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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016 - A Guest Blog by the Youngest Princess

GUESS WHAT? Today is my birthday! I am 10 years old now. Today I had to go to school. It was not a bad day, but it was okay.

At lunch I got flowers from my grandparents. I like the flowers because they were sent with love. What I like about the flowers is they have little diamonds (jewels and jeweled butterflies) in the middle. And I also got a cookie cake. It was AWESOME!!!!!!! My dad brought me some Wendy's it also tasted awesome. Also, everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and my teacher picked me up!

After that we did sign language and Spanish. I am doing well in sign language, but not in Spanish.

When I got home I went outside and did some back handsprings on the trampoline. And my Aunt, Uncle, and grandparents called and told me Happy Birthday. Then I got to open my birthday presents. I got clothes and an outfit for my American Girl Doll.

Then we went out to eat for my birthday. I ate some steak, and for dessert I had key lime pie. It was really good. After we all finished, we went to a store and I got some new make up.

When we came home we watched When Calls The Heart.  Then I got to blog for my mommy. Now, we are going to do family devotions, and then read Mandie.

Until tomorrow...

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