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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016

*Usual morning, I will spare you the details.

*First 5 talked this morning about unbelief.  "No matter who you are and no matter how long you have been a Christian, unbelief brings unrest.  Unbelief is simply an unwillingness to trust God.  It can rob you of what God has planned for you."  "The path to rest comes through trusting God." "If we want to know God's rest, His peace, in every circumstance, we need to keep our hearts sensitive to His voice.  It all starts with listening, hearing, heeding, believing, and obeying His Word."- Krista Williams

*School was cool, and there are only 17 more days to Spring Break.  Happy Face.  Happy Dance. Only 17 more days!  Whoo hoo!  This part of the school year is always the longest and hardest for me.  But after Spring Break, everyone seems to have a pep in their step, and they are ready to finish strong.  I always love the last nine weeks.

*After school I came home and finished up my Exodus study for this week.  The Youngest Princess rotated between tumbling, practicing her flute, and practicing the piano.  The Oldest Princess and the Young Prince came in from play practice.  My Prince came in from the church.

*I finished a book I have been reading.  It was My Name is Mahtob.  Very interesting.  It broke my heart that she was made to yell "Death to America" every morning while she was in elementary school in Iran.  Her resilience was astounding.  Her forgiveness amazing. Very inspirational.

*The Oldest Princess worked on her invite for the Gray Ghost to her Junior/Senior Banquet.

*We ate dinner, and the oldest kids left for praise team practice.

*We too left for church a few minutes later.

*Our Exodus study was wonderful.  Not a ton of practical application in the directions for the tabernacle, but lots of history and symbolism.  My friend who led tonight brought us awesome color copied pictures to help us better understand the tabernacle and the priest's garments.  So many things pointing to and picturing Christ.  God had a grand plan from the very beginning.  And it is so cool that through His Word, we are able to watch as His plan unfolds.  It also gives me hope for the future.

*My strawberries that I ordered from my friend came in, and that made tonight even sweeter.  I will be dipping them in chocolate very soon. Then I got some precious love and attention from several of my little friends while I admired their coloring pages, and painted fingernails.  It was a great night all the way around!

*We did our weekly after church run to the store, and then came home.  The Young Prince told us that the Gray Ghost told the Oldest Princess yes, that he would go to her Jr./Sr. Banquet with her. But she had gone out to eat with him after church, so we had to wait until she got home to hear it from her.

*When the Oldest Princess did get home, she laughingly told us that there were three different families that she knew at the restaurant.  Once again, instant chaperones.  I love it! And of course, she told us that the Gray Ghost said yes.

*We sent the Youngest Princess to get ready for bed, and when she was done, we had family devotions.

*Now the Youngest Princess and I have a chapter to read.

*Until tomorrow...

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