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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

As the saying goes: Life comes at you fast. I have not posted since last Thursday.  Our church hosted a D-Now (Disciple Now) weekend for our youth group, and another local youth group.  It started on Friday and went through Sunday morning.  A friend and I hosted our junior high girls at her mother's house.  They were a fantastic group of girls, and it was really neat to hear bits and pieces of their sessions (led by college students).  The whole theme was Pause.  Pause from the crazy busyness of life and take time to read your Bible, pray, meditate on God's Word, and just listen to God's voice.

I made buffalo chicken dip and brownies to take as snacks.  My friend and I, and sometimes some of the girls, and even another friend joined us one afternoon and evening, played Dutch Blitz.

Saturday morning, the Youngest Princess had a volleyball tournament.  So I went to watch her.  She did a great job to be the smallest on the team, and for her forehead to be about the height of the bottom of the net.  She served from the free throw line and got it over most of the time.  I think we have the makings of another volleyball player.

After the tournament, I ran home for a few minutes, and then my friend picked me up and we went back to her mom's house to wait for the D-Now girls to come back.  While we waited, we made some chocolate covered strawberries and some chocolate chip cookies for them.  We may have eaten most of the chocolate covered strawberries before they got back.

By Sunday, I was completely exhausted.  After the service, we had lunch at the church.  It was for the D-Now leaders and we joined it with a new members lunch.  The kids and I ate lunch and then came home.  My Prince stayed to teach the new member's class.  As soon as I walked in the door, I went straight to bed and took a Sunday afternoon nap.  I rarely do that.

I woke up in time to get the Youngest Princess ready for Children's Choir.  Then I got ready and went to church too.  The kids sang about four songs, and they did a great job.  Then My Prince preached about our words, and how important it is to be a witness with them.  After church the youth group went out to eat.  A lot of the parents go too, so we went. We got home pretty late, the Oldest Princess and I worked on a poster for staff appreciation.  When we finished we went to bed.

Monday I woke up pretty easily.  School went well.  It is staff appreciation week, so I took the poster that the Oldest Princess and I had worked on the night before, and a treat for the staff member that my class was appreciating.  The poster was sparkly, with jewels and lights.  I think our staff member really liked it.

Monday afternoon, we came home and I wish I could say that it was a wonderful afternoon, but it was not.  It was a rough afternoon.  The Young Prince was having a hard day, and as a Momma, I want to fix it.  I want to say the magic words and everything be okay.  But that is not the way it always works.  It was a tough afternoon.  But, I removed myself, and spent some time in prayer. The Young Prince and I had another talk and things began to look up.  My Prince grilled hamburgers for dinner.  The Oldest Princess fried french fries.  We ate dinner, and then straightened up a little around the house.  Grammy and Poppy called, and we enjoyed talking to them.  We were sad to know that Grammy would not be coming home with Poppy, but would be coming later than he.  But we are excited that she has another mission opportunity.

Later, we had the hedgehog out, trying to get him used to us, and cleaning out his cage, while the Oldest Princess worked on her graduation party invitations.  She came in to tell me that she had received a text from a friend who attends the college she will be attending in the fall.  The friend (whom we met while we were at the college at a volleyball tournament) is doing a two year degree, so she will be finished before the Youngest Princess gets there.   I hate that, because the two of them really hit it off.  Anyway, the friend roomed this year with her cousin.  She told the Oldest Princess that her cousin will be a sophomore student next year.  The friend had told her cousin all about the Oldest Princess.  This sweet friend and her cousin had talked about it, and even prayed about it, and they wanted to know if the Oldest Princess would be interested in rooming with the cousin next year! That my friends, is God at work in the details of our lives.  I love it!  The Oldest Princess asked to be friends with the cousin on Facebook, so that they could get to know each other.  And told them that she would also pray about the possibility of being roommates.  From what we can tell, she is a sweet girl, and I really think we will request that they be roommates.  I am excited for her to have someone who can "show her the ropes", and introduce her to people.  I am excited that everything seems to be falling into place for her.

Today, the cousin sent her a sweet message on Facebook.  The Youngest Princess messaged her back. Also, she got a package from her Aunt T and Unka, with her college bedding in it.  So, slowly but surely, everything seems to be coming together.

Today was a good day at school.  I took my class outside (it was a beautiful day), and let them diagram their sentences with sidewalk chalk.  They seemed to really enjoy it (until it got too hot). They were even asking if they could do more.  I think I may have to try it with long division next time!

After school, I went and got my hair done.  The Youngest Princess got her hair cut too.  I came home and did some work on my Leviticus Bible study.  I had some catching up to do, because the weekend had been so busy and I had not kept up.  My Prince and the Oldest Princess went to the store, and the Youngest Prince and his friend were working for a friend who "bought" their yard work services back when we had the youth auction.  The Youngest Princess was reading a book she has to read for school.

My Prince came in with bright, cheerful spring flowers.  We all kind of ate what we wanted to for dinner.  The Young Prince came home, took a shower and got his homework done.  Then he went outside and got some awesome pictures with his camera.  He really has a creative eye.  I was very impressed.  Later the Young Prince helped the Youngest Princess study for her health test.  I told him that I always love him, but that I loved him extra tonight for helping his sister.

I looked over the penmanship pages that my students did today.  Their assignment was to make a list of some of the things that they are grateful for, and then to write a letter to someone telling them why they are thankful for them.  Two of them totally knocked my socks off and made my day.  I am blessed beyond measure to have the students that I have.  They are precious beyond words.  I know as they get older, they will move on and forget about me.  But for now, I am blessed, blessed, blessed to be a tiny part of their lives and to be able to help them prepare for their futures.

And now.  I must get some sleep, so I will be able to function.

Until tomorrow...

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