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Friday, March 18, 2016

March18, 2016

Today was not normal in any sense of the word.  Aside from my First 5 devotions this morning, pretty much everything was different than our usual norm.

Today was our elementary fine arts competition.  Our school hosts it every year.  We had students competing, plus we host it, and that makes for a crazy day.  It is very hard to make sure everyone's schedule works and no student is scheduled to be two places at the same time.  Then you also have to be sure that there are no gaps in the schedule.  And you have to be sure that everyone gets where they need to be, when they need to be there, and that the other children are all present and accounted for in the waiting room.  Then there are the tasks of keeping the waiting children quiet, and helping guests find their way around a building that is not familiar to them.  We have to inform parents of performing students when and where their students will be performing.  And maybe there was a text from a friend asking a question about Sunday night, and I might have had to text My Prince because I did not know the answer.  And there might have been another text from a different friend asking about an upcoming event.  And there might have been a miscommunication over the texts that led to other texts to clear things up.  And there was the sweet mom who agreed to stay in the room with us and help watch the kids when we all had to be at different places with those who were performing.  And there were performances by my students, who were nervous and needed a calm reassuring presence.  Someone on their side - those judges can be scary.  Someone who believes in them.  And then there was the Youngest Princess, who had performances of her own.  And I am her Momma, and I get nervous for her and want her to do her very best, because I know how nervous she was and how hard she worked for this day. Then there was the best lunchroom worker in the world who was sweet enough to feed the kids that stuck it out to the end.

We stayed busy chasing busy children around, and the day flew by fairly fast.  Before we knew it, it was time for the awards ceremony.  There were ribbons won.  One first.  Two seconds.  Two thirds.  And that was for the things the Youngest Princess was involved in.  There were many other ribbons won by our students.  Words cannot express how proud I am for each and every one of them that entered.  It is so wonderful to see them use their talents for the Lord!  And it is good to see some of them shine in areas other than academics.  God has given them so many talents!  Many talents that we don't always see when they are sitting in desks and taking written tests.  I love to see them all have a chance to shine in different areas.

After school, My Prince, the Young Prince, the Youngest Princess, and I all went shopping for Easter.
I was able to find a dress fairly quickly.  And, praise the Lord, it was at a really good price.  And, we were able to find the Youngest Princess a dress, and we even found the Oldest Princess a dress.  The Youngest Princess and I both thought of her when we saw it, so we sent her a picture and she liked it, so we bought it for her.  The boys both decided to stick to things they already had.  We were able to manage without buying any new shoes (church members will understand).

I talked to my brother on the phone for a few minutes.  It was good to talk to him.  I haven't talked to him in a while.

We ate dinner, and then did a little more shopping.  I got a text from the grandmother of one of the Youngest Princess's friends.  They wanted to know if the Youngest Princess could go ice skating with them.  We told them that she could.  We made a stop to pick up dinner for the Oldest Princess.  Then we met up with the Youngest Princess's friend and her grandparents.  The Youngest Princess went with them, and the rest of us headed home.

The Oldest Princess had been babysitting, but she was home when we got home.  We decided to do a "When Calls the Heart" marathon.  We watched several while My Prince watched basketball, and the Young Prince played a new basketball video game he bought.  After a while My Prince said that he was ready to go to bed.  We had family devotions, and then he went upstairs to bed.  The Young Prince joined the Oldest Princess and I in watching another show.

Now we are ready to call it a day.

Until tomorrow...

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