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Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016 - A Guest Blog by The Young Prince

     Guess what! It's Guest Blog time! Here goes! I am the "Young Prince", and today I would like to talk about something that I have learned and can relate to.
     First of all I want to point out that I have always had a fascination with animals. I have three books of facts, and pictures of animals. One of the books is roughly two inches thick and about a foot and a half tall! I used to watch "Stanley" where a kid and his goldfish explore the animal kingdom. I loved "Zoboomafoo" as well. My first Google search was of a cheetah, no lie! Needless to say I love all things animal related.

     One of my favorite animals of all time is your stereotypical African Lion. Lions are really cool animals! They have a sense of majesty to them. Have you ever heard a Lion roar in person? Their roars are so loud they can be heard from five miles away. They are powerful animals! What do you think of when you hear the word lion? Maybe a school mascot in your area, maybe Aslan (for my fellow C. S. Lewis fans) or maybe you just picture a lion as you imagine it. Despite being King of the Jungle, (rabbit trail), lions DO NOT live in the jungle! It's completely absurd to say the lion is the king of the jungle. In fact that is like saying the President of the United States is the King of England. Anyway, despite being King of the Savanna, (their natural habitat), a lion tamer can easily overcome a lion. Why is it, you think, that a lion tamer can so easily put a much more powerful, higher on the food chain lion into submission? Allow me to try to explain. When a chair, held by a lion tamer, is thrust into the face of the lion, the lion tries to focus on each of the chair legs. The problem is this confuses the lion. The lion, no matter how powerful or intimidating it seems, cannot get past the legs of the chair. When the four legs of the chair are waved in front of the lion, it gets confused and doesn't know which to attack, or if it should attack at all, thus causing it to remain still.

     You may ask why I pointed out this fact, I'm about to tell you. You, my friend, and I, are like lions.  Powerful, Strong, in the image of the Lion of Judah (God). We were created by God to be just that, yet Satan comes at us with a chair (many things at once), and it freaks us out. Many small problems rush our way, and the truth is we just get confused. That is nothing to worry about though, it is in our DNA. We cannot all help becoming frozen by life's many trials, but we can fight it! God tells us to give over all of our problems to Him, because He cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7. That is something I struggle with, but as my mom mentioned last Thursday, we are seeking help. Thank you to all of those who have prayed, I appreciate your prayers, and ask that you continue to pray for us.

    I drew this earlier today, and have yet to finish all the details, but wanted to share it anyway. 

Until tomorrow... 


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and whatever you are going thru. You are a hero in my eyes simply because you are brave enough to tell your parents and to ask for help. Just always remember you are precious in His right and He is able!! Love you and your sweet family.Debra H.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with that too young prince. I like the visual of the chair legs being thrust at the lion. I wil try tol remember that the next time I feel all of life's problems being thrust at me. Then I will try to remember to pray that God will help me respond the way he would have me respond then release them to him. Thank You for Sharing, Lacey N.