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Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

We all slept in this morning, due to getting in bed so late last night (really, early this morning).  I was the first one up.  And even though I "slept late", I didn't get any extra sleep, because of how late it was when I did finally go to sleep.

I immediately tackled the mountains of laundry that have piled up over this week.  You don't have a whole lot of time to get laundry done when you average about 3 to 4 waking hours at home per day. And it takes my dryer two cycles to dry the clothes if I have a full load, so that slows me down even more.  So during the week, on weeks like this past one, only essential things get washed, and the rest has to wait.  And of course the things that did get washed during the week were still in the laundry baskets to be folded and put away.  So I started a load, and folded about 5 loads. I used to think that the less you were home the cleaner your house would stay. But that is just not true.  The more we have to do, and be gone, the more we run in, throw things down, grab what we need and run out again.  Then we come home and go to bed.  It is a vicious cycle people! A vicious cycle I tell you.

I sat down and watched the First 5 video (they always do a Weekend wrap-up video on Saturdays). The quote from today that really stood out to me was, "We need to wrap our heart around the consistency of His character, rather than the inconsistency of our circumstances."  Yes!  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  The very same God who made the covenant with Abraham, who planned every event in Joseph's life, who walked with Moses through the plagues, the Red Sea, and the wilderness, who entered the Promised Land with Joshua, is the SAME God who walks with you, and with me!

While all was still quiet in the house and I was waiting on another load of laundry to finish, I did my personal study in Exodus.  Today was chapter 2.  Moses.  One of the things that stood out to me was the fact that Moses looked around to see if there was anyone near to witness what he was about to do, before he defended the Hebrew man by killing the Egyptian man who was beating him.  If you, or I, have to look around to see if anyone is watching before we do something, chances are, more likely than not, that we are about to do something we should not do.  If our actions are righteous and honorable, then it does not matter who is watching.  If you have to look around before you do something, maybe you should think again about doing it in the first place.  Even though Moses thought no one was looking, he was seen, and then he had to flee for his life.

After that, I worked on more laundry, and cleaned off the tops of my washer and dryer.

Then we woke up the Youngest Princess so she could eat and get ready for cheer practice. I was afraid that she would be hard to wake up and be in a grouchy mood, but she woke up in a pretty good mood.

The Youngest Princess and I were talking, and she told me that after one of their cheer practices this past week they had had a pep talk.  She said they talked about things like not wearing earrings to practice and getting to practice on time.  They were told not to worry about putting on makeup for practice, but to be on time instead.  Things like that.  She said, "But I don't have to worry about that, because I don't even wear earrings."  I told her that was true, and she didn't have to worry the makeup part either, because she doesn't wear makeup.  She said the next day one of the girls had come to practice ignoring the rules they were reminded of the day before.  When the other girls reminded her, so she would not get in trouble, she remarked that she did not care.  The Youngest Princess said, "I want to stand out for doing what is right."  It made me proud to hear her to say that.  Then we talked a little about standing out for doing "what is right" and how that means doing the right thing so that people see Jesus in us.  So that God will get the glory.  I thought about how sad it is that in today's world children really do stand out for doing what is right.  It used to be that the kids who did not do what was right were the ones who stood out.  It makes me sad that our culture has swung around so drastically, that even my youngest child understands that if you just do what is right you will stand out in today's world.  You do what is right, sweet girl, and you will definitely stand out.  Just be sure to give God the glory when you do!

After My Prince left to take her to practice, and to head to a funeral, the Young Prince and I tried to watch some TV.  I just could not get interested in anything, so I gave up on TV, and worked on some new teaching ideas instead.

The Young Prince, armed with camera, drone, go-pro, and who knows what all else left to go to a friends house to make videos.  I told him he could go for two hours, but needed to be home after that because Grammy and Poppy were coming.

The Oldest Princess did some school work and then went to cheer practice because they asked some of the older girls to come help spot the younger girls.

Grammy and Poppy came to spend the afternoon and evening with us.  They are leaving to head back to the mission field after church tomorrow, and wanted to spend some time with us before they leave. So we visited a little, and Grammy used our wifi to get some things done.  Poppy napped a little. Grammy and I visited.  The Young Prince came home, my Prince made it home from the funeral, and the girls came in from cheer practice.

Poppy, Grammy and the Young Prince worked on putting a new curtain that Grammy had made on the front door.  I really like it.  Grammy did a great job picking it out, and the guys did a great job hanging it.

I did more laundry. The Young Prince did a hanger hunt for me. I attempted to hold down the Young Prince and "kissie face" him in thanks, but he is way stronger than I am.  In the end, I settled for a bear hug.  Oh the joys of little boys growing up.

My throat started hurting mid-afternoon, and the later it got the worse I felt.  I hope I am not coming down with something.  I am thinking I am just really tired.

Dinner was a comedy of errors.  My Prince was grilling, and the Oldest Princess and I were working in the kitchen.  It seemed like if it could go wrong, it did.  Sometimes that happens when you have too much going on at one time.  But we took it in stride, and made it a good dinner anyway. We all pitched in and cleaned up at the end.

After cleanup, Grammy, Poppy, the Oldest Princess and the Youngest Princess played an intense game of Pretty Pretty Princess.  Poppy was cracking me up being silly and hanging the necklace and bracelet on his ears.  Grammy and Poppy both do a great job of making each of our children feel special and loved.  They go out of their way to do things with them and love on them when they can.  I am thankful to God for such great grandparents for our kids.  I usually miss my parents the most, when I think of the things that I know they would love to see our kids do, or the things I know they would have enjoyed doing with our kids.  But I am very thankful for the time we have with My Prince's parents and that they are able to be such a big part of our children's lives.  All too soon it was time for Grammy and Poppy to leave.

My Prince went upstairs to take a quick nap.  Saturday nights are usually late nights for him, as he studies and puts the finishing touches on his sermons for Sunday.

The Youngest Princess was still in a game playing mode, so she and I played a couple of games of Candy Land.  She beat me both times.  The Oldest Princess did some more homework.  Now My Prince is awake and ready to do our family devotions.  When we are done with our devotions, I am going to call it a day, read a Mandie chapter to the youngest princess, and get some sleep.  Hopefully I will wake up without a sore throat tomorrow.

The Oldest Princess is sitting across the table from me as I type, holding her highlighter between her lips and her nose.  I told her she was a nut and a half.  She told me I could put that in my blog.  So I did (smiles).  I love you, my little nut and a half!

I am looking forward to church tomorrow!  Until then...

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