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Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Whew!  I think I have about caught up on all the days that I didn't blog.  So today, I will just tell you about, well, today.

*Woke up and did my First Five devotion

*Got ready for work

*Got the Youngest Princess ready for school

*My prince took me to work - we are having car troubles

*Had a surprise from my secret pal - a cool homemade soap, and a scented candle

*One of my students went on a cruise over spring break and brought me some vanilla, and a beautiful bracelet

*Our first day back went fairly smoothly - not too much "spring break brain" going on

*After school we had our faculty meeting

*The Oldest Princess came and picked up the Young Prince, the Youngest Princess and I

*We got home and I realized I had left my cup and my keys at school

*The Oldest Princess went back and got them for me

*All three kids and I went to a local plant nursery to see their wisteria - my sweet friend that works there had texted me earlier and told me I should drop by and see it if I could because it was in full bloom and beautiful.

*The Young Prince took some pictures of it for me - it truly was beautiful

*We came home and I worked on something special that I try to do for my students about this time every year.

*The Young Prince went to do a job for a lady at our church - she had "purchased" him to do yard work for her at our church auction

*My Prince and The Oldest Princess made spaghetti for dinner

*The Young Prince came home

*We ate dinner and watched the newest episode of When Calls the Heart

*My Prince went to a special prayer meeting at the church

*I continued working on my surprise for my students

* My Prince got home

*We are going to do our family devotions now that we are all home and then I think I will corral the Youngest Princess and head to bed.

*Until tomorrow...

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