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Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

* First 5 this morning - Developing Discernment.  Something I have always thought very important.      We need more people who have spiritual discernment theses days.

* Tried my first day of Plexus.  Didn't love the taste of it, but it was tolerable.  Did seem to have more     energy today than normal.  Not sure if it was related to the product or not.  Just stating the facts.

* School.  All went well.  There is no band this week, so we had more class time than usual.  We got      everything done with time to spare.  The kids were able to get their homework done, while I read
   Josiah to them.

* Came home and worked on my Leviticus study a little while the Youngest Princess studied for her
   health quiz.

* The Young Prince called and asked me to come and pick him up, because he was done with play
    practice, but his sister was not.

* I got to talk to one of my friends on the way to pick him up.  Just a quick 5 minute "catch up"
   conversation, but it was nice to hear her voice.

* Brought the Young Prince home.

* Texted with my sister a few minutes about our plans for next week.

* Talked to my sister-in-law a few minutes about our plans for next week.

* The Oldest Princess made it home from play practice.

* The Youngest Princess got her back handspring on the trampoline - and on her last day of being 9
   years old at that!

* Deep fried some french fries for dinner while My Prince made hamburgers.

* Watched a couple more episodes of "When Calls the Heart" with the family.

* The Youngest Princess went back out to the trampoline, and the Young Prince went out to shoot
   a little basketball.  The Oldest Princess caught a quick cat nap.

* It got dark, and those who were outside came in.

* We had family devotions.

* The Youngest Princess and the Young Prince went upstairs to clean up after playing outside.

* The Oldest Princess worked on her lines for the play.

* I started work on my blog.  My Prince went over health with the Youngest Princess.

* The Young Prince is serenading us from his room with his ukulele.

* The Youngest Princess and I are headed to read Mandie and do a little snuggling before we drift off
    to sleep.

* Until tomorrow...

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