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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 2016

*I woke up and did my First 5 devotion.

*I went to school and again, we had testing this morning.  After testing, I taught the students how to play math war.  Then they went to PE and lunch, and then we joined in with the sixth grade and watched a movie.  After the movie, we had just enough time to fit in two MadLibs before it was time to go home.

*The Young Prince came and picked me up from school.

*I went with him to get his hair cut.

*We stopped back by the school to pick up the Youngest Princess from volleyball practice.

*We also picked up a new addition to our family - a pet hedgehog.  I am a happy camper.  So is the Youngest Princess.

*We ate dinner.

*The Young Prince went to play golf with a friend.

*I was doing laundry when I got a text from a friend who happens to be a co-worker.  She told me that they were in an accident.  Her ankle was hurt, and her mom had been taken by helicopter to a local hospital.  She asked me to contact our principal or our administrator for her.

*I did that, and then My Prince and I headed to the hospital.  I text my friend to ask her about her husband and her son.  She said that her husband had jumped out of the way.  That is when I realized that they were walking when they were hit by a car.  I thought they were in their car when they were hit.  But no.  They were walking.

*When we got to the hospital, we slowly found out a little more information.  The family members were in a consult with the doctor, so we had to wait on them to come out before we learned much.

*When they came out, they were very concerned about my friend's mother, of course.  We all moved out of the waiting room and into a nearby lobby, where we made a circle and prayed.  They are precious people of faith, and I think there were about 4 pastors in the mix.

*We went back to the waiting room, and we were able to speak with my friend's husband for a minute.  He told me that my friend's ankle was broken.  I assured him that I would help to take care of her class and for him to tell her not to worry about it at all.  But I know her.  She will worry anyway.

*When we left that waiting room, we went upstairs to a different waiting room to see if another set of friends were there.  This is a family we know from college.  The husband had a stroke, and there is some damage to his aorta, I believe.  My Prince had been there that morning, and visited with them, but we thought since we were there, we would check in on them.  None of them were in the waiting room, so we came on home.

*We got home and kissed all of our little ones (the youngest of which was already asleep).

*And now, I am going to rest as well.

*Please say a prayer for my friend's mom.  My heart is broken for my friend and her family.  I would greatly appreciate it, and I know my friend would, too.

*Until tomorrow...

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