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Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6, 2016

I woke up this morning, and came downstairs and did a little of my Exodus study (there is no First 5 on Sundays).  While I was sitting at the table, there was a bird in the tree in the front yard that was just singing its little heart out.  It brought a smile to my face, because I know that the bird was singing its praises to the Lord.  Then I thought of a song we used to sing to our kids when they were little.  It talks about the "birds upon the tree tops sing their song"  and goes on to say, "Why shouldn't I, why shouldn't you, praise Him too?"  I thought it was a perfect way to start a Sunday morning. Being challenged by the beautiful song of a bird to praise my Lord with all my heart.

I finished my study, and went back upstairs to get ready for church.  We woke up the kids and had them begin to get ready also.  It was a good morning, especially as Sunday mornings go.

In Sunday school, we finished our study on Ruth. It was very good, and it ends with the lineage of David, which of course is also the lineage of Christ. A small story in the big picture.  Our lives too, are a small story in the big picture.  Of course, we are not in the lineage of Christ, but hopefully we will be the reason that someone else will become members in the family of Christ. Maybe our small story is more important in the big picture of someone else's life than we will ever know.  How inspiring is that?  God uses ordinary people like you and me to make His plan happen.  May we always be willing to be useable in God's hands.

In church, My Prince preached from Titus 2:11-14.  Grace teaches what to look for - His coming v.13,
Grace teaches us who to look for - Our Savior v.13, and Grace teaches us how to live - Holy and Zealous v.14  We need to be willing to do whatever it takes to expand the Kingdom of God.  One question he posed was, "If you knew that Jesus would return in an hour, what would you do between now and then?"  What would you need to do to get right with God?  What would you need to do to get right with others?  Who would you call and tell the good news of God's love, so that they would be able to spend eternity in heaven?  Whatever is it you would feel the pressing need to do, we need to do, and live that way constantly, as if Jesus could return at any time. Because He can.  And we need to live with that in mind.

After church, the Youngest Princess asked if she could go home with a friend.  We told  her she could go.  The rest of us went to eat, and then home.  The Young Prince left to hang out with a friend.  He took clothes so he could go from the friend's house to his leadership team meeting at the church.  The Oldest Princess went upstairs to study, and I prepared for my Bible Drills class, worked on my Exodus study, and worked on more VBS decorations.

Then it was time for church.  Our small group class was good.  We shared our testimonies tonight.  Some of us for the very first time.  I love to hear the different way that God brings people to Himself. I love that we all come from different backgrounds and God brings us all together with our strengths and weakness to serve Him together.

Bible Drills went well.  It was our last class before our church drill next week.  I'm feeling a little pressure this year.  Usually I feel more confident with where we are in this point in the game.  But I know they will work hard and make me proud.  Even now, they have learned so much, and they are doing so well!

After church we came home, and ate snacks or dinner.  I worked on my blog.  The kids got ready for tomorrow.  And now, everyone is ready for family devotions, so I will go.

Until tomorrow...

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