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Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19, 2016

Today was a very normal day.  I got up before everyone, and watched the weekend round-up on my First 5 app.  It was very good, as always.   I also worked on my Leviticus study.

When the Oldest Princess got up, we continued our "When Calls the Heart" marathon.  And I kept laundry going.

My Prince went and picked up the Youngest Princess from her friend's house.  When she got home, she rested for a little while, and then she had to get ready.  Our school's elementary choir sang at a community event, and the Youngest Princess signed up to go.  My Prince took her to the school to join the others and ride the bus to the event.  We caught up with them a little later in time to watch them sing.  They did a great job.

We put dinner in the oven before we left.  The even started a little late, and  we had to hurry home, because we were about 30 minutes later than we thought we would be.  Thankfully, dinner was okay, and not ruined.  I had been worried, but all was okay.

We ate dinner and watched a few more episodes of "When Calls the Heart".  Then we had family devotions, and then everyone worked together to tear out business cards that My Prince had printed earlier with Easter Sunday information.  They are for people to take tomorrow and pass out to invite others to come to our special Easter services next week.

The Oldest Princess had some homework to work on, and the Young Prince needed to go over his lines for the play he is in next week.  The Youngest Princess was doing her own thing, and My Prince did some studying for tomorrow morning.

Now I think I will round up the Youngest Princess and read a chapter of Mandie, and then get some rest before tomorrow's busyness begins.

Until tomorrow...

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