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Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016

Morning comes early for those who get to bed late and don't sleep well because their husbands don't get in until the wee hours of the morning.  My Prince did finally get home though, and I was glad.

I did my First 5 devotion.  It was good as always.  One of my favorite parts from this morning:
"Don't be a rebel like Pharaoh, giving lip-service to the power of God.  Instead, respond in faith and surrender.  Lay down the fake gods of control and independence.  Acknowledge that He alone is God." - Whitney Capps  I pray that I will respond in faith and surrender.  Some days it is easy.  Some days it is hard.  Some days it is very hard.  But no matter the circumstances, I pray that my default response is faith and surrender.

Several big blessings happened today.  The first was that my friend who works in the office caught me in the hall and asked if the Youngest Princess had a black dress to wear for Fine Arts competition. I told her that she did not.  And guess what?  She had a dress that her daughter could not wear that we could use!  Awesome!  One less thing to worry about looking for or having to buy!  God provided for a need that I did not even know we had yet!

Then...there was a store in a town near ours that was kind of half a teacher supply store, half a Bible bookstore. For some reason, the owner decided to close the store.  Someone else is going to continue to have the Bible bookstore part, but not the teacher supply part.  So, the owner donated. Yes. Eeeek! I said, DONATED, the rest of her inventory to our school.  Oh Happy Day!!!  Some of the hallway and the teacher's supply room was turned into a big shopping spree, only it was all free!!!  I had seen a bulletin board set that I really liked in a teacher supply magazine, but I thought I would be able to make it myself, so I never ordered it.  And of course I never made it either, because that would take time, and well, you know...So, guess what I found!  That very bulletin board!!!  God provided for a want.  He knew that I would not have the time to get that board made, so He just provided!  Plus, there were posters, book, teaching aids, games, pencils, charts, stickers, calendars, stamps, letters, boarders, and many other things.  We had a blast going through them today.  I told my friend that  I had a hard time walking down the hall without getting distracted by the sparkly things.  I would walk by and pick up a couple of things and the next time I walked by I would see something else that I could use. It was fun to find things for other teachers, as well, if we saw something that we knew was good for a certain grade, or that we knew another teacher taught, we would pass it along to them.  It was really fun.

Today in the classroom was a different story.  It was like trying to herd cats.  Literally.  No matter how hard I tried, I felt like I could not get us all going in the same direction at the same time.  It was very frustrating to me.  Some days are just like that, and today was one of those days. On steroids. I am praying that tomorrow will be better.

After school, I came home and changed into a t-shirt and some sweat pants and took the Youngest Princess to her tumbling class.  She picked out her own outfit of a striped tank top, navy blue cheer shorts and gold slip on dress shoes.  I was too tired to put up a fight.  When we got in the car she told me how much she loved those shoes.  So what if they didn't match, and were not right for the occasion.  She loved them and it made her happy to wear them.  I smiled just seeing her happiness over something little like that.  She knew I had had a hard day, so she took her little Lego hedgehog and put it on the steering wheel of the car so I would see it and smile when I got in.  She has such a loving sweet heart.  She did good in tumbling.  Especially considering the fact that we haven't been in over a month due to the holidays.  They practiced some of their cheer stunts at the end of class, and I might have come close to having a heart attack a couple of times.

The rest of the family met us at tumbling, and we left from there to go get something to eat.  We ate at a new little restaurant that we haven't tried yet, but had heard was good.  What we had heard was true.  We took the oldest two to the shoe store afterward, and they both got a pair of shoes.  One pair was needed, one was wanted, and all were happy with the results.

We got home and everyone got to work studying.  The Youngest Princess had a project and studying to do, the oldest two had much studying to do as well.  The oldest two are leaving to go on a youth retreat tomorrow, so we are washing clothes that they need to take, and they are packing and getting ready to go.

We took a break and had our family devotions.  It was nice that after two nights of missing someone, we were able to be all back together again.  We read our chapter in Proverbs (14), and discussed it a little.  Then we strayed a little into telling stories.  The Young Prince was not in the mood for telling stories, so he suggested we pray and THEN tell stories (so he could go back upstairs), which of course led to the telling of more stories just to pick on him a little.  Then we did pray together.  After prayer, everyone again spread to the four winds to get things done that they needed to get done.

And now, I am ready to push the publish button, and call it a day.  Until tomorrow...

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