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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 24

On this Thanksgiving Day, I have many many things to be thankful for, but today, the young prince turns 13.  I am so thankful for him, and the huge blessing that he has been to our family.

I clearly remember the day that I went to my OB for a regular check-up, and was sent to the hospital, instead of home.  I remember laying in the maternity ward, hearing newborn babies cry, and praying that my son would be safe, and that I would be able to carry him full term.  After a week in the hospital, due to pre-term labor, I was sent home on strict bed rest.  For three months, I was on medication, and was monitored from home.  Once a week, I would go to the doctor for steriod shots, to help the young prince's lungs develop.  Thankfully, God allowed me to carry him full term, and that year, he was born two days before Thanksgiving.  And although he was full term, he still struggled.  He was a scrawny, sickly little guy for a while.  But thankfully, he pulled through all of that, and is a healthy young man now.

He is my only son, and will help to carry on the family name.  He is as precious as can be.  He is very tenderhearted, and full of love and compassion for others.  He has a  huge heart for the things of the Lord.   I have seen him shed tears over lost souls on many occasions. He wants to do right, and he wants to help lead others to do right as well.  He loves old folks and young kids alike, and is comfortable talking to people of all ages.

He is interested in foreign countries, and cultures.  I would not be suprised if he goes to the mission field one day.  He is not afraid to take a stand for what is right.  He says what he thinks, and says it boldly when he knows it is Biblically based.

I know I have said it before, but he reminds me so much of my Daddy.  He has his build, his looks, his mannerisms, and his heart.  I love to watch him and realize how my Daddy must have been at that age.

He is talented in art, and has some musical abilites as well.  He is a fast learner, and like my Daddy, he can fix anything with anything (dental floss is usually his tool of choice).  I think he could write a book on 101 alternative uses for dental floss!  But if Daddy were still around, he would introduce him to the wonders of duct tape and WD-40.  When he discovers the versatility of those two tools and adds them to the amazing capabilities of dental floss, there will be absolutely no stopping him!

He is all boy, and loves being outside, hunting, fishing, climbing trees, and building things.

I love that he is growing up, but is still little in some ways.  He is independent, but still needs me.    I love when he asks to spend time with just me.  I love that he still needs my undivided attention.  I love that he is open to telling me what is on his heart.  I love that he still likes for me to rub his face and back like I used to when he was just a little thing.  He has matured so much in just the last year, that it is hard for me to wrap my heart around the fact that he is no longer a little boy.  I am amazed at what I've seen from him so far, and I love watching him be the godly young man he was meant to be.  I know that if he continues to allow God to use him, that there are great plans for his future.  I am thankful that God allowed me to be his Mom.    I love him much more than words could ever express.  I pray that the fire he has in his heart for the things of the Lord never grows dim, but continues to burn strong for the rest of his life. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and a very Happy Birthday to the young prince.

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