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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5, 2015

It was harder to get up this morning.  I don't know if it was the cold or what.  But we were all moving slow this morning.

School went well.  One of my sweet students typed a note for me.  It was on my desk when I got there this morning.  It was very encouraging.  I wish there were words to describe to her how precious her heartfelt, little note was to me.  It totally made my morning.

My students continued to work hard and do well.  We finished in time to read two more chapters in our "Josiah" book.  The second chapter ended at a real cliffhanger.  The kids were begging to read another chapter.  I told them it would have to wait until tomorrow.  It is good for them to learn to wait, and now they have something to look forward to tomorrow.

My Prince went for an eye exam, and we are praising the Lord that he got an all is well report.  While he was on his way home from his eye exam, he saw a man who was down on his luck, and he was able to share one of the blessing bags that the Young Princess and I put together for just such an occasion.  He was so excited to get to give one away, that he did not realize that we had made two for women, and two for men.  He just grabbed one and gave it to the man.  Later when he was telling me about it, I asked him if he had given him one for a man.  My Prince told me that he had not known they were different.  He went out to the car, and checked, and because God knew, He worked it all out and the bag that My Prince had grabbed was one for a man.  God is awesome that way!

After school, My Prince and I were alone, because all of the kids had practice.  We ate a quick early dinner, and talked for a few minutes before we had to turn around and go back to the school.

The Youngest Princess cheers for the JV team, then the Oldest Princess plays on the girls team, and then the Young Prince plays on the varsity team while the Oldest Princess cheers.  So we enjoy three games.  In a row.  We were excited tonight, because we were going to get to see our friends from the other team that we were playing.  Several years ago through unique circumstances, and the will of God, we struck up a friendship with a precious family from this team.  We have grown to love them, and we were looking forward to seeing them.  Unfortunately, they had to attend a funeral, and were unable to be there.  Their daughter told us before the game.  We were sad that we would not get to see them.  But we enjoyed watching both our girls (the Oldest Princess and their daughter) play.  When we play them it is probably the ONLY time you will catch me cheering for our team AND a player from the opposing team.  Both the Oldest Princess and the Young Prince lost their games.  It was sad, but it was still fun to watch them play and cheer.  The Young Prince made two beautiful three pointers in his game.  It was also nice that Poppy could be there.  Grammy is not feeling well, and was unable to come.  We are praying that she will feel much better soon.

At the game, I was talking to one of the mothers of one of my students, and she said something about the book her daughter is reading for her book report (we picked them out today).  She said that she told her daughter to wait, and they would read some of it when she got home, and her daughter told her no way, that she liked the book so much that she was going to go ahead and read without her.  Does anyone else hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background?  Or is it just me?  I LOVE it when kids get excited about reading and learning!  And, the fact that I recommended THIS book for THIS student, and she really was not excited about it to begin with, makes it all the better!  Whoo Hoo!  Thrills my teacher heart!

After the game, we cleaned up the gym, because the Young Prince was on clean up duty.  Then we came home.  The kids were hungry after all of that cheering and ball playing, so they ate while My Prince read our devotion, and told the kids about his chance to give away one of our blessing bags.  The Youngest Princess was sad that she was not there to give it away.  I am praying that she has the chance to give one away soon,  because she has such a tender heart for those who are hurting.

The kids worked on homework, and started taking turns getting their showers and getting ready for bed.  The Youngest Princess was studying for her Science quiz tomorrow when she looked up at me and said, "What time is it?"  It was 10:00.  It has been a long, full day for us all.  So with that said, I am going to call it a day myself.  Until tomorrow...

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