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Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 17, 2016

So, we went and got ready yesterday evening.  A precious friend from church did the Oldest Princess's hair and makeup.  She looked absolutely beautiful.

My Prince sent me a text that made me think that the Gray Ghost was already at the house to pick up the Oldest Princess.  So we quickly headed home.  When we got there, the Gray Ghost was not there.  He had come, but then realized he left her flowers, so he had to run back and pick them up.

That gave us a few minutes to play and take some pictures.  She wanted one with her volleyball kneepad on one knee and her volleyball shoe on that foot, and her heel on the other foot.  Something she had seen on Pinterest.  We tried, but the yard was damp from all the rain we have had lately, and her heel kept sinking into the ground.  So we did not exactly get the effect that we wanted, but it is still a cute picture.  This is the unedited version:

The Gray Ghost got here and we were soon on our way.  We got there and took tons of pictures.  We were very thankful for the answered prayer of sunshine, because woke up to a dreary day.  We were very glad that it was not raining.

After pictures, we went inside for the banquet.  We were seated at a table with the one set of Senior parents that we probably knew the least out of everyone there.  It was really nice to have time to sit and talk with them and learn more about them and their story.  They truly had a very unique testimony, and it was very interesting to hear how God had worked in their lives and brought them together.  I wish that time had allowed us to get to know them better in the past.  I think we all could have been good friends.  But we really enjoyed getting to know them better, and I hope they felt the same.

After we ate, they played the slideshow of the Seniors' pictures to the songs they had picked out.  It was very sweet to watch what pictures they picked and what songs they picked.  I got a little teary eyed when one of the Oldest Princess's good friend's pictures were up, and then another one of her good friends picked a really sad song with hers, and I shed a tear or two, and then the Oldest Princess's pictures were up, and I just full out cried.  After the pictures, one of the Junior girls read a cute little description of the Seniors as members of a circus - to go along with the circus theme.  I am not sure who all worked on writing it, but they did a great job.  I loved it, and I am sure the Seniors did too.  After that, all was good, and we went back to laughing and taking more pictures.  I asked the Gray Ghost if the Oldest Princess had warned him that this night was just one big photo op.  Seriously, I would love to know the total number of pictures taken last night.  Here is one of my favorites (again, unedited):

After many more pictures, a group of the kids were going to one of those places where they "lock" you in a room and you have to try to figure out several different puzzles in order to get yourself out.  So they changed into more comfortable clothes, and they were off.  My Prince and I came home.  When we got home, we text the Young Prince who was hanging out with a friend, and he came home too.  While we waited for the Oldest Princess to get home, I uploaded pictures from the camera to share with friends and family.  Before I knew it, the Oldest Princess was home.  It was after Midnight, and we were all exhausted, so we went to bed.

This morning, getting up was not as hard as I had thought it would be.  I got up and got ready for church.  During Sunday School, I worked with my Bible Drill kids, getting in one last practice before we went to the Regional Drill this afternoon.  

When Sunday School was over, I was glad to see a couple of friends there.  One who we had been inviting for quite a while.  It was an answer to prayer.  I talked with them for a few minutes before church started.

At the beginning of the service, My Prince had the Bible Drillers go up front and he prayed for them before we left to go to our drill.  After the prayer, we loaded on the bus and got started.  We stopped after a little while, to have lunch.  The place we went had a 50 minute wait, and we had somewhere to be, so we could not wait that long.  We changed to Plan B, and although it still took us a while, we were able to get through and to the church just in time. 

 I need to say a huge "Thank You" to Mr. D for driving our bus, and to Mrs. S, who is my right hand woman in teaching Bible Drills! You two are awesome! 

We were in the second drill, so we had to wait while the first group did their drill.  Then it was our turn.  I know the kids were nervous, but they did a fantastic job!  I was very pleased.  Out of the three that went to the regional drill, all three of them made a score of 20 or above, which means they are all three considered State Champions.  One of those three was the Youngest Princess.  I am very proud of all of the work that all of my drillers did to get  to the levels they made it to.  Some did not go all the way to regionals, and that is okay, because each and every one of them worked hard, and will end this Bible Drill season with more of God's Word hidden in their heart than when we started the season, and that is what it is all about!

After the drill, we all stopped and had ice cream to celebrate.  

On our way home, the interstate was stopped due to a wreck.  Thankfully, we were right at an exit, and we were able to exit and go the back way.  We got to the church a little later than we had wanted to.  The Oldest Princess and I were exhausted.  I had been battling allergies a good part of the afternoon, and could barely hold my eyes open.  She and I, and the Youngest Princess came on home.  I took some allergy medicine, and the Oldest Princess and I both got in our beds.  The Youngest Princess watched some tv, and then came upstairs to play on her iPad.  I was able to get a good nap, and woke up feeling a little better.

My Prince and the Young Prince came home, and we ate snacks for dinner and now we are all ready for some rest.  My Prince is already asleep.  I am not long behind him.

Until tomorrow...

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