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Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016

It was a normal morning.  I did my First 5 devotion.  It was about rest.  And how those of us who have our hope in Christ will one day have that rest in eternity.  But it also talked about unrest, and how those who do not have their hope in Christ will not experience that rest.  It encouraged us to go and share the Gospel with those who do not have their hope in Christ.

My Prince and I had an appointment this morning with the counselor who will help us and be working with the Young Prince.  I feel like the meeting went very well.  I was nervous, but I really liked the counselor, and I like the plan he has for helping our Young Prince.  I really believe God is in it all, and I look forward to sharing the victories we see with God's help, with you all (and with the Young Prince's permission of course).

After the meeting, we went through a car wash to get all the nasty pollen off of the car, and then we ran through a drive through and picked up some breakfast biscuits.

My Prince brought me home, and I worked on some things around the house.  Laundry, laundry and more laundry - the story of my life!  And I was finally able to sit down and grade my students' library research reports.  I was very proud of them.  They all did a wonderful job.  They never cease to amaze me at how smart they are.

I even managed to get a little 20 min, nap in, before the Youngest Princess got out of school.  My Prince went and picked her up, and brought her home.  She quickly changed clothes for her tumbling class, and she and My Prince and I went to a local park to get some walking in before taking her to her tumbling class.  We were able to walk a mile before it was time to go.  Her tumbling class went well, and then we came home.

My Prince went and picked up dinner, at a local restaurant.  The Oldest Princess and I finally made the time to watch a couple of episodes of When Calls the Heart together while we ate dinner.  My Prince, the Young Prince and the Youngest Princess watched basketball while they ate dinner.  My Prince fell asleep on the couch.  The Youngest Princess came in and watched some of the second episode with the Oldest Princess and I and the Young Prince who is feeling a little under the weather and very tired went upstairs to take a nap.

Now the Oldest Princess is in her room, and the Youngest Princess is practicing her piano piece on the keyboard in our room, and I am taking a quick moment to blog.  When I get done, I am going to start on my Leviticus study (we finished Exodus), and at some point before we all go to bed, we will have our family devotions.  Tomorrow is fine arts day at school, and the Youngest Princess has 5 different performances.  Please say a prayer for her and for all of the other students who are performing/competing.  I am praying that God be glorified through their performances.  Not all of the judges are Christians, and who knows what seed may be planted as the kids play, sing, and speak.  What an exciting opportunity for them to be able to use their talents for the Lord!

Until tomorrow...

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