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Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5, 2016

This morning, those of us who were home, slept in.  It was glorious!  I slept until I woke up.  No alarm.  It was wonderful and refreshing.  Still I woke up before My Prince and The Oldest Princess.  I got up and spent some time doing my Exodus study.

The Youngest Prince texted and said that he was on his way home.  He came in and told me a little about his night camping out, and then he headed upstairs to get cleaned up.

My Prince got up and got ready to go and make a visit.  I got ready after he did.  When the Oldest Princess and I were both ready, we went shopping for things to use to make decorations for vacation Bible school.  Of course, we also had to do lunch while we were out.  We had a good time.  I love spending time with my children.  And I love when I get to have one on one time with them as well.  I know that time with the Oldest Princess is fleeting, so I enjoyed every second with her today.

When we got home, we went straight to work getting decorations made. Our VBS director is over the Association's VBS clinic, and she had asked the Oldest Princess and I to make several different types of decorations for her. The Oldest Princess worked on a school of CD fish, and I worked on some cardboard coral and a bloom of jellyfish.  I had to google that.  I did not know that a group of jellyfish was called a bloom.  It is said that you learn something new every day.  We watched a movie and ate cookies while we worked.

The Young Prince cut some grass, and then cleaned up and watched some of the movie with us.  My Prince did some laundry and rested.  He is usually up late on Saturday nights studying and praying and putting last minute touches on his sermons, so on Saturdays when he can rest, he does.  The Young Prince was really tired.  I don't think he slept much last night on his camp out, so he eventually went up stairs to take a nap.

The Youngest Princess spent the day with her friend that she spent the night with last night.  By all accounts, they had a blast.  She came home late in the afternoon.  She said she had a headache, so we gave her some medicine, and she crawled up in my lap and went to sleep.  None of us were starving, so My Prince went to a local restaurant and picked up dinner for those who were hungry.

The Young Prince woke up to watch a basketball game.  I texted with a friend for a while.  My Prince attempted to move the Youngest Princess to her bed.  She woke up and was ready to eat.  So she ate dinner and then laid on the couch for a few more minutes before she decided she was going to go on up to bed.  She told me we could read if she was still awake when I got finished blogging.

I have forgotten to mention it, but since last Tuesday, when we voted, and the Oldest Princess got to vote for the first time, and we made a big deal about it, she has been FULL of questions about politics and the political parties and the candidates.  She is a thinker that little one.  I wish I could say that I was as interested in things like that when I was her age, but I wasn't.  I probably didn't even know that there were political parties, much less what they were called.  I love that she always has questions and when you give her answers, she processes those answers and comes up with more questions.  It is exciting to me that she has a thirst for knowledge.

So, it was a pretty uneventful, restful day here at our house. It is very nice to have those every once in a while.  We were thankful that we were able to have one today.

Now I will get off of here, so we can do our family devotions and go to bed.

Until tomorrow...

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