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Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20, 2016

It was a good Sunday morning.  We had pretty much planned out what the Youngest Princess and I were going to wear last night, so that was helpful.

We got to church, and in Sunday School, we got into a discussion about our Proverb of the week, and ended up talking about it pretty much the whole time.  So next week we will go over I Peter 1:3-5.  Our Proverb of the week was Proverb 11:25, and that turned into a discussion about tithing.  It was a good discussion.  We also talked about how some people would rather give money than time and effort to a cause, and others would rather give time and effort than money.  We talked about how it is important to do both.  Give money to support causes, but also to give of our time and energy.

In church, My Prince preached from John 20:21.  He gave us practical ways to put that into practice.  And he encouraged us to pray for people and invite them to our special Easter Sunday services.

After church the Youngest Princess came to me with two of her friends and said, "Just say yes."  Of course I did a little investigating before I "just said yes", but she wanted to go to her friends for the afternoon, and eventually, I did say yes.

The rest of the family went to a local restaurant for lunch, and then came home.  The Young Prince worked on learning his lines for a play he has coming up.  The Oldest Princess ran to the store to get some things for her outfit for the night service.  And My Prince worked on learning how to be an auctioneer for the night service.  I studied for our Sunday night class.

We left to go to our Sunday night class.  It was good.  We had to have it early, because the kids were having an egg hunt and then we were having the youth dinner and auction to help with the cost of World Changers.  We finished our class in time to go and watch the kids hunt eggs.  After the egg hunt, we went in and ate dinner.

The youth were our servers.  The Oldest Princess did not have anyone at her table, so we sat there.  She did a great job serving us.  The Youngest Princess wanted her to cut her meat for her, and wanted to fuss when the Oldest Princess wouldn't.  I explained to the Youngest Princess that she should not expect or ask the Oldest Princess to do anything that she would not ask a waitress to do at a restaurant.  That seemed to put things into perspective for the Youngest Princess, and things got better from that point on.

There was a silent auction, and a live auction.  The silent auction had all sorts of different things that people donated for the cause.  Some things were handmade.  Some things were bought.  Some things were old.  Some brand new.  I bid on  two small things, and won them both.

For the live auction, we auctioned off the teens for different services.  Lawn service.  A painting team.  Babysitters.  Handymen.  Pet sitters.  There were two passes to the pit for a race.  There were two nights and three days at a beach condo.  Good stuff.  And I think they pretty much raised most of the money they needed to help them go to World Changers this summer.  It was a great fundraiser, and I think everyone really enjoyed it.  The Oldest Princess will be doing a couple of days of babysitting.  The Young Prince is on the painting team, and on a yard work team.  So they will be working hard to earn some of the money that was made tonight.

After church, we came home and watched a couple more episodes of "When Calls the Heart".  Now the oldest two are studying and the youngest is getting ready for tomorrow.  She is waiting for me to come and read our chapter of Mandie.  So, I am off!

Until tomorrow...

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