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Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016

This morning, I woke up and did my First 5 Devotion and got ready for school.  Only the Youngest Princess and I had to go to school today.  The oldest two were able to stay home, so they slept in.

We headed for school.  Today was a day unlike any other school day.  It was Field Day.  Normally we have it outside, but it has been so rainy here lately, that it was really wet and muddy outside, so we had Field in the gym instead.  A couple of our parents organized the whole thing, and with a small army of awesome parents and high school students, they arranged a great day.  The kids hopped, tossed, cleaned, crawled, rolled and hula hooped away all of their energy.  At the end, we had a ribbon ceremony, and then the kids went home.  It was only a half day, so I got to have a few extra hours at home.  The Youngest Princess went home with a friend, and I came home by myself.

The Oldest Princess was getting ready to go meet a friend for lunch and get their nails done for their Jr./Sr. Banquet.  I took the time to start some laundry and to clean out the hedgehog's cage.  My Prince was at a meeting.   Via text, we decided when he was done, that we would go out for lunch.  The Young Prince decided to go with us.

We had a nice lunch out, and then we stopped at a small clothing store to let me browse.  I did not find anything.  The Young Prince wanted to go to a different store to get some snacks that he wanted. So we did that and then came home.  I was not feeling well, so I took a nap.  I woke up feeling much better.

The Young Prince left to spend the night with some of his buddies.  I did some more laundry and some general straightening up.  By then we were ready to cook and eat dinner.  We did that, and then we all cleaned a little more.

The Oldest Princess was feeling "crafty", so she started work on a project, and the Youngest Princess joined in with her.  I started working on my blog.

A friend who is working on the Senior slide show for the Jr./Sr. Banquet called and let me know that some of the pictures we had scanned for her to use, had scanned as documents instead of pictures.  She wanted to know if we still had those pictures.  I knew we did, I was just not positive where I had put them.  Thankfully, we were able to locate them quickly, and the Oldest Princess was able to run them over to her.  Crises averted.

My Prince is studying, and I am going to get the Youngest Princess ready for bed.  We have a very busy weekend ahead of us, and it is already later than I wanted to get to bed tonight.

Until tomorrow...

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