces to find their own sponsors very soon.  If you don't sponsor a child through Compassion already, I would strongly suggest that you pray about looking into being a sponsor.  It is an awesome experience for the sponsor, and a life changing experience for the sponsored child.

We left and went to Chick-Fil-A, and then of course to Krispy Kreme.  And on the way home we made a quick stop by the sporting goods store where the Oldest Princess's friend works.  I sat in the warm car while they ran in to say hello.  My Prince and the Youngest Prince were in a hurry to get home and watch some game that was on television.  Okay.  Maybe the Young Prince's favorite team is playing and maybe it is the championship game.  So, maybe if you are a football fan, it might be a little important.  But I am not a football fan at all, so when we got home, I sat down to blog.  And now, I have finished writing about our day, and I am ready to call it a day.  So the Youngest Princess and I are off to do some reading.

Until tomorrow...

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