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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016

This morning was a little unusual in that My Prince had an early morning appointment.  He was scheduled to speak to a group of students before they started school, so he was up and gone before the rest of us.  The Oldest Princess did not have class this morning, so she got to sleep in a little later than the rest of us.  But the Young Prince, the Youngest Princess and I got up and got ready as usual. The time change still has me out of whack.  Or maybe it is the crazy schedule we have been keeping. Who knows?  All I know is I am ready for spring break and a little rest and relaxation.

And speaking of spring (achoo!), we definitely (achoo!) know that it is (achoo!) spring (achoo!) around here (achoo!).  We are all sniffeling and snorting and sneezing around here.  Sinus/Allergy headaches abound.  And we buy monthly supplies of allergy medicines.  I always say that one of the reasons I look forward to heaven is that there will be no more allergies. Can I get an amen right there from my allergy plagued friends?

I did my First 5 devotion this morning.  It was about Aaron's sons being consumed by fire, because they did not worship God as He had commanded them.  They wanted to forgo His plans and worship their way.  You know, that is never a good idea.  It is never a good idea to ignore God's direct commands and do things our way.  It never works out very well.  It is always better just to obey the God who created the universe and knows the best way for everything to be done.  It is better just to trust Him and do things His way, even when they are confusing to us.  The devotion pointed out that "How and why we serve matters because Who we serve matters."

School went well.  One of my students brought me a whole box of Thin Mint flavored granola bars. Um, yes.  I believe I will!  I ate one for snack today.  It was wonderful.  And I am blessed to have some of the most thoughtful students in the world.  Not to mention that I got another cartoon drawing of myself this afternoon!  Yay!  It made my heart sing!  And one of my students got a 100 on their spelling pre-test for the first time all year.  It was cause for rejoicing. There are days when I wish I could bottle them all up and keep them that way forever.  Today was one of those days.  We continued to clean for Fine Arts.  I think I pretty much got everything done that I could.  Only a few last minute things to get done before Friday.

My Prince asked if we could go out to eat, so we would not have to cook.  Wednesdays are always hard days to fit dinner in between school and church.  So of course I took him up on the offer.  We text the Oldest Princess and the Young Prince, and they met us at the restaurant after their play practice.  We ate dinner and then came home.

I looked over my Exodus study for my class, and the kids left to go to practice at the church.  My Prince and the Youngest Princess and I left not too long after them.

Our study went well tonight.  We talked about how God is a God of detail, and He plans everything out perfectly.  We also talked about how God is loving and patient with us, even when we mess up time and time again.

After church we ran to a local store to pick up some snacks, as we were running low on snacks at home.  We ran into one of my friends that I don't get to see very often, and of course we had to do a little catching up.

We came home and had family devotions.  The Youngest Princess volunteered to share her song with us tonight.  She picked "Backseat Driver" by Toby Mac.  She said there was one phrase in there that really stuck out to her, and it was "Jesus take the wheel."  She told us that means that we need to remember that Jesus should be the one Who is in control of our lives.  I agree.  It's when I take the wheel back that I run into trouble.  How about you?

After family devotions, everyone got busy working on homework and eating snacks and just chilling out.  And now, I am going to go and hang out with them.

Until tomorrow...

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