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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Last night, The Youngest Princess and I went upstairs and read our chapter of Mandie.  While we were reading I mentioned that my legs were aching.  She promptly went to work rubbing them for me, just as I had done for her a few night prior when she woke up crying with bad leg cramps.  She is such a sweet girl!  When we finished, I sent her off to bed and curled up to go to sleep.  But it was not to be.

In just a little while (at about 11:20ish) The Oldest Princess came in our room to tell us that she was STARVING.  Like she could eat a whole hamburger, starving.  She also was all giddy with excitement.  She said that she had given all of her worries to the Lord, and she felt like she was floating.  I told her that our worries weigh us down, and giving them to the Lord is very freeing.  She said she just knew that this is going to be the best year ever!  She also told us about a book that she had just found in her room, by Beth Moore about praying the scriptures.  None of us could remember where the book came from.  If I had to guess, I would say Grammy, but until I can ask her, I am not sure.  Yet, I know at that moment, it was definitely from God.  Anyway, I briefly shared with her how that I have a couple of books Praying the Scriptures for Your Children, and Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenager, and that her father and I often pray scripture over them when they are facing tough times in their lives, and we have seen amazing results.  Praying the Scriptures is a very powerful thing to do.  So she was very excited about using that book and praying Scripture over some of the things she is facing now.  I think God definitely solidified her choice of the word TRUST.  She had already started on her Disciple Group study for the week, and had done her first HEAR journal.  She said she had texted the members of her D Group because she was just SO EXCITED!  I had to remind her that it was pretty late, and I was glad that she was excited, but that she needed to be mindful of the time!  My apologies to her D group girls and sweet leader!  I was very excited as well to see her so excited.  God is good and merciful, and full of surprises!

She and My Prince went downstairs to find her something to eat, and within a few minutes, The Youngest Princess was "hungry" too.  She also went downstairs, but was back up pretty quickly.  Then The Young Prince joined us, and had to tell us several things that he remembered from the day, and just had to tell us.  It was a sweet time.  I love when the kids WANT to talk.  I don't always like it that it is most usually at bedtime...Why is that?  And this was the bedtime before our first day back to school after Christmas break...and the clock was ticking, and I knew they would be tired in the morning...The struggle was REAL, as one of my friends often says.  

We finally got everyone fed, listened to, and back to bed.  And about the time all was quiet, the dog started barking.  I guess I was so tired that it didn't bother me too much, because I don't remember anything after that.

This morning, My Prince woke me up as he usually does as he left to work out.  I grabbed my phone as I usually do, and clicked on my First 5 app.  It is an app that puts out  short daily devotions so that people can spend the first five minutes of their day focusing on God and His Word.  Today started a new study in Exodus.  This is what part of it said:

"Because our all-knowing God always sees the bigger picture and has a greater purpose.  He uses our times of trial and hardship to purge sin from our lives, to strengthen our walk with Him, to force us to depend on Him, to bind us together in community, and to cause us to know and trust Him more.  Isaiah speaks this truth clearly in Isaiah 48:10, "See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction." (NIV)  God knew the best place and best way for His people to grow in strength and numbers. And early admission into the land that had been promised to them through Abraham wasn't it.  And He knew that in the midst of their enslavement, they would experience His power, see His glory and draw closer to Him.

Don't we too have our own "Egypts," times we feel oppressed, forgotten, burdened beyond what we think we can bear?  Like the Israelites, it's those times that should draw us closer to our God, the Promise Keeper, who honors His Word and fulfills it without exception.

