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Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15, 2016

This morning was a normal morning.  I woke and did my First 5 as usual.  It was lightly raining outside, and it was hard to get out of bed.  Cold, rainy mornings are always the worst for me, unless I have no where to go.  But of course this morning, I had to get ready and go to work.

I had a great day at school.  The kids were focused, and we were very productive.  We don't have band or music on Fridays, so that gives us an extra 30 to 45 minutes of class time.  Plus many of our high school students were leaving to go on a youth retreat, so our high school dismissed at half day. Because the high school students were not there to eat lunch, the ladies who work in the lunchroom asked us to come to lunch early.  That meant that we switched and had PE 30 minutes later than we normally do.  Anyway, do to all of that, we were finished with all of our classwork, and had even read Josiah by the time we went to lunch.  After lunch, I had them all do their written homework, and I graded and recorded the tests that they had taken the morning.  When that was done, we had about an hour and 15 minutes left.  The fourth grade teacher needed to leave a little early today, so I watched her class as well.  We played with Legos and cards for a little while, and then went down to the gym and played the rest of the time.

I have one of my students so hooked on Dutch Blitz that she asked if she could take the cards home. I told her that she could.  So, I am thinking, as many people as I have gotten hooked on Dutch Blitz, and as many sets of cards that I have "sold" for them over time, that maybe they should be paying me some royalties or something.  Or maybe they could just start a friends and family program, and send me a percentage of every deck I get people to buy. Just kidding! But seriously, I have been the reason for them selling quite a few decks of cards.  Go ahead, raise your hand if I got you addicted to Dutch Blitz. I see those hands!

After school I came home and had about an hour to spend with the Oldest Princess and the Youngest Prince before we had to take them to the church to leave for their conference.  The Oldest Princess realized that she would not get to see her sister before she left to be able to tell her goodbye.  So, both she and the Young Prince made videos to tell her goodbye. I thought that was very sweet of them. We had a good time talking and trying to think of anything they might have forgotten to pack.  I didn't want them to forget anything.

We stopped by the store to get them a few snacks for their trip.  Usually they stock up on all kinds of goodies, but this time they hardly wanted anything.  I was surprised.

We took them to the church and visited with everyone as they came and loaded up their luggage.  We prayed with them, took pictures, and then they were off!  The Oldest Princess and her friend C got to pick their seats first, because they are the only Seniors.  Bittersweet.  They staked their claim to their seats and we got a group picture, before we had to leave to go and pick up the Youngest Princess from cheer practice.

I went in to get the Youngest Princess, and was able to watch a few minutes of their practice before they were done.  I took her some jeans and told her to change, because a friend had invited her to go ice skating.  She was very excited as I knew she would be.  I showed her the videos of her brother and sister on the way to her friends.  She realized that they had left, and she was not happy with me. She told me I should have come and picked her up from practice.  But after a few tears, she was distracted by thoughts of ice skating, and was feeling better.  We dropped her off, and decided to go out to eat as we were kidless.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants, and had a wait time of about 40 minutes.  While we were waiting, we saw one of our church members and her daughter with another friend of ours and her daughter.  We waved and said hello.  One of the girls came and gave me a hug.  They finished their dinner and left before we were seated.  The place was packed.  It was finally our time to be seated. As the lady seated us, she said, "Someone left money for you all for your dinner.  I guess now would be a good time to go ahead and give it to you before you order."  She laid the money on the table.  Wow! What a blessing!  We had only seen the couple of ladies that we knew, and so, we are guessing it was one of them.  What a blessing!  And if you are reading this, thank you SO much!  It definitely made our night!  So sweet!  The food was great, and our waiter was wonderful.  It was a great date night.

We came home to watch television and just relax after a long week.  We will wait until the Youngest Princess comes home to do our devotions and go to bed.  My Prince said that he may do some studying while the Youngest Princess and I read our chapter of Mandie.

We just heard from the Oldest Princess that they are about an hour and a half from their destination, and have had a good trip so far.  Please pray that they have safe travels and that God works in a mighty way in our group while they are gone.  I am excited to hear all about it when they get home.

And now, the couch and My Prince are calling my name.  Until tomorrow...

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