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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016

Last night the sinus pressure in my head was terrible. I knew that laying down would make it worse. So I took some medicine before I went to bed. Which in turn made it very hard to get up this morning. But we did get a little more sleep than normal, so that helped.

School was good. We had our elementary school awards chapel. The Youngest Princess made A Honor Roll, and top student. We are very proud of her and all of her hard work. Also her piano teacher stopped by my room today to tell me that she had a great piano lesson. She wants the Young Princess to play a piece for Fine Arts.  I can't believe that she is old enough to be in Fine Arts!

The Young Prince and I came home together, as the girls had cheer practice.  He was very talkative and told me all about the mini play that is coming up next month.  I think he likes it a little.

After school I went home and completed my Exodus study for the week.  It was my week to lead the group, so I was working to be prepared for that.  My Prince came in and started dinner for us.  Then he had to run to Wal-Mart to pick up some medicine for Poppy, who was driving in to leave their car with us while they are on the mission field. We were not sure if they would release the medicine to him, because it was a little early for the prescription to be filled, but we explained that he is leaving the country tomorrow, and they called and said they had everything worked out, so My Prince was able to get the medicine and a few other things that we needed as well.  You know.  Essentials.  Like sunflower seeds.  What?  Sunflower seeds are not an essential at your house?  Well, they definitely are an essential at our house.  We think we can't live without them.

I finished dinner while he was gone.  The Young Prince and I ate, and about the time we were done, My Prince came in and the girls made it home from cheer practice.  The Oldest Princess was almost in tears, feeling overwhelmed over everything that she had to get done.  She was home for less than 15 minutes before she and the Young Prince had to leave to be at the church for praise team practice.

The Youngest Princess ate a bowl of cereal for dinner.  She has made it be known that chili is not on her list of favorite dinners.

My Prince sat at the table and did some work for a few minutes before he had to leave to get to a meeting before church.  That left just the Youngest Princess and I.  She practiced the piano while I did some laundry, dishes, cleaned up after dinner, did some general straightening up, and got ready for church.

Church went well.  I always enjoy our small group nights.  We all shared what we have learned from our Exodus (except the one of us that studied Genesis instead - probably because we did not communicate clearly to her - I'm so sorry!)  And one of us was out sick (Please feel better soon! We missed you!).

After church we visited for a few minutes, and then the Youngest Princess and I came home.  The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince ran by the store to pick up some things they needed and some pizza rolls, because the Young Prince wanted some.  When they got home, I had the oven pre-heated for him so he could fix them.  The Youngest Princess and I were going over her spelling words when the other two came in.  They were in good moods and eager to talk, and kept interrupting us while we were trying to study.  I finally had to ask them to wait until we were done with spelling before they told me any more stories, just so we could get done.  After the pizza rolls had been cooking for a few minutes, the Young Prince walked by the oven and said, "Whoa!  Mom!  Look at this!  One of the pizza rolls is barfing!"  Oh the joys of teenaged boys!

My Prince had a meeting after church, and then he had plans to take Poppy to his hotel close to the airport.  Poppy has an early morning flight out, and they are leaving their car with us, so My Prince is driving him the the hotel, and then will drive their car back here.

We remembered that the Oldest Princess's car was at the church, because My Prince drove it to church tonight, so the Young Prince drove the Oldest Princess back to the church to get her car and bring it home.  Meanwhile, the Youngest Princess was doing cartwheels in the entryway while simultaneously studying for tomorrow's science quiz.  It truly is a three ring circus around here sometimes.

The Young Prince introduced me to the "Guy on a Buffalo" (?) video that they watched in youth group tonight.  It was...indescribable.  And I am forever indebted to our youth pastor for getting that song stuck in my son's head.  Because what is stuck in his head, comes out his mouth for us all to hear. And hear it we have.  Over and over.

We all got together and had our devotions, minus My Prince, who was not home yet.  We read Proverbs chapter 13 which was full of good things to take away.  We had prayer time, and then the older two were off to study again and the Youngest Princess and I are going to go snuggle and read. Hoping My Prince makes it home before too late.

Until tomorrow...

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