Are you walking through an "Egypt" experience today?  What is one promise from God you can claim to help you trust God in the midst of this difficult time?"  - Wendy Blight

Okay, so this was another little surprise from God.  Isn't He awesome that way!  I had just shared with one of my friends the night before about an area of my life that made me feel like an Israelite in Egypt.  I've been crying out to God, and wondering if He even heard me, or if He had forgotten me, or even cared anymore.  Not in every area of my life, but definitely in this area.  It feels like it has been 400 years since I have heard from Him on this matter. In truth, it's been about five years.  Well...He spoke this morning.  Through His Word and a perfectly timed devotional.  So I can't say it has been five years anymore.  He didn't change my circumstances, but He helped me see that I need to look at them in a different light.  GROWTH

Honestly, I would much rather Him change my circumstances, but I am willing to admit that I need an attitude adjustment, and I prayed and told God I would work to do better as far as my attitude goes.  I know I will need a ton of His help, as well.  It was very comforting to be reminded that He is listening, and that He does see, and He does care.  I know that already, of course.  It was just this one area that I doubted.  And, He could have sent a devotional from any passage in the Bible that shows He is a loving and caring God. But. But..He didn't!  He sent a devotional from the EXACT example I had used when sharing my burden with my friend.  Not accidental.  He cares.  Does He show us in such extremes each time?  No.  Sometimes, He is silent for 5 years. Or 25 years. Or 400 years.  But please know.  He does see, and He does care. And when His timing is right, He will speak. When that happens, will we be in a place to hear Him?

I had to copy and paste the part of the devotional I shared with you above and send it to my friend.  It was too exciting not to share with her after our conversation last night.

I got ready for work, and the kids were great (and much easier than I thought they would be) to get up and get moving.  The Youngest Princess and I rode with the Oldest Princess, and on the way the girls shared two songs with me that they liked.  I liked them too.  I loved the messages in both songs.

My first day back went fairly smoothly.  My students did well, and did not have too much "Christmas brain," as I jokingly call it, to muddle through.  They jumped right in there and got to work and seemed to remember most of what we had been working on before our break.  We were able to finish everything in time for them to do their homework and to get a couple of chapters of our "Josiah" book read.  All in all, a good first day back.

Then after school we had our weekly teacher's meeting.  Where we go over the upcoming events, talk about any pressing matters, and have a time of prayer together.  After our meeting I stopped by the office and spent a few minutes catching up with my friend who is the secretary.  Then My Prince text to say that he was there to pick me up.  It was good to get home.  I am always very tired after teaching, and especially so on our first days back.

The Oldest Princess and the Youngest Princess both had cheer practice after school, and The Young Prince had basketball practice, so it was a quiet few minutes before My Prince left to go back to pick up The Youngest Princess because her practice lets out before her sister's and brother's practice.

The Youngest Princess came home telling me about falling out of a stunt during practice, but she assured me that she was okay.  She did have a headache though.  So we gave her some medicine, and let her watch one television show to relax before cracking the books and doing her homework.

The Oldest Princess made it home in time to eat with us.  We had grilled pork chops, hamburgers, green beans, and shells and cheese.  The Oldest Prince was late coming in from practice, so he had to warm his up.  We reminded him about letting us know where he is by texting us before he leaves, so we do not have to worry about him.  Maybe we were spoiled by having a girl first.  The Oldest Princess is always very good about texting to let us know when she is leaving, or has arrived.  I think it is a boy thing.  The Young Prince has a harder time remembering to keep us informed.

We did enjoy a little time of sitting around the table talking before My Prince and the Oldest Princess left to go to the church for prayer meeting.  I wanted to go, but came home from school with some tummy troubles.  So The Young Prince, The Youngest Princess and I stayed home.  The Young Prince was working on homework, and I sent the Youngest Princess up to take her shower and get ready for bed.   While it was quiet downstairs, I took some time to pray for the same things that they were praying for at the church.

I was finally able to get the tree undecorated, and now it just needs to be taken out of the house. That sounds like a great job for My Prince.

The Youngest Princess began getting all of the things she needed ready for tomorrow.  She was unable to locate her undershirt and bloomers.  I knew for sure that I had washed them and hung them together on the same hanger.  I knew that they were clean, I just figured maybe they had been hung in the wrong closet.  The Youngest Princess and I snuggled on the couch and read our chapter of Mandie for the night while waiting for My Prince and The Oldest Princess to come home from the prayer meeting.

When they got home, we had our family devotion/prayer time. Then the search was on for the missing "cheer gear" again.  The Oldest Princess finally found it, and now, I can go to sleep in peace. Everyone else may be staying up for a while, but The Youngest Princess and I say goodnight.  Until tomorrow...

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