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Sunday, March 13, 2016

March13, 2016

Let me just start by saying that Daylight Savings weekend is not my favorite weekend of the year.  Whew, and the older I get, the harder it is for me to adjust to the time change.  But I absolutely love having more daylight in the evenings.  And warmer weather so we can get outside and enjoy creation.

This morning was a good Sunday morning.  Everyone got ready and found their shoes and all was well. Sunday school was good, as always.  We finished Ruth last week, so we started on 1 Peter this week.  We didn't get far, because it is so rich, and so chock full of good stuff, but it just makes me look forward all the more to next week.

In the worship service, the choir sang one of my all time favorite songs, "Were it Not For Grace".  Such a beautiful song, with an absolutely beautiful message!  My Prince preached from the passage Luke 9:51-56.  "Who do you look like?"  An undeterred Christ, the unwelcoming Samaritans, or the uncaring disciples.  Our goal of course should be to look like Christ, every day, in every way possible.  But unfortunately, most of us look more like the unwelcoming Samaritans, or the uncaring disciples, more than we would like to admit. Thankfully, there is a never ending supply of Grace available to us as children of God.  God's goodness is overwhelming at times!

After church, the Youngest Princess asked if her friend could come over.  They wanted to study for Bible Drills.  They promised me that they would study all afternoon.  And they were pretty good to keep their word.  They did study most of the afternoon.

Then it was time to go to church and have our Bible Drill.  I was as nervous as the kids I think.  I love all of those kids dearly, and I know how hard they have worked to get to this point.  I also know that they are nervous having to stand up there in front of everyone.  It is tough!  But they all did great!  I was very proud of each one of them.  They conquered their fears, and drilled like pros.

We also had some of our staff drill as well.  We did kind of an abbreviated drill for them.  They had less time to study, and not nearly as much coaching as the kids did, but I think it helped the kids to see them up there and they all did good, considering I was not the best at giving them information so that they could be totally prepared.  If we do it again, I will definitely be better at helping them be prepared.  But they were great sports, and heros for my kids.

After church, our kids went out to eat with several others.  My Prince and I had a quick after church meeting, and then we came home.  My Prince and I were able to talk through some things we are facing, during the quiet time while the kids were still out eating.

The kids made it home.  We had family devotions and prayer, and now we are all ready to call it a day.

Until tomorrow...

